Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 13

Zane spat out the blood that had gathered in his mouth then turned to Levi. He
had to fight the urge to bare his claws and rip Levi apart.
“How dare you?” Zane muttered as he slowly stood up from his chair while
glaring at Levi.
“Because of you, Kiara doesn’t want to work with me anymore. Couldn’t you just
leave her alone?!” Levi shouted and Zane’s anger turned into shock.

“She’s leaving the country and only God knows if she’s ever going to come back
because you’re here!” Zane mouth laid agape. She was leaving?
Because of him? Was that how much his presence disgusted her? i
“Where is she going?” Levi scoffed.
“Like I’d ever tell you. She’s running from you, isn’t she? Besides she didn’t tell
me so I have no clue” Zane immediately grabbed his suit then his phone before
rushing towards the door.
He suddenly halted then turned around and walked towards Levi then landed a
hard punch on his cheek.
Levi groaned then glared at Zane while holding his cheek.
“Don’t you ever try that again. You’re lucky I’m in a hurry” Zane muttered before
walking away, leaving Levi Fuming.
[Meet me in the underground parking lot] Zane mind linked Daniel and Liam
before turning to his secretary.
“Cancel all my meetings for today, I have something to take care of’ Without
waiting for her reply, he walked away.
As he walked down to his car, he wondered why Kiara hadn’t told Levi where she
was going if they were dating unless…. They weren’t. 3
His heart thumped at the thought and he couldn’t help but sigh. There had to be
something wrong with him.

Kiara was munching on her bowl of cereal when Heather walked in with a
swimsuit in her hand.

“I just saw this in my closet and I immediately imagined it on you. You should
totally take it with you to Paris. Maybe someone would catch your fancy there”
Kiara rolled her eyes.
“I’m not going on this vacation for love, Heather” Heather frowned then shrugged.
“Well I am. I hope to snag a hot rich boyfriend. It’ll be a bonus if he’s a wolf too”
Kiara giggled then drank the milk from the bowl before standing up from the
Just then, there was a knock on the door and they both wondered who it could
be. They didn’t really have any friends here and nobody knew where they lived.
“I’ll go get it” Heather uttered then walked towards the door and when she
opened and saw who was there, her eyes turned cold immediately. 1
“Samantha” Kiara froze then turned to the door and her eyes widened when she
saw it really was her sister.
Samantha literally pushed Heather aside as she walked up to Kiara in her golden
high heel and white bodycon gown.
Kiara could hardly recognize her younger sister. She had grown taller or it might
have just been the heel and had changed her brown hair to stark black just like
“What are you doing here?” Kiara questioned in a bored tone.
Samantha’s eyes trailed down her body then she smirked.
“I don’t know what I was worried about. You really let yourself go, Kiara” Kiara
rolled her eyes at her snarky remarks.

“If you have nothing better to say then you can show yourself out” Kiara turned
away from her and was about to walk towards the kitchen when Samantha
Tm just here to warn you to stay away from Zane, he belongs to me now and we
have been together for the last two years you were gone. Now I understand why
you never let anyone near him because he’s a monster in bed, right? We have
professed our love to each other and I’m sure he’ll propose soon and although I
don’t see you as a threat, I’m just here to warn you in case you have any funny
ideas’ Kiara clenched her fist then took a deep breath before turning to
She wanted to slap that stupid smile on Samantha’s face at that moment.
“If you don’t see me as a threat, you won’t be here, Samantha and if Zane ”
Loves” you, he won’t be begging me to take him back so maybe instead of
coming to me, you should go to him because I honestly don’t give a fuck” The
smile slipped of Samantha’s face and Kiara smiled triumphantly.
“I’m not going to tell you twice, Kiara. You know how vicious I can be when it
comes to something that’s mine. Watch your back because I won’t let you take
him from me again” Kiara tilted her head at her with a smile.
“He was never yours to begin with, Sam now if you’ll excuse me, I have other
things to do than have this conversation with you. Shut the door on your way out”
Without sparing her another glance, Kiara walked into the kitchen and banged the
door behind her.
Samantha stomped her feet with her fist clenched before turning to the door and
seeing Heather was still standing there with a smirk on her face.
Samantha rolled her eyes then walked towards the door.

“And for your information, Zane is the one coming for my friend. Maybe it’s
because you can’t satisfy him in bed like Kiara” Samantha paused then turned to
Heather and was about to say something when Heather banged the door in her
“No one threatens my friend”
Daniel rolled his eyes after Zane finished telling them what Levi said about Kiara.
“So if she wants to leave, let her leave” Zane turned to him with a glare.
“And why not? You let her leave before so I’m sure you can do it again. What’s
your problem these days? You said you didn’t love her anymore, didn’t you?”
Zane pursed his lips.
“I hate her for cheating on me but that doesn’t mean I can just shut off my heart,
Daniel. Besides, if she wants me to give her space then fine but I’m not letting
her leave” Daniel sighed. Zane was too complicated.

‘Well you can’t go meet her and ask her to stay, she’ll take the faster plane and
flee to somewhere you can never find her. She’s running away from you so the
best thing to do is to catch her unaware so she has nowhere else to run to” They
both turned to Liam as soon as he said that with furrowed eyebrows.
‘What? I can be smart too, you know” Liam mumbled. Zane’s face suddenly lit up
as he thought of something.
“Liam, you’re a genius”….

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