Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 18

Chapter eighteen
Kiara groaned slightly as she opened her eyes. She glanced and noticed she
was laying down on her bed.
She tried to sit up and Immediately winced.
“Be careful, your injury hasn’t healed” She turned to the voice and her eyes
Widened when she saw Zane.
“Zane? What are you doing here?” He sighed then moved closer to her and laid
her back on the bed.
“Don’t move, okay?” She frowned then her eyes suddenly turned cold.

“I asked why you’re here. What are you doing in my house?” She questioned
through clenched teeth. Before Zane could reply, Heather burst open the door
then ran towards Kiara with tears in her eyes.
“Oh Kiara, I should have never let you out on your own. I’m such a bad friend”
Kiara shook her head as she patted Heather’s back.
“Don’t say that. This could have happened anytime so don’t blame yourself. Even
if you came with me, you and I would have been shot. Do you want that?”
Heather nodded then lifted up her head from Kiara’s chest.
“At least that way, I’ll know we are both in pain. I don’t like seeing you like this”
Kiara giggled then flicked Heather’s forehead.
“Ow!” Heather winced then pouted.
‘Will you stop being unreasonable? Besides, I’m fine aren’t I?” Heather shook her
“If Zane and Daniel hadn’t shown up, you would have died’ Kiara turned towards
Zane and Daniel then sighed.
‘Thank you for saving me but you both can leave now, I’m okay” Zane shook his
head with a stern look on his face.
“You’re not fully healed and I’m not leaving till I see that wound close up” Kiara
“So what if it doesn’t heal now or it heals in two weeks, so you plan on staying
here till then?” Zane nodded.
“If that’s how it turns out then yes” Kiara shook her head

“I refuse to be in the same space with you. Thank you for saving me but I’ll heal
without you being beside me so leave” Zane stared at for a while then sighed.
“As your mate, if I’m close to you, you’ll heal quicker” Kiara scoffed then let out a
“My mate? You seem to be forgetting the past, Zane but don’t worry, I’ll remind
you. You rejected me and threw me out of your pack like a Piece of trash, do
you remember because I can’t seem to forget that day and Everytime I see your
face, I’m reminded of that time and I’m physically and emotionally tired so
please, please leave” Zane raised his chin with a stubborn look on his face.
“When you’re healed, I’ll leave so stop being stubborn, Kiara” She stared at him
for a while then sighed before throwing the covers off her body and trying to
stand up but Zane and Heather held her down.
“What do you think you’re doing? I said your wound hasn’t healed yet” Zane
“If you don’t want to leave then I’ll leave so let me go” Zane sighed.
“I’ll leave the room but I’m not leaving this apartment till you are better and that is
final” She glared at him.
‘Why are you suddenly acting like you care? You threw me out of the pack even
when I was pregnant and now, all of a sudden you want to act like you care? You
don’t! So leave me alone! You don’t know what I’ve been through, Zane, I’ve
been through much more pain and I’ve healed from them without you so your
presence isn’t needed” Heather bit her lip to stop herself from crying. The tone in
Kiara’s voice reminded her of the time she found Kiara on the ground with her
wrist slit with a silver knife.

That day had been the worst day for her because Kiara had been so lost and
broken because of him and she had let him into their apartment? How could she
do that to her best friend? i
“Both of you have to leave,” Heather muttered as she stood up straight. Zane
turned to her with furrowed eyebrows.
“If anything happens to her, I’ll let you both know but for now, you both have to
leave. You’re stressing her out and that’s not good” Zane frowned.
“I said I’m not….”
“Zane, let’s just go” Daniel quickly interjected as he grabbed onto Zane’s arm.
With the way Kiara and Heather were reacting, he felt like there was something
more to it and maybe Zane really needed to give Kiara space.
“No, she’s not better yet. I’ll just stay till she heals and….”
“Zane, she’s going to be okay and you know that. You’re stressing her out and
that’s not going to do her any good so let’s just go” Zane scowled then let out a
sigh before turning to Kiara who still had a frown on her face.
“If I don’t hear that your wound has closed up by today, I’ll be here tomorrow and
nothing is going to make me leave, not even your stubbornness” Zane muttered
then turned around and walked away.
As soon as he was gone, Kiara let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was
“I’m sorry. I was just so worried about you that I totally forgot about your
situation with him but I swear, I’ll never let him in again” Kiara sighed.

“It’s not your fault. Can you leave, I would really like to rest for now” Heather
frowned but nevertheless, nodded and walked out of the room.
She knew Kiara just needed to be on her own for now and she was willing to give
her that space.
As they walked towards Zane’s car, Daniel could see that Zane was fuming.
“Could you stop? You look like a raging bull and everyone keeps staring at us
weirdly” Daniel muttered as they stood beside the car.
“Why is she so stubborn? Why is she the one that gets to shout? This is what I
get for being caring?” Zane grumbled then ran his fingers through his hair out of
“Don’t you find it strange?” Zane slowly turned to him.
“Find what strange?” “That ever since we saw Kiara, we have not once seen her
child. Even just now, he wasn’t in their apartment and I didn’t see any child
belongings around the house. Isn’t that strange?”…

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