Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 152

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 152
Levi’s father scoffed as he glared at Anastasia.
“That’s bullshit, there’s no way she wouldn’t want to see me. You all are trying
to trick me, aren’t you?” He muttered angrily and was about to pull out another
gun when he flew out of his pocket.
“Calm down, it’s not only because of you. Levi, she doesn’t want to see you
too” Levi frowned.
“What? Why would she not want to see me?” Anastasia sighed.
“She’s just ashamed and feels so sorry but she won’t tell me why” Levi’s frown
deepened. They were all silent for a while till Levi’s father spoke up.

“If you are really talking to her then tell her I really need to talk to her and I
need to see her, please” Levi was shocked to hear that word come out of his
father’s mouth but at that moment, he looked desperate.
“I would also like to talk to her and whatever she’s ashamed of or sorry for
doesn’t matter. I want to see her” Levi murmured softly, earning a sigh from
She closed her eyes and began chanting again and after what felt like
minutes, a figure appeared in front of Levi and his father and both of them
sucked in their breath.
Levi stared at the figure with wide eyes as he suddenly forgot how to breathe.
“Mo…mother?” He uttered softly and he watched as her face softened.
“My little leafy” She murmured and he gasped as memories came rushing in.
He remembered how she used to call him leafy when he was just a child. She
looked exactly how she looked in his memory.
“You are all grown up now and I’m glad you grew up into this fine gentleman
after the hell you went through with your father” Then he turned her angry
eyes to glare at his father who’s eyes immediately widened.
Her once soft face had turned into one with pure fury.
“How could you treat our son like that, you monster?!” As soon as she
screamed, the glass windows shattered into pieces, leaving them all in shock.
“Calm down, my love. I…”
“Don’t you fucking tell me to calm down and I’m not your love! You promised to
care for our child and all you did was mistreat him! It’s a miracle that he didn’t
turn out to be a monster Like you!” The ground began to rumble at her

“Mother, calm down please. It’s okay and I’m okay” He muttered as he walked
over to them so she could see him.
“No you’re not okay, Levi. I watched you everytime you cried and everytime
you tried to kill yourself. All I could do was watch over you and hope that one
day, your father who I had entrusted you with would gain a little bit of
sympathy and treat you like his son but that day never came. How could you
do that?” Her voice was much softer now as tears ran down her cheeks.
“I… I don’t know why I did that. I was just so mad and he reminded me of you
a lot, my love and I was also afraid that he would take the mafia away from
me, the only thing that I had that was from you and I guess I didn’t want that”
She scoffed as suddenly became angrier.
“Can you hear yourself speak? I had a child with you and you’re saying the
mafia was the only thing you had that was from me? I left a child with you,
Francesco but I guess the child we made out of love didn’t matter to you but
you treated the ones you had with other women better and then you’ll claim
you loved me” His eyes widened as he shook his head frantically.
“My love that wasn’t…”
“I’m done talking to you. I want to talk to my son and plead with him to not be
mad at his mother. If I had known, I would have taken you somewhere,
anywhere far away from this man but I hadn’t really planned to die that day”
Levi smiled.
“It’s okay. I’m just really happy to see you but mother, we wanted to know if
you have forgiven the wolves for killing you” She furrowed her eyebrows then
let out a groan as she slapped her forehead.
“Francesco, what did you tell him?” He furrowed his eyebrows.
“That you were killed by a wolf?” She glared at him then cussed him out in
Italian before turning to Levi.

“I prefer the term,I was saved by one. You see, most of my life I spent staying
with my brother who was a wolf. He was your father, Zane” She uttered as
she turned to Zane who’s eyes immediately widened.
“Brother? Does that mean you’re a wolf, mother?” She turned to Levi with a
“Of course not, my love. My mother had dropped me off with Zane’s father’s
parents before she disappeared and I ended up growing up with Zane’s father.
I don’t know how my mother knew about wolves but rest assured that I’m not
a wolf. Anyway, growing up, my life was pretty great but I was raised with an
iron fist. As a non wolf in the pack, I was picked on a lot and called numerous
names but I didn’t let that stop me and I think that’s what made me into the
woman I was” She muttered.
Levi turned to his father with furrowed eyebrows.
“Did you know all this? And you didn’t tell me?” She scoffed before Francesco
could reply.
“He probably wanted you to grow up hating wolves as well but I’m glad you fell
in love with one and saw that they weren’t as dangerous as he tried to make
them seem. You see, I schooled outside of the pack in human’s school and
that was when I met your father. We became high school sweethearts and
after moving to college, he convinced me to leave the pack because he wasn’t
comfortable with me staying with wolves and at that time, I was already tired
of staying at the pack so I moved away with him and things kind of escalated
from there. The mafia grew up slowly and one night, I happened to kill the
strongest mafia King of Russia and that’s how I became the first female Mafia
King” She took a breath before she continued.
“Anyway I had contacted this wolf disease that didn’t have a cure back then
and it was a very painful experience. It was literally killing me from the inside
but I tried to stay strong for you, Levi, for your father and for the mafia but

after a while, I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I asked Zane’s father to take
me out of my misery. Of course it was hard for him but he was the only one I
would allow to kill me so he did and I guess that’s what your father saw and
carried it in his heart hoping to take revenge for me but I don’t need to be
avenged. Wolves are our friends and Zane is practically your cousin” Zane and
Levi glanced at each other with their eyes wide.
“Ew!” They chorused…

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