Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 153

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 153
Daniel suddenly burst out laughing from behind, turning all their attention to
“I’m sorry but it’s so funny and ironic how You both are related” Zane rolled his
“We are not related as long as it’s not by blood” He muttered.
“At least there’s one thing we both agree on,” Levi’s mother giggled.
“Your father won’t be so happy hearing that, Zane” Zane scoffed.
“I don’t care what my father thinks. He was never a father to me” She frowned
at his words.

“That can’t be possible. Your father was one of the most caring and loving
man I had ever met. Most people even thought we were going to get married
but we saw each other as siblings so that wasn’t going to work out” Zane
“Well he wasn’t good to me. Let’s stop talking about me now. Are we done
here?” Levi sighed before turning towards his mother who immediately smiled
at him.
“It was really good seeing you, mother. I think we achieved what we wanted,
right father?” He turned towards his father who has been quiet for quite some
time. His mother won’t even look at him.
“Mother? Why don’t you talk to father alone?” She scoffed then shook her
“I’d rather spend time with you. Tell me about that girl…”
“She’s my woman so he has nothing to tell you” Zane immediately interjected
with a stern look in his eyes which made her chuckle.
“Will you relax? Do you think I don’t know that? One day, Leafy, you’re going
to find a woman who would love you and care for you like you deserve. Just
keep being yourself and you’ll find the one soon” He smiled at her then
“Well we…” Just then, his phone rang interrupting his words. He pulled out his
phone and furrowed his eyebrows when he saw Sebastian’s name on the
screen. What was it this time?
“What’s the pro…”
“Heather is in the hospital” Levi’s eyes widened as he turned to Daniel and
Zane who had the same reaction as him.
“What? Why?” Levi screamed at the same time Daniel walked towards him.

“I don’t know what Liam did to her but when we saw her, there was.. there
was blood flowing down her thighs” Levi breath hitched while Daniel’s blood
seemed to drain out of his face as he shook his head frantically.
“No no no, nothing can happen to the child. What hospital?!” Daniel screamed
so loud that Sebastian heard him on the other side.
“Erm… it’s a small hospital near the warehouse but I don’t think you should…”
Daniel grabbed Levi by the collar with his eyes red with anger.
“Take me to that hospital, now” He muttered, making Levi sigh as he hung up.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea. If Liam sees you there, he’ll….”
“Do I look like I care what Liam thinks right now?! He should be the one hoping
we don’t run into each other because I’ll make sure he bleeds” Levi pursed his
lips then turned to Zane who just shrugged.
He couldn’t say anything because he understood where both were coming
“I have to ask if he’s there before we go. I won’t let this ruin our plan” Levi
yanked off Daniel’s hand from his collar as he dialed Sebastian’s number. After
talking on the phone, he sighed as he hung up.
“He’s not there so let’s go but we have to be ….”
“Less talking, more moving” Daniel muttered as he ran out of the house. Zane
sighed as he followed behind him while Levi turned to Anastasia.
“Can you let them talk for a while?” His mother huffed.
“I don’t want to talk to him,” Levi smiled.
“Please mother, for me” She stared at him for a while then let out a sigh.
“Fine I think,” She muttered.

“Levi!” Levi rolled his eyes as soon as Daniel yelled his name then he turned to
his father.
“I’ll be back for you” Then he ran out of the house leaving Anastasia and his
parents there.
“I’ll give you two some space” Anastasia muttered as she walked away while
the two just stared at each other in silence.
Daniel didn’t even bother going to the reception desk as he ran into the
hospital. He just followed Heather’s scent.
He stopped in front of a door then took a deep breath before opening it,
revealing Heather and one of Levi’s brothers.
As soon as she saw him, her eyes widened.
“Daniel, what are you…” Just then, Zane and Levi walked in. Levi immediately
walked to her side then grabbed her hand as he sat on the bed.
“Tell me everything” She furrowed her eyebrows as she yanked her hand out
of Levi’s.
“Why are they here? If Liam sees them, he’s going to get mad” She uttered
while they all stared at her in disbelief.
“What?” She turned away from him then turned to Daniel and Zane while she
tried to sit up with the help of Levi.
“It’s a good thing you’re both here because I wanted to speak to you both
about something. Please stop this war and surrender” A pin drop silence fell
upon them as everyone stared at her in shock.
“What?” Daniel uttered.

“Don’t fight with Liam. I’ll… I’ll still try to talk to him and maybe I can still get to
him somehow. This war doesn’t have to happen so please…”
“What the fuck is wrong with you?! Can’t you see you’re in the hospital
because of that bastard?!” Levi screamed and she turned to him with anger in
her eyes.
“My baby is fine and that’s all that matters. Besides, he didn’t mean to hurt me
on purpose, something is wrong with him and he needs our help” Levi scoffed
as he stood up from the bed while running his fingers through his hair.
“We can’t talk to her. She’s fucking delusional” Levi muttered.
“I’m not delusional. Liam needs help and…”
“You are the one that needs Help, Heather. This idea of the perfect life you
want isn’t with Liam, get that into your head!”…

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