Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 151

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 151
Heather raised her head as soon as Liam walked into the room. She had been
feeling bad all day about her conversation with Kiara that she was happy Liam
was finally here so he could help take Kiara off her mind.
“Hey” She uttered as she stood up from the bed and walked over to him. She
tried grabbing his hand but he swatted it away without looking at her.
“Don’t touch me” He muttered and was about to walk into the bathroom when
Heather grabbed his hand.
“Why have you been ignoring me ever since that night when you… look, I’m not
blaming you and I don’t resent you for it so stop ignoring me. I missed you” Liam

closed his eyes as he sucked in his breath.
“I’m trying to protect you from me, Heather so stop fucking pushing it” She
“I don’t need to be protected from you. What happened was a mistake and…”
“It wasn’t a mistake, Heather. Don’t you get it? I fucking enjoyed watching you
scream for mercy while I had my way with you. I enjoyed every bit of it and each
time I’m near you, all I want to do is do it over and over and over again till your
throat gets sore from begging me to stop” Her eyes widened as she stared at
“You what?” He yanked his hand out of her grip then snared at her before
walking into the bathroom, banging the door behind him.
Silent tears fell down her cheeks as she slowly walked towards the bed and sat
down. She clenched her dress tightly as she bit down on her lower lip.
It can’t be true. All the moments she had shared with Liam,all the love he had
showered her, they couldn’t all be fake. She knew it took her long to fall in love
with him but now that she was in love, she wasn’t going to give up on him.
She took a deep breath before getting up from the bed and storming her way
towards the bathroom.
Before she could say anything, she heard Liam yell in pain as he grabbed onto
his head and she gasped before rushing towards him.
“Liam, are you okay? What’s wrong? Your head hurts?” She questioned
worriedly as she grabbed onto his shoulders.
“Get out of here!” He boomed so loud that she felt the vibrations on her body.

“I just… I just want to help you. Come, I’ll help you to the…” The words got stuck
in her mouth as Liam turned to her and the look in his eyes scared her to the
bone. He looked like… he wanted to kill her.
She began taking slow steps backwards and just as she was about to run away,
he grabbed her by the neck And slammed her against the bathroom wall so hard.
Heather yelled out in pain and her hand immediately flew to her stomach.
“Liam stop! The baby” She stared into his eyes and saw that there was an
internal battle going on but with the way his fingers kept tightening around her
neck, it seemed the monster was winning.
“Liam, let go of me” Her stomach was starting to ache. All she could do was pray
to the goddess to protect her baby but she froze in horror as something cold and
liquid ran down her inner thighs.
Before she could even register what was happening, She screamed so loud that
she snapped Liam out of the state he was in.
He glanced down at her and a gasp escaped his lips when he saw the blood
running down her thighs.
“Oh goddess, Heather. What have i… what have I done?” Just then, the door
burst open and Lucien and Sebastian walked in.
When they took in the scene in front of them, they both glared at Liam who
immediately let go of her neck.
“I didn’t mean to… I…”
“Save it. We need to take her to the hospital now” Lucien muttered as he picked
her up from the ground and hurriedly carried her out of the room while she
screamed and flailed around in his arms

Sebastian stood there for a while, as he watched Liam hyperventilate then he
shook his head and walked out of the room leaving Liam to his thoughts.
Liam screamed as tears ran down his cheeks. Why was this happening to him?
This was not what he wanted at all. This power was destroying his life!
“Fuck it! Get out of my head!” He yelled as he grabbed onto his head. He could
hear voices and it felt like each of the voices were swinging a knife at his brain.
He needed to end this all quickly before his plans backfire on him. He needed to
visit the Queen of witches because he was sure she could help with the pain.
And with that, he vanished…
Levi packed his car in front of the old abandoned house Zane and asked to meet
He glanced around as he waited for his father to climb out before they both
walked into the house.
“Took you long enough” Levi turned to the voice and smiled when he saw Zane
leaning up against the door.
“It’s not really easy leaving that warehouse, you know” Levi muttered as they
followed Zane inside the house.
Levi rolled his eyes when he saw his father pull out a gun and aim it at Zane.
“What are you doing?” Levi questioned.
“I do not trust him and I know he doesn’t trust me as well. I can’t let my guard
down” Zane rolled his eyes.
“Well too bad, you can’t be pointing that gun at me because I have no idea
what’s going on in that old head of yours” Levi’s father glared at him but before

he could speak, the gun flew out of his hands.
Levi and his father gasped then they turned around to see a beautiful woman
walking slowly towards them.
“I don’t appreciate guns so if you want me to continue with this spell, you’ll put it
away” She uttered but Levi’s father wasn’t convinced.
He made a move to pick up the gun but found out that his body couldn’t move. He
sharply turned to her.
“What the fuck did you do to me?” She sighed then turned to Zane.
“Are we doing this or not?” Zane turned to Levi.
“Calm your father,” Levi sighed as he turned to his father.
“Do you want to see mother or not?” His father pursed his lips then let out a sigh
before nodding.
“Okay” Anastasia smiled then walked closer to Levi.
“Pull out your hand” He furrowed his eyebrows at her as he slowly pulled it out
then yelped when she pricked his finger.
“Why did you do that?” He questioned with his eyes wide as she pressed the
blood into a chalice
“I need your blood to summon your mother” She simply said then walked over to
a little altar she had created. She mixed some things together as she chanted an
The candles in the dark room began going off one by one while her chanting
grew louder.

After a while, she turned around and stared directly at Levi’s father.
“Where is she?” He questioned as he glanced around.
“She doesn’t want to come” Levi and his father both furrowed their eyebrows.
“And why is that?” Levi inquired.
“Because she doesn’t want to be around your father”…


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