Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 148

As soon as Levi walked into the household, he paused when he saw Liam staring
at him.
“I heard you got in a fight with Zane and that you punched him really hard. I can
see that he did a number on you too” Liam muttered as he walked closer to him.
“What the fuck? Are you having me followed now?” Levi uttered as he tried to
feign a shocked and angered look. This had to be believable.
Zane had told him even though Liam wasn’t the brightest, he wasn’t a complete
“I needed to make sure I could trust you and that you weren’t working with Zane.
At first when I was told you were with Zane, I thought you had been fooling me

and had wanted to kill your brothers and father but then I heard you beat up
Zane. May I guess it was over Kiara?” Levi pursed his lips.
“Of course it was. I just told him he should give up because there was no way on
earth he was going to get her back from me since he’ll be dead soon but then he
said she was never going to love me and that pissed me off” Levi almost
applauded himself. What a good liar he was. It was a sad lie but it was still
Liam seemed to believe him as a smile appeared on his face.
“I’m sorry I doubted you. You really do seem to want Zane gone and I saw that
you had the silver chains replaced with a simple rope on Kiara? Don’t do things
like that without my permission” Levi stared at him for a while then he scoffed.
“Let’s get one thing straight, you don’t control me neither are you above me. You
need my help and I need yours, therefore we are partners. I do whatever I want
and you’d whatever you want but that doesn’t imply on Kiara. I’ll take care of her
because she’s my price after this war” Liam stared at him for a while then
“You do know that I can kill you without even blinking right? I don’t need your help
because I can kill Zane with just my bare hands” Levi shrugged.
“Then do that then” He muttered and was about to walk away when Liam spoke.
“I heard you had some weapons that could be useful to me” Levi smirked then
wiped it off his face as he turned to Liam.
“Yes, why?”
“Was it really made specifically to kill wolves?” Levi nodded slowly.

“My father had been working on them for as long as I can remember so I’m sure
they can kill any wolf in an instance but there’s one catch, it’s made of silver so a
wolf can’t handle it. It has to be a human” Liam frowned.
“You piece of shit” Levi tilted his head.
“Do you need my help or not?” Liam pursed his lips.
“All you want is Kiara, right?” Levi nodded.
“Of course and also, don’t let her sister near her, my brothers will be the only
one allowed to watch over her. When this is over, I’ll take her with me and leave
this country for you” Liam thought over it.
“She has to be left tied up. I don’t trust her” Levi nodded.
“If that’s what you want then fine but she’ll be given proper food from now on”
Liam let out a sigh then shook his hand.
“Deal” Before Liam could let go, Levi’s grip on his hand tightened.
“And don’t ever think you can threaten me or my family like that again. I might not
be as strong as you but don’t ever underestimate me. I’m not the same Levi you
know when I’m angry, remember that. Also, don’t have me followed ever again”
Levi muttered as he stared sternly into Liam’s eyes before letting go and walking
Liam stared after him then clenched his fist. There was something about Levi that
he couldn’t phantom. Something sinister.
It was always the quiet ones that were the most ruthless.
Just then, Liam grimaced as his hand flew to his chest. He fell to his knees and
tried his best not to howl out in pain. His body felt like it was being torn with a

silver knife.
This has been happening since the day this power was given to him and he knew
it was because his body wasn’t strong enough so the power was overpowering
him and trying to consume him.
He needed to get this war over with because the power ended up killing him
Heather turned to the door with wide eyes as soon as she heard a knock, then
let out a sigh of relief when Levi walked in.
“Levi, thank goddess it’s you” He smiled as he walked closer to her and placed a
kiss on her forehead.
“How are you feeling?” She smiled faintly.
“Better. I’m sorry if I worried you. Liam mentioned that you had been pretty
angry with him. Don’t be, okay? It wasn’t his fault, I was the one who denied him
of sex and…”
“Hey hey hey! Are you hearing yourself? It’s not your fault, it’s his. He shouldn’t
have to force you to do anything, that is wrong” Heather sighed.
“But if I had just given myself willingly to him then…”
“For fuck sake, Heather! Stop sticking up for him. Just how much has he
brainwashed you? What you should be thinking about now is how to get away
from him before he does something much worse” She frowned then her hand
moved to caress her slightly swollen belly.
“I…. I can’t do that” Levi frowned.
“Why can’t you? You don’t want to leave him?” She sighed.

“There’s something wrong with him, Levi. That man that… that raped me wasn’t
Liam. I know Liam and he wouldn’t want to hurt me. There’s…there’s something
wrong with him and if I can just help him, if I can just fix him then…” Levi grabbed
her face forcefully as he glared at her.
“He’s a monster now, Heather. Don’t make excuses for him. You can’t fix who
doesn’t want to be fixed and Liam doesn’t want to be fixed. He chose to be this
monster and if you keep being by his side it might be too late for you and your
unborn child so think straight!”…

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