Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 147

Daniel stared at Levi with wide eyes. Even Zane was shocked by his words.
“What did you just say?” Daniel muttered in disbelief, making Levi sigh.
“I swear I didn’t know. If I had…”
“What the fuck do you mean you didn’t know?! It’s because you weren’t looking
after Heather but Kiara and that’s why you didn’t notice” Levi frowned. He would
admit that his sole attention had been on Kiara but that was because she had
been the one tied up, not Heather.
“How was I supposed to fucking know the man she loved and I thought loved her
would do such a thing? If I had known, I would have done something to prevent it

because I care about Heather as well” Daniel let go of Levi’s collar as he ran his
fingers through his hair.
“Why would he do such a thing to her?” Daniel muttered after a while.
“I don’t know” Daniel clenched his fist.
“I’m going to kill that bastard, mark my fucking words” Daniel muttered.
“This was what we were talking about last night, Daniel” Zane suddenly said,
turning their attention to him.
“What?” Daniel uttered.
“He’s getting abusive towards her. I’m sure she denied him sex and that made
him angry” Daniel but his lower lip as he seethed with anger.
“She had chosen him and yet… yet he decided to be like this? We have to stop
him, Zane before he does something worse” Levi sighed.
“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I got my father to pull out from helping
Liam” Zane furrowed his eyebrows.
“How? I thought you and your father weren’t on good terms?” Levi let out a
nervous laugh as he scratched the back of his neck.
“Well I kind of promised him that you would do something for him” Zane frowned.
“What?” Levi sighed.
“Don’t get mad and I know I should have asked you first but…”
“Spit it out” Levi let out another sigh.

“I told him that you’ll help him speak to my mother again by summoning her spirit”
Zane stared at him for a while then scoffed.
“What do you think I am? A witch?” Levi rolled his eyes.
“Of course not but you should know witches right? Come on, I know they are
real” Zane frowned.
“And what do I get in return for that?” Levi tilted his head.
“My father gets to back off wolves and move away. If my father backs out and I
get Liam to trust me and let me in on his plans, things will be much easier for us”
Zane nodded slowly.
“I’ll see what I can do. Although the witch I know is busy creating a weapon we
can use to kill Liam” Levi’s eyes widened slightly.
“Really? Then she should focus on that. I’ll try my best to stall and see what I
can do about Liam and Heather” Levi uttered as he turned to Daniel who still had
a frown on his face.
He couldn’t even blame Liam because it was his fault for letting go of Heather in
the first place. If he had just been sure about himself, none of this would have
“Don’t beat yourself up for it. All we can do now is move forward and end this.
Levi, do you best to get Liam to trust you and I heard something about Kiara’s
sister? Is Samantha there?” Zane questioned and Levi nodded.
“Yes. I think she has been working with Liam” Zane frowned.
“That bitch. I don’t want her anywhere near Kiara” Levi nodded.

“I know” Just then, Zane’s phone rang and he furrowed his eyebrows when he
saw the caller Id.
“Hello Anastasia? I wasn’t expecting your call so soon,” He muttered.
“Yes I know but you need to know that I’m done with the weapon” Zane’s eyes
widened and so did Daniel’s.
“But I thought you said it was going to take you days?” Anastasia sighed.
“Not only are the wolves in trouble but my witch community is as well. I found out
the Queen mother had wanted to pull out from helping Liam but he had captured
some witches and had slain them right in front of her. I want to do everything I
can to bring him down, Zane. Even though they don’t regard me as one of them,
they are still my kind” Zane nodded slowly.
“I understand. We’ll meet up later after I’m done with my meeting with Levi and
oh, I have another thing to ask of you. Can you summon the spirit of the dead?”
He questioned and Levi nodded with a smile.
“Of course I can but who’s spirit am I summoning?”
“We’ll talk about that later. Meet me at the base in ten minutes” He muttered then
hung up before turning to them.
“Levi, as soon as you hear something, I need you to tell us immediately” Levi
was about to nod when he froze then picked up a knife and slashed Zane’s arm.
Before Zane could react, he grabbed his collar and punched him across the face.
“What the fucking hell?!” Daniel yelled as he stared at them with wide eyes.
“Play along, I’m being watched” Levi mouthed then landed another punch on
Zane’s cheek before glancing out the window.

“What the fuck, Levi?!” Zane boomed as he touched the blood at the side of his
lips. Levi ignored him as he walked towards the window and glanced out.
“I saw one of Liam’s men just now. That means he’s having me watched” Levi
“How did you notice that?” Daniel questioned with pure curiosity and Levi grinned.
“I’ve been trained my whole life to be aware of my surroundings. This was a
piece of cake. I better return back” Levi muttered and just when he turned
around, Zane punched him in the face and he fell to the ground with a groan.
“Ow! I didn’t punch you on purpose” Levi muttered, making Zane roll his eyes.
“Do you really think Liam will believe we fought and I didn’t land a hit on you? At
least with that bruise on your cheek, it’ll make it more believable. Now sit still
while I slice your arm as well” Levi’s eyes widened in shock and fear.
“What?! I don’t think that’s necessary” Zane grinned.
“I promise, it won’t hurt”…

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