Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 146

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 146
As soon as the doctor was done checking Heather, he sighed then turned to
Liam and Levi who were staring at him eagerly.
“How’s the baby and Heather?” Levi questioned and the doctor nodded.
“Her baby is still healthy and she is as well but I discovered she has internal
bleeding in her vagina but I’ve managed to stop it but it hasn’t healed and if it
doesn’t heal before the baby comes out, it could be dangerous. She needs to
rest and refrain from any… well sexual activities” Levi glanced at Liam with a
frown before nodding at the doctor.

“Okay, thank you” The doctor nodded, then excused himself. Liam and Levi stood
there in silence as they stared down at Heather who seemed to be sleeping
“You raped her” Levi uttered as he slowly turned to Liam.
“I don’t… I don’t know what came over me. I just… I lost it and..” Levi grabbed
Liam by the collar then stared intently into his eyes.
“How could you do that to her while she’s fucking pregnant?! I know you’re a
monster but I didn’t expect you to not have an ounce of humanity in you” Liam
glared at him then grabbed his hand and pushed him off him.
“Watch your tongue with me. She’s my woman and I don’t think you have any say
in what I do with her and don’t get on my nerves, I can kill you if I want to” Liam
muttered then angrily stormed out of the room, leaving Levi there alone while
Heather was still fast asleep.
Levi let out a sigh as he ran his fingers through his hair then he glanced back at
Heather before walking closer to her bed.
“I didn’t know you had been suffering too. Don’t worry, it will soon be over soon”
The next morning, Zane hadn’t slept a wink because all he could think about was
Kiara. As soon as the sun rose up in the sky, he got out of bed and got prepared
to meet up with Levi.
Levi had told him they could only meet up in the early mornings around nine
While he was getting dressed, Daniel walked into the room already dressed and
ready. It seemed he hadn’t been able to sleep as well because he was thinking
of Heather.

After Zane glanced at himself in the mirror, he reached into the drawer and
grabbed his dagger and his gun before turning to Daniel.
“Are you ready?” Daniel nodded.
“I’ve been ready since last night”
As they walked into one of Zane’s restaurants, the same one Levi had taken
Kiara on a date in, all eyes fell on them like it always did but neither of them
noticed because their mind was occupied with thoughts.
The manager ran up to them and bowed his head respectfully.
“Alpha Zane and Beta Daniel. It’s good to see you again” Zane glared down at
“I’ve told you not to address us that way when we are in public” Zane harshly
muttered and the Manager’s eyes grew wide.
“I’m sorry.. I…” Zane rolled his eyes.
“Where is Mr Medici? I’m here to see him,” The Manager nodded.
“Yes, come with me” He led them towards a room that was secluded from the
restaurant and they saw Levi seated there. As soon as he saw them, he stood
up and nodded his head at Zane who nodded his head back at him.
“You can leave” Zane uttered and the manager excused himself as he walked out
of the room, leaving them alone.
“I want to see Kiara immediately” Zane muttered as he walked closer to Levi.
“I know that but we have a lot to discuss first” Zane frowned.

“No, Kiara comes first, every other thing can wait” Seeing that he was not about
to convince Zane to talk first, Levi sighed as he brought out his phone and dialed
Lucien’s number.
After the second ring, Lucien picked up.
“I’ll switch it to facetime. Zane wants to see Kiara. Are you down there with her?”
Levi spoke into the phone.
“Yes. All the guards with Liam so there’s no one guarding her at the moment. Her
sister wanted to come in but I didn’t let her” Levi nodded.
“Good. I’ll switch it now” He switched it to facetime and Zane immediately
grabbed the phone when it was directed at Kiara.
“My love? Are you okay? Are you in pain?” She smiled sweetly at him then shook
her head.
“No I’m not and I’m okay. Levi has been making sure I’ve been eating and I get
enough sleep so don’t worry about me” Zane heaved a sigh of relief.
“I miss you so much and I love you. I’m sorry it’s taking this long for me to come
get you but we want to be careful and make sure we get Liam this time. We
can’t afford to fail” She nodded.
“I understand and be careful, okay? I love you too” At that moment, he wanted
nothing more than to wrap his arms around her and shower her face with kisses.
Even though she didn’t want to worry him, he could see the tired lines on her
Zane opened his mouth to say something when the phone was suddenly moved
away from Kiara.

“Someone is coming so I’ll have to cut the call here. Goodbye” With that, the line
went dead and Zane let out a sigh. He was getting frustrated with this.
“I would like to talk to Heather as well. Can’t I Facetime her?” Levi suddenly
frowned and the expression on his face indicated that whatever he wanted to say
was going to be hard for Daniel to hear.
“Heather is still unconscious. Even if she wasn’t, Liam is guarding her like a
hawk” Daniel frowned.
“What do you mean she’s unconscious? Did something happen to the baby? Is
she okay?” Levi shook his head.
“Oh no, the doctor says the baby is fine” Daniel walked over to Levi and grabbed
his collar as he snarled at him.
“Fucking tell me what’s wrong with her, now!” Levi sighed.
“Liam raped her brutally last night”…

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