Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 145

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 145
Zane handed the plastic bag with the knife inside over to Anastasia and she
“This will do. I’ll have some of your blood as well and it’d take me at least three
days to make this weapon” Zane furrowed his eyebrows.
“My blood? What do you need my blood for?” She sighed.
“Are you the witch here or am I? You’re an Alpha which means you’re supposed
to be the strongest of all wolves. With your blood mixed in with whatever is in
Liam’s body, the weapon is going to be magnificent” He scoffed at the excited

look on her face and was about to say something when Liam barged into the
“Is being obsessed with someone a bad thing, Zane?” Zane furrowed his
“It depends. Is it my kind of obsession with Kiara or…” Daniel shook his head
then handed Zane the photos in his hand.
“This means Liam had been watching her even when she was with me and was
sneakily taking these pictures of her. This isn’t good, right?” Zane furrowed his
eyebrows then shook his head.
“Of course not. We better get Heather away from him before he starts abusing
her. Obsession usually turns into abuse and it’s only a matter of time. I feel like
Liam is just being careful because she’s with a child but if that child turns out to
be yours….” Daniel gasped with his eyes wide.
“He’s going to kill her, isn’t he?” Zane pursed his lips then turned to Anastasia.
“Prepare the weapon as soon as possible, okay? Liam needs to be stopped
before it’s too late” Anastasia nodded and with that, she vanished.
“I need to make sure she’s okay, Zane. I’m having the bad feeling that…” Zane
placed his hand on Daniel’s shoulder.
“I understand you, we are on the same page but I’m meeting with Levi tomorrow
and hopefully, he’ll be able to guarantee to us that they are both okay” Daniel
sighed then nodded.
“I’ll come with you”
Sebastian and Lucien glanced at each as they watched Levi and their father
walking towards them with smiles on their faces.

“Are you seeing this or am I hallucinating?” Sebastian whispered to Lucien.
“Are we hallucinating about the same thing?” Sebastian tilted his head.
“It may appear so” Sebastian was the first to walk towards them while Lucien
followed behind him.
“What is going on?” Sebastian questioned with furrowed eyebrows and Levi
“Help father to his room. I need to speak with Kiara. Is Liam around?” Sebastian
“He arrived like an hour ago and I noticed he had blood all over his clothes” Levi
frowned. Blood?
“Erm, should we be talking about this in front of him?” Lucien harshly muttered
and they all turned to their father who was just standing there with a bored look
on his face.
“Don’t worry. He and I have an agreement” Without saying anything else, Levi
walked out on there and they were left standing there awkwardly with their father
and the several guards behind him.
“Are you both just going to stand there and stare at my face?” Sebastian and
Lucien immediately straightened up then shook their heads.
“Not at all, Father. Please come this way, we’ll lead you to your room” They
turned to each before leading him into the warehouse.
“Is it just me or just father look less scary in casual outfits?” Sebastian whispered
but before Lucien could reply, their father spoke up.

“I’ll show you just how scary I can get if you keep whispering about me” They
both froze up and Lucien shook his head.
“Nope, he’s still scary”
As soon as the guards guarding Kiara saw Levi, some rolled their eyes while the
other sighed.
“You are here again? You have five minutes” They muttered before walking out of
the room.
Kiara let out a laugh as Levi walked towards her.
“They didn’t even bother arguing with you this time” Levi chuckled as he pulled a
chair forward and sat down.
“Well they should know better by now. I just wanted to see how you were doing.
I’m still not comfortable with the fact that you are here all by yourself” She
“Well because of you, I’m not in pain anymore and I’m well fed. The only thing
missing is a bed to lay on but I don’t mind as long as this is over soon” He
“It will be, I promise you. No matter what happens, I’ll try my best to keep you
safe” He muttered then grabbed her hand and gave it a little squeeze.
“Be careful, they can hear you” He smiled.
“Everyone in this damn warehouse knows how I feel about you, even Liam so
saying something like this isn’t strange at all. We will be going into war soon and
no matter what happens, I just hope you stay safe and happy. This will be the

last time I’ll come visit you because I’ll be very busy starting from tomorrow but
I’ll make sure Lucien or Sebastian check in on you daily and give you food,
hmm?” She frowned.
“Why do you sound like we are never going to see each other again? We are
going to win this, I can assure you that and…”
“But I’m not going to win you, Kiara. Even if we win, you’ll go back to Zane and
you guys will get married and have little ones. I can’t just stand by the side and
feel sorry for myself so after this, I’ll be moving back to Italy with the mafia so I
can give you space” She shook her head as tears fell down her cheek.
“But.. but I would like you to stay here. You have become someone very special
to me, Levi” He smiled sadly.
“But if I stay here and watch you live your life with another man, I’ll be sad. I’m
not saying I won’t come to visit, I will but I just can’t stay here. I need to take a
break from everything and just get away. But I’d still like to be your kid’s
godfather” She giggled slightly with tears flowing down her cheek.
“That’s for sure. I would have hugged you but you know, I’m tied down” He
chuckled then wrapped his arms around her.
“You don’t know the kind of impact you had on my life so thank you. Thank you
for saving me that day and thank you for always making me feel welcomed and
loved. Thank you for making me know I’m capable of falling in love with
someone. You’ll always be special to be Kiara and I wish you nothing but
happiness” He murmured then placed a soft kiss on her cheek before getting up.
He wiped away her tears with his thumb then flashed her a smile before walking
out of the room.

As soon as he was out, he glanced up at the ceiling with a sigh as he tried to
stop himself from crying. They needed to focus on the matter at hand and that
meant he had to keep his feelings at bay. He needed to stop showing his
As he walked up the stairs and was walking down the hall when the door beside
him suddenly opened, making him pause in his step.
Heather walked out and he froze when he took in her appearance. Her hair was
messy and her eyes were puffy which indicated that she had been crying. Not
only that but she was clutching onto her torn dress so tightly.
When his eyes met hers, all he saw was hurt and sadness.
“Levi” She called out to him with a soft voice and before he could reply, she
collapsed to the ground.
“Heather” He screamed then ran up to her and gathered her in his arms.
Liam walked out at that minute and his eyes widened when he saw Heather
laying on the ground, unconscious.
“What did you do to her?!” Levi screamed as he glared at Liam who just looked
guilty and shocked at the same time.
“I didn’t… I wasn’t…”
“You better hope nothing happens to her or else I won’t care what kind of
monster you are, I’ll make sure you bleed even if it gets me killed!”…

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