Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 144

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 144
It wasn’t hard to miss the old man standing in the midst of several men in black
suits holding guns.
Levi sighed as he parked his car then he glanced at them through his rear view
mirror before taking out his gun. He made sure it was loaded before getting out
of the car.
As soon as his father saw him coming, a smile appeared on his face.
“If it isn’t my dear son that tried to kill me because of a wolf girl” He heard his
father utter as he got closer. Levi ignored his statement as he bowed his head
respectfully at him.

“Father” He called out then raised his head just to see his father staring at him
“Your brothers brought the fact that you captured the wolf girl to my attention”
Levi pursed his lips then shook his head.
“I didn’t capture her, they did and I had wanted to free her because I still love her
as you know but what use is having her with me when I can’t have her to myself”
His father furrowed his eyebrows.
“What are you getting at, son?” Levi smirked.
“You want to get rid of Zane, I want to get Kiara. I can help out as long as the
girl doesn’t get hurt” A slow smile appeared on his father’s face then he suddenly
began to laugh.
“Why hadn’t you said so before? If you had, I wouldn’t have had her kidnapped
and you wouldn’t have pointed your gun at me” Levi smiled.
“You would have still done whatever you wanted, Father. I know you more than
anyone” His father chuckled then his eyes trailed down Levi’s body slowly.
“Something about you has changed and I don’t know if it’s just your physique”
Levi tilted his head.
“Let’s just say I’m more aware of myself now and my capabilities” His father
“I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or a good thing, Levi”
“That’s because it’s a bad thing for you and good news for me. You know I’ve
been doing my homework and I’ve gotten all your… well all mother’s allies on my
side so technically you have no one backing you up now” The smile slipped off
his father’s face.

“What?” Levi smiled.
“The few that hadn’t wanted to leave your side before have now decided to side
with me after I pulled some strings so technically you’re just a King now with no
subjects and you can’t run a kingdom if there’s no subjects, can you?” His father
“How dare you?” Just then, the men in black suits raised their guns and aimed at
Levi while he just stood there with his calm demeanor and a smirk on his face.
“Are you really going to shoot me? I’m the only reason you will be kept alive,
Father” His father furrowed his eyebrows.
“What are you talking about?”
“You see, Father. The disadvantage of siding with the devil is that when you’re no
longer of use, you’ll be discarded like a piece of trash and trust me, Liam is not
to be messed with. He’ll kill you the minute he discovers he can’t use you
anymore” A complex expression appeared on his father’s face.
His father’s eyes suddenly angry as he slapped Levi across the face.
“How dare you do this to your own father?! After everything I’ve done for you”
Levi grabbed his hand before he could slap him again.
“All you have ever done to me is make me rethink myself and put me past
traumas that a kid my age shouldn’t have gone through. You’ve done nothing for
me because I’m where I am now because of my mother” His father was seething
with anger.
“It’s because of those wolves she’s not with us today, Levi! I can’t just let them
go Scott free! I need to kill them all!” Levi let go of his hand then let out a sigh.

“Think about the consequences before you take any actions father. That’s all I
can say. Let’s go before Sebastian and Lucien think you have killed me” Levi
muttered then turned around and walked back to his car.
He waited for what felt like an hour before the door opened up and his father
was helped into the back seat.
“I won’t… I won’t feel complete if I don’t have this revenge, Levi. Your mother
didn’t deserve to die that way, I can’t just let it go” Levi glanced at him through
his rear view mirror before starting the car.
“How about I find a way for you to talk to mother?” His father’s eyes widened.
“Are you mocking me? She’s dead!” Levi chuckled.
“I know that but as wolves are real, witches are too so maybe I can convince
Zane to help me with that. I would… I would also like to talk to her” His father
pursed his lips and after he didn’t say anything, Levi started his car and drove in
silence for a while till his father sighed.
“If Zane can help me talk to your mother, I’ll forget about everything and I’ll step
down for you” His father muttered, making Levi smile.
“Okay then,it’s settled but Liam can’t find out about this. He still needs to think
that we are on his side, okay?” His father nodded and for the first time, Levi
noticed how tired he looked. He truly had aged a lot.
It must have been exhausting carrying all those hate in his heart for years.
“So the thing you said about wanting to kill Zane to get Kiara was a lie?” His
father questioned and he let out a sigh.

“I still love Kiara and I don’t know if that’ll change anytime soon but I can’t force
love and she’s never going to love me so I just have to accept it. As for Zane,
he’s not a bad guy. Although we got off on the wrong foot, he’s the reason I’m
more confident in myself now. He’s good for Kiara so as long as she’s happy, I’m
happy” His father smiled.
“You are a much better person than me, Levi. Always have been and that’s why I
tried taming you. It wasn’t like you were a wild child when you were little but
when you spoke, people just had the urge to listen because whatever you said
sounded like the right thing no matter what it was and I was scared that you’d
take the mafia away from me sooner than expected. Coupled with the fact that I
did take out my anger of losing your mother on you which I know was wrong but
I’m not a good person, Levi. Never have and Never will be. Your mother was the
only one that could tame and she died too early” Levi sighed but a small smile
played on his lips.
“I accept your apology, father” His father scoffed.
“I didn’t apologize. Although if I were in your shoes, I would have killed Zane with
the first chance I got and ran away with Kiara and forced her to marry me” Levi’s
eyes widened then he bursted out laughing and his father followed.
This was the first time they had ever spoken about how they feel and be
carefree with one another. Even though it felt good, Levi wasn’t able to just
forgive him so easily but he was willing to try for his own sake.
He didn’t want to end up like his father…

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