Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 149

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 149
Zane stared at the weapon placed on the table before turning to Anastasia with a
“It’s a dagger” She rolled her eyes.
“No shit Sherlock. It is a dagger but not just any dagger because it has magic
over it and can only be wielded by someone who has extreme physical power
which is you” He furrowed his eyebrows.
“So no one else can hold it beside me? What about Daniel?” She turned to Daniel
with a shrug.

“The thing with the weapon is that it drains the energy of the wielder and since
you are the Alpha, I just thought it would be easier for you. Of course Daniel can
hold it but he won’t be able to use it for long so I suggest that it is only used
when you’re in close range with Liam and make sure you stab him in the heart. If
you stab him anywhere else, it’s not going to work since he’s immortal” Zane
glanced down at the dagger then reached out for it.
He grimaced and stumbled on his feet as he suddenly became dizzy. He flinched
and threw the dagger on the table then his eyes widened when he saw the bruise
on his palm.
“What the heck? How are we supposed to use that to fight Liam when I can’t
even fucking hold it?” Zane questioned in shock. Daniel walked up to him and his
eyes widened by her badly burnt Zane’s palm was. Just how powerful was the
“That pain you felt just now is only a little bit of the pain Liam is feeling right now”
Zane frowned.
“What are you saying?” She sighed.
“I’m saying that the power Liam is currently carrying in his body is too powerful
for him. Your power is the only reason why the pain wasn’t as excruciating. You
can only imagine the amount of pain he’s in” Zane frowned while Daniel scoffed.
“Good for him then because he decided to do that to himself. Now, he has to
suffer the consequences” Zane sighed.
“Thank you for the weapon but I have another favor to ask of you, Anastasia”
She furrowed her eyebrows.
“Is this about the spirit you wanted me to summon?” He nodded.
“Can you do it?” She nodded with a smile

“I owe you a lot, Zane and I’ll do anything to pay off my debt so I can be free of
you one day” He chuckled.
“We all know that’s a lie. I’ll fix a time and date with Levi then I’ll get back to you”
She nodded and then vanished without another word.
Zane and Daniel both stared at the dagger and even though they hated Liam at
the moment because of all he was putting them through, they couldn’t help but be
“He might just end up killing himself” Zane muttered and Daniel sighed then
walked away without saying anything.
He wasn’t going to feel sorry for Liam because he deserved this. They should
just get this over with already.
Over the next few days, Liam had been pretty busy trying to train his army and
Levi couldn’t help but notice that there was something wrong with Liam just like
Heather had said.
Sometimes he was calm and then the next, he was a monster. Levi also noticed
that Liam always seemed to be out of breath or in pain. He hadn’t told Anyone
about his observation, not even Zane because he was thinking of a way to use
his observation in their favor.
“Dad has given us the password to his safe and the weapons should all be here
in the next two days” Levi turned to the voice and saw Sebastian and Levi
standing behind him.
“Good” He was about to walk away when Lucien grabbed his hand.
“What happened between you and father?” Levi tilted his head at Lucien.
“I don’t get what you mean” Lucien rolled his eyes.

“Oh come on, of course you do. You and father are chill with each other now
which was something we never saw coming. I mean, you both couldn’t even
stand in the same room as each other before but now, you’re suddenly agreeing?
Heck, he even entrusted us with his safe password. Since when?” Levi smiled.
“Let’s just say he finally knows my worth. I have to go now, I need to talk with
Liam” Before they could stop him, he hurriedly walked towards Liam who was
observing the fight between his wolves in front of him.
“No no no, you’re doing it all wrong! How many times do I have to train you?!” He
boomed, making Levi stop in his tracks.
Liam’s eyes instantly turned blood red as he glared at them while they just shook
with fear and bowed down their heads.
“Hey calm down. I happen to think they are good” Levi muttered as he got closer.
“They might be good but not Zane good. My army doesn’t even amount to his
army so how am I supposed to defeat him when I have weaklings backing me
up?! Heck with the way things are, I’m practically going to this war myself!” Liam
thundered as he kicked the trash can in front of him, sending it flying across the
field at a high speed till it smashed to pieces as he smashed into a tree.
“You just have to train them better then. There’s still time and…” Liam turned to
Levi and Levi paused when he saw the pain in Liam’s face as he shook his head.
“There’s not much time. We need to attack them before I can’t control this thing
anymore. I need to win” Levi furrowed his eyebrows and was about to ask him to
emphasize more on his words when Liam suddenly groaned as he grabbed onto
his head.
“Hey hey, are you okay?” Liam questioned as he held up Liam before he could
fall to the ground.

We have to attack immediately. I have to win before…” Levi pursed his lips.
“Are you… are you dying, Liam?” Levi questioned.
“I wish. It’s only a matter of time before this power overwhelms me and my soul
gets diminished into nothingness” Levi frowned.
“What… what does that mean?”
“Soon, I won’t be able to control the monster I have become and when that
happens, no one is going to be safe. No one”…

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