Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 138

Heather raised her head as she heard the door open and watched as Liam
walked into the room, locking the door with a key behind him.
His eyes trailed towards the tray of untouched food on the table and a frown
appeared on his face.
“You didn’t eat, why?” She scoffed then turned to him.
“Why? How about you tell me why I’m being locked up in here like a criminal? Let
me out, I need to make sure Kiara is safe” He sighed then walked up to the
table, grabbed the plate of food before walking back to her.
“Open your mouth and eat. Think about the child, Heather” But she just glared at
him, refusing to open her mouth.

“Heather!” He called out more firmly this time and even though his tone made her
flinch, she stood her ground.
“What? Are you going to hit me and force me to eat, huh?” He frowned.
“You know I would never hurt you” She scoffed.
“I know? Liam I don’t know anything anymore. Some days ago, I thought you
were madly in love with me and I thought we were going to have a family
together” He dropped the tray on the table then squatted in front of her and
wiped away her tears with his thumbs.
“We can still be a family, Heather. As long as the baby is mine, we will be a
family and so much more” She frowned.
“So if the baby isn’t yours, what then?” His face suddenly turned cold and she
saw someone else, someone she didn’t know and wouldn’t like to know.
“It has to be” She didn’t say anything after that and they just kept staring at each
other. After a while, he smiled then caressed her cheek.
“To make you happy, I’ll take you to go see Kiara, okay?” Her eyes widened.
“Really?” He nodded.
“Yes but you have to eat if not we won’t leave” She frowned.
“How do I know after I eat, you won’t lock me up in here?” He rolled his eyes.
“Give me some credit, Heather. Eat up, you don’t want to starve yourself and the
baby” She sighed then reluctantly began eating with Kiara on her mind. She felt
like throwing up halfway through because she really wasn’t hungry but held it in.
She really hoped that wasn’t a bad thing.

“That’s enough, I can’t eat anymore” She muttered as she turned her head away
from him. Liam stared at her for a while then sighed before dropping the plate on
the table.
“Fine but you are finishing that when we come back, okay?” She sighed. She
really didn’t like him bossing her around but she didn’t want to offend him so he
wouldn’t go back on his word.
“Okay” He smiled then reached out a hand towards her as he stood up from the
“Let’s get this over with” He muttered then led her out of the room and towards
where Kiara was being kept.
As they walked, Heather kept glancing around for landmarks because she was
going to escape here with Kiara. She just needed a plan.
They passed by some men in the hallway but they just stared and said nothing
and Heather knew it was probably because they were scared of Liam. They
weren’t wolves so she could understand.
Liam opened a door and her eyes widened at how dark the stairs were. Was
Kiara being kept there?
Chills ran Down her spine as they walked into the dark. She couldn’t hear or see
“Is… is Kiara being kept down here?” She couldn’t help but ask but instead of
replying to her, Liam opened up a door and she gasped when she saw Kiara
sitting on a chair with silver chains wrapped around her body. She was asleep
but Heather knew she was in terrible and uncomfortable pain.
“Kiara!” She called out loudly as she ran towards her. Her voice jolted Kiara
awake and her eyes widened when she saw Heather.

“Don’t come any closer, you’ll hurt yourself” Kiara uttered, making Heather stop
right in front of her.
Tears rolled down Heather’s cheeks as she stared down at her friend who had
been glowing just a few days ago, looking so worn out and tired.
“Why… why is she tied up with chains Liam?!!” Heather screamed as she turned
to Liam whilst still crying but Liam just stared back at her with no emotion in his
“It’s okay, Heather. I’m going to be okay so don’t worry about me and don’t
stress yourself too much. It’s not going to be good for the baby and…”
“Oh for fuck sake, stop worrying about my child! You’re the one in pain, not me
and I can’t bear watching you sit there while those chains burn your skin off. Why
are you letting this happen, Liam? Even if you want to take revenge on Zane and
Daniel, Kiara has nothing to do with this! She has suffered enough!” Heather
screamed as she cried. Kiara bit her lower lip to stop herself from crying but it
slipped out before she could stop it.
Even though she was in a lot of pain, she didn’t want to show it and give them the
satisfaction of seeing her in pain.
“Liam please take her out of here, this won’t be good for the baby” Kiara
muttered and he nodded but before he could take a step further, Heather pulled
out a butter knife she had placed inside her dress when Liam was looking and
held it above her stomach with both hands.
“Heather, what the fuck are you doing?!” Kiara screamed with her eyes wide in
shock and fear and Liam’s expression mirrored hers.
“Heather, don’t be stupid. Drop the knife down now!” Liam yelled but she just

“This child is the only reason I’m not dead or strapped to a chair, right Liam? If I
kill it, would you kill me?” He glared at her.
“I said don’t be stupid, Heather! What do you hope to gain by doing that?!
Because I can assure you Kiara isn’t getting out of here till Zane is captured and
killed so stop acting like a fucking child!” The tears flowed freely down her
cheeks and her heart clenched with pain.
“You don’t love me anymore, do you?” Heather muttered and before she could
hear a reply, an aching pain shot right through her stomach and she fell on her
knees groaning in pain…

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