Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 137

Samantha glared at her.
“You!” She raised her hand to slap Kiara across the face but a man appeared
and grabbed her hand.
“I thought you were told not to hurt her anymore?” Kiara turned towards the man
and saw that it was that man she met yesterday that looked familiar.
“But Lucien, she needs to be taught a lesson. She can’t talk to me like that”
Samantha whined while he rolled his eyes.
“Go outside, Samantha. If you can’t stand her then stop coming here” Samantha
stared at him with wide eyes then scoffed before stomping her way out of the
room, banging the door behind her.

“Lucien? Why does that name sound so familiar?” Kiara uttered, turning his
attention to her. He smiled slightly.
“Well I am Levi’s brother” She gasped as her eyes widened.
“What? Why are you keeping me here? This is all your father’s plan isn’t it?
Where is Heather?” She questioned and he sighed.
“Don’t worry about Heather, she’s with Liam” Kiara’s eyes widened with fear.
“What?! He’s going to kill her. He’s the monster” Lucien shook his head then pace
his hand on her shoulder to calm down.
“I don’t know about the relationship between them but he didn’t seem like he
wanted to hurt her” Kiara shook her head frantically.
“Please I need to know she’s okay, I don’t trust him. Please” Lucien sighed then
“I’ll check on her for you but you have to calm down, okay?” Kiara furrowed her
eyebrows with confusion written on her face.
“Why are you talking to me like that?” He raised an eyebrow.
“Like what?”
“You kidnapped me and you are trying to use me as bait to kill Zane so why are
you talking to me like I’m not a prisoner?” Lucien smiled.
“Look, I didn’t want any part in this. Heck, I don’t even know what happened
between my father and wolves, I was never told but I’m doing this all for my
brother who is in a lot of trouble now because he’s associated with your kind. He
likes you therefore I’m not going to hurt you and I’m not going to let anyone else
hurt you” She frowned.

“What do you mean Levi is in trouble?” He sighed.
“Our father wants him dead along with you guys and we can’t let that happen.
Not only is he our brother but he’s the next leader of the mafia” Kiara was still
confused about the whole situation.
“How does capturing me help him? If he finds out I’m here, he’s going to get me
out” He sighed.
“I’ll convince him somehow. We are not going to hurt you but I want my father to
believe Levi was the one who captured you when he arrives tomorrow. I want
him to believe that Levi has totally turned his back on your kind. Only then can he
be saved” Kiara stared at him for a while then let out a scoff.
“Have you told Levi about your plan? And what makes you think he can’t protect
himself? What makes you think he can’t come up with a plan himself?” Lucien
“Of course I know he can but…”
“You don’t trust him, you don’t trust that he’s going to make the right decision, do
you?” He sighed.
“No, you listen to me. Levi is smart and he’s brave for going against your father
to save me despite all the trauma he had been out through but if you guys keep
making him feel like he can’t do anything right or nothing he ever does is the right
way, he’s going to retreat back into his shell and he would be afraid to voice out
his opinion. I’m not saying you shouldn’t care for him but speak with him first
before you do certain things and make sure he understands and is in support. He
already hatched a plan with Zane to defeat your father but now that your father

and Liam know I’m here, that plan won’t work out anymore” Lucien’s frown
deepened as he thought over what she said then he let out a smile.
“I can see why Levi is in love with you, Kiara” Her eyes widened slightly.
“Oh… erm I don’t think he’s in love with me anymore” Lucien rolled his eyes.
“Keep telling yourself that. I’ll take your advice and I’ll talk to him with Sebastian.
Levi must be very angry” She nodded.
“As he should. I’m sure you all can come up with a plan and if you can, Zane
should be on board as well since he’s the one they’re really after” Lucien nodded.
“I’m sorry you got dragged into this” She smiled.
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. Talk to Levi” Lucien nodded.
“I’ll ask someone to bring you food, okay?” She nodded immediately because
she was starving.
As soon as Lucien was gone, she let out a sigh. Well it was a good thing Levi’s
brother wasn’t bad but what was she going to do about Samantha and that
She couldn’t help thinking about Zane. She hoped he was alright.
[Let’s meet up] Zane said through the mind link then waited for a few minutes
before Liam replied back.
[Don’t be so eager to see me, Zane. We’ll meet soon and have a proper chat]
Zane rolled his eyes at his words.
[If you believe you’re stronger than me Liam, you won’t be hiding. Unless, you
are still scared of me] Zane had a smirk on his face. He knew taunting Liam was the only way to get him to break.
[Where should we meet up?] Zane grinned.
[Meet me in front of that old school we used to hang out tonight at eight. You are
free to come with back ups if you want. I know fighting alone with Me can be
pretty scary] Then Zane blocked him before Liam could reply then he glanced at
the mirror in front of him and his face and eyes hardened.
“I’m coming for you, Kiara. Please be okay”…

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