Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 136

Daniel let out a sigh as they listened to Zane scream as he crashed the room he
was in.
“Wow, I’ve never seen Zane lose his calm before,” Raymond muttered.
“When it comes to Kiara, I’m not even sure he knows what the word calm
means. Especially now that he feels hopeless because we can’t seem to find
her” Raymond sighed at Daniel’s word.
“So what are we going to do about him? Are we just going to let him take out his
rage on the whole house? Hell by the time he’s done, everything will be in ruins”
Daniel sighed.
“Don’t worry. You can leave, I’ll handle him” Raymond raised an eyebrow.

“Are you sure? He seems pretty angry. Are you sure you can calm him down?”
Daniel shook his head.
“Of course I can’t calm him down. The only one that can is Kiara. The only thing I
can do right now is try to reason with him. I might get a few Injuries here and
there but at least I won’t die…. Hopefully” Raymond sighed as he placed his
hand on Daniel’s shoulder.
“Good luck, brother” Daniel watched as Raymond walked away before turning to
the door of the room Zane was in.
He flinched slightly when Zane let out a howl. He took a deep breath then
knocked on the door.
“Zane, I know you are mad and you have every right to be but I think you should
be putting in this energy into finding Kiara. We can do it, we just have to think like
Liam. Obviously he’s working with someone else and once we find out who they
are, maybe we’ll have a lead” He murmured and then silence followed
The only thing Daniel could hear was his breathing.
“He’s working with Levi’s father” Daniel’s eyes widened when he heard Zane say.
“What? How do you know that?” He asked and after a while, the door to the
room opened up and a very pitiful Zane appeared in Daniel’s view.
The memory of how broken Zane was two years ago after Kiara left flashed
before Daniel’s eyes as he stared at Zane. Seeing Zane like this just felt so
“Are you okay?” Daniel questioned softly.

“Liam is working with Levi’s father” Zane muttered, totally ignoring Daniel’s
“And how do you sound so sure about that?” Zane sighed.
“They both have similar goals, to destroy me and also, Levi’s father’s men had
attacked our pack some weeks ago” Daniel furrowed his eyebrows.
“Were they the ones that killed the wolves?” Zane shook his head.
“No, I think those are Liam’s men. They were the ones that attacked but no one
got hurt. Levi says his father was just trying to see how strong we really were”
Daniel’s eyes widened as he shook his head.
“So you think Liam and Levi’s father teamed up just to destroy you?” Zane shook
his head.
“Not just me, all of us although I don’t think Liam wants to destroy the whole
pack,he just wants you and I dead so if you think about it, they both have
conflicting interests” Daniel nodded slowly even though he didn’t understand a
thing Zane was saying.
“So what does that mean?” Zane turned to him.
“I need to speak with Liam. We need to reach out to him” Daniel frowned.
“You know he’s not going to listen to us and come over” Zane smirked.
“He doesn’t have to come over. No matter what, I’m still his alpha so he can’t
shut me out of his head completely” Daniel nodded.
“Yes he can’t but he can choose to ignore you” Zane Scoffed.
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll get to him. You just focus on pinpointing Kiara’s location.
I’ll handle the rest but with the way things are going, we are going to get

attacked and we need to be ready” Daniel nodded.
“We always are”
Kiara gasped for air as the old water splashed on her face. When she opened
her eyes, she saw Samantha staring at her with a smirk.
“It seems the silver isn’t doing anything for you. How can you fall asleep?” Kiara
glared at her.
“Why are you here? To torture me? Taunt me?” Samantha sighed as she threw
the bowl on the ground and crossed her arms.
“For some fucked up reason, I’m not allowed to hurt you and it’s pissing me off. I
thought you were brought here to be killed but apparently you’re bait for Zane
and if you get injured, Liam believes Zane might actually go ballistic and the plan
will be ruined” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows. Liam?
“What do you mean by your statement? Is… is Liam in this with you?” Samantha
“Oh you poor little thing. It seems you haven’t been updated. Well, for your
information, Liam is the monster” Kiara gasped with her eyes wide.
“What?! That… that can’t be true” Samantha tilted her head.
“I don’t fucking care if you don’t believe but he is the monster and guess what he
wants? Zane and Daniel dead. I don’t care about Zane anymore so Liam can
pretty much do whatever he wants with him but you, you’re mine. I want to make
you bleed over and over again” Samantha murmured then smiled so wildly that
Kiara couldn’t help but shiver at how sinister it was.

“No matter what Liam is, he can’t defeat Zane and you know that” Samantha
“Really? Is that what you think? Liam is ten times stronger than any wolf alive
and that includes Zane. He could have killed him since but I guess Liam wanted it
to be more dramatic” Kiara glared at her.
“Liam may be stronger but he’s definitely not smarter. Let’s watch and see who
wins the battle shall we? And while we do that, I’ll make sure I drag you to hell
where you belong” Samantha frowned then a smirk appeared on her face.
“As long as you’re coming with me, I don’t mind going to hell” Kiara grinned.
“Oh honey, that’s the thing. You’re going to be all alone here and in hell”

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