Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 135

“Let go of me, Liam. I have to go to Kiara” Heather screamed as Liam grabbed
onto her arms.
“Keep quiet, Heather and stop struggling because I’m not letting you out of this
room” She slowly turned to him with tears running down her face.
“Why are you doing this? What did Kiara ever do to you?” He tilted his head.
“Listen, I’m not the one after Kiara. I’m after Daniel while my allies are after Zane
and to get to Zane, everyone knows you have to go through Kiara” Her eyes
widened at his words.
“You are after Daniel? Why? Because of me? You guys are friends, Liam. You
shouldn’t be doing this” Liam scoffed.

“I was never friends with them. They always saw me as someone below them
and never saw me as a friend so why should I see them as friends? I have to
admit that you did fuel the anger I have towards Daniel in particular but I’ve
always wanted to do this. I’ve always wanted to conquer them and when Zane
and Daniel die, you and I can become the Alpha and Luna of the pack with our
little pup growing inside you. Doesn’t that sound great?” She glared at him.
“How can you say this? How can you want them dead?!” Liam rolled his eyes.
“Oh come on, you never liked Zane. Hell you should want him dead after what he
did to Kiara, right? The only reason you are against this is because of Daniel,
isn’t it?” She pursed her lips then winced when his fingers dug into her arms.
“Let go of me, you’re hurting me” She cried out.
“You still care about Daniel, right? You never loved me, did you?” Her eyes
“I do love you, Liam but I’m not in support of killing anyone. Yes, I don’t like Zane
and even if I don’t have romantic feelings for Daniel, I would never want him
dead. Who… who are you? Because you’re not the Liam I fell in love with” He
raised an eyebrow.
“Really? And who exactly was the Liam you fell in love with? The pushover or the
weak little Gamma wolf because that’s not me anymore, Heather. I’m stronger
now, stronger than any other supernatural beings on earth and I can destroy
whoever I want. Doesn’t that sound great? Knowing you have such power at the
palm of your hands?” She frowned at him then let out a sigh.
“I don’t care anymore. Just… just let me see Kiara. I wouldn’t be able to bear it if
something bad happens to her so please, let me see her. If you ever loved me,
you’d let me see her” He smiled then leaned down a little so he could be eye
level with her.

“That antics won’t work on me, Heather. Sit your butt down on that bed because
you’re not going anywhere till all this is over, till I’ve finally won” He muttered then
let go of her arm before walking out of the room.
Before she could run after him, he banged the door and she heard him lock it
with a key from the other side.
“Liam, open the door! You can’t do this to me!” She screamed as she pounded
her fist on the door.
“I’m doing this to keep you safe, Heather and to make the country a better place
for our child to come into. You’d thank me later. I’ll have food brought to you soon
so rest and stop stressing yourself” He muttered then she heard his receding
footsteps and that’s when she broke down.
Why was this happening to her and Kiara? Their life had been so peaceful until
they met Zane, Daniel and Liam again.
She still couldn’t wrap her head around how badly Liam had changed overnight.
Was he the same Liam that would mutter sweet nothings into her ear at night
before they went to bed? Was he the same Liam that made her feel loved and
Had she been the reason why he changed and suddenly had the urge to kill
Daniel? If she was then she had to do something about this and bring back her
Liam. She wasn’t going to give up on him because she knew under that spiteful
attitude he had just shown her was a caring and loving man.
“I hope you are safe Kiara. We are going to get out of the somehow, I’ll make
sure of it”
As soon as the cloth tied around Levi’s mouth was removed, he spat on

“You fucking betrayer. How can you do this?!” He yelled while Sebastian
“Get me a rag, now. Calm down, Levi. I’m doing this for your own good” Levi
“Really? How? Siding with father again is for my own good?”
“Yes Levi! He wants you dead now because he says you’re not his son anymore.
Dad is Powerful, Sebastian and you might think you have enough influence to
beat him but you don’t”
“Cazzate Sebastian!(Bullshit Sebastian!) If you had stood beside me, if we had
all turned our backs on our father, he would have given up by now but what did
you and Lucien do because I know Lucien has gone back to him as well, you
guys ran back to him with just a slight threat. You don’t have faith in me, do you?
You don’t believe I can defeat father?!” Levi screamed in anger while he clenched
his fist.
“Calm down, Levi! That’s not what I’m saying. I’m just worried about you because
father plans on killing everyone last one of them and since you’re now tied to
them and on their side, he’s going to kill you too. You have to go to him and beg
for forgiveness and pledge your loyalty to him. He’s going to die anyway so why
should we get on his bad side now?” Levi was literally dumbfounded.
“Get out of my face, Sebastian and I never want to see you again” Sebastian
“Don’t be like this, Le…”
“Ho detto fottutamente vattene! (I said fucking get out!)” Sebastian’s frown
deepened then he let out a sigh.

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