Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 134

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 134
Kiara opened up her eyes slowly and glanced around the dark room she was in.
The last thing she remembered was the car being ambushed by some men
“Hello princess, you’re finally awake” She turned towards the voice with wide
eyes and saw the man standing by the door with a sinister smile on his face.
She winced the minute she tried to move and that was when she realized she
had been tied to a chair with silver chains.

“What’s going on? Why are you doing this?” She screamed as she turned to the
man with tears in her eyes. She thought she had escaped him before so why did
he kidnap her again?
“Oh I have no motive, princess. It seems you just happened to piss off a lot of
people and I’m a well known torturer if I do say so myself” She opened her
mouth to speak but instead a gasp came out.
“Where’s Heather?! She was with me. Where is she?” The man tilted his head.
“Do you mean the lady that was with you inside the car? Don’t worry, she’s in
another room. I don’t know what’s being done to her but let’s hope for the best,
shall we?” Her eyes widened.
“You guys can’t hurt her, she’s pregnant” He shrugged.
“Well not with my child so I really don’t care. Besides, you should be worried
about yourself, not her. You are in a whole lot more trouble than her” She
“Let me go, I never did anything to you” She yelled.
“Oh you didn’t do anything to him but you certainly did something to me” Kiara’s
eyes widened when she saw Samantha walk out of the shadows.
“Sa.. Samantha? What are you…”
“Shut your trap. I’m not interested in anything you have to say. Because of you,
I’ve been on the run for my life without a break. I’m going to make you wish you’d
stay away from Zane when you had the chance” Kiara glared at her.
“You are a psychopath, Samantha. When are you going to get it into your head
that he doesn’t love you! Zane is mine and has never been….” Kiara let out a
gasp as soon as Samantha’s palm landed on her face.

“I told you to shut your trap, didn’t I? I don’t care about Zane anymore. As a
matter of fact, I don’t even care if I die but all I know is that you don’t get to live
a happy ever after while I’m rotting. If I’m dying,you’re dying along with me” Kiara
turned to her with a glare.
“You witch,” Samantha laughed.
“You don’t know the half of it because as soon as I get the go ahead signal from
the boss, I’ll make sure you’re unrecognizable to your love Zane” I frowned.
Boss? Levi’s father?
“Who is your boss?” Samantha opened her mouth to speak but then suddenly,
there was a male voice behind her.
“You don’t need to know that Kiara and you can’t hurt her, Samantha” The man
came into view and Kiara found him strangely familiar. Has she met him before?
“Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?” I questioned as I stared at him
with wide eyes.
“I’d suggest you stop moving, Kiara You’re going to hurt yourself” Kiara scoffed.
“Hurt myself? Didn’t you hear what my psychotic sister just said? She wants me
dead. These two want to kill me” The men smiled.
“They can’t kill you without orders and the Boss won’t kill you till Zane is caught
and you are the bait” Her eyes widened.
“Bait? Don’t you dare hurt Zane!” She screamed but the man just smiled before
turning to Samantha and the man.
“Come with me. Let’s leave her alone for a while” Kiara shook her head

“No! Don’t leave me here! Where’s Heather? I need to see Heather!” She
screamed but they all ignored her as they walked out of the room, closing the
door behind them.
She heard it lock into place and the tears began streaming down her face.
“Heather, Zane, please be okay”
Heather groaned slightly as she opened around. She glanced around the
unfamiliar room then sat up slowly on the bed. Why was she in a bed and whose
room was this? The last thing she remembered was being ambushed by some
men and….
“Kiara!” She called out with her eyes wide.
“Quiet down,Kiara is okay for now” She turned towards the voice and her eyes
widened when she saw Liam seated at the far corner of the room, staring at her.
Without thinking, she climbed out of the bed, ran up to him and hugged him
“Liam, you came back for me. I’m sorry about everything” She frowned when she
noticed he wasn’t hugging her back then she pulled back to glance at his face
and saw that his eyes were still as emotionless as they were the night he
“You… you are still mad at me?” He scoffed then turned to her.
“You just don’t get to bat your eyelashes and expect me to forgive you in a
heartbeat, Heather. That child you’re carrying may not be mine” She frowned.
“It is yours, I know it is” He laughed humorlessly.

“You saying things like that just makes me angrier, Heather. I loved you, I gave all
the love and attention you so dearly craved but it wasn’t enough for you” She
shook her head then tried grabbing his hand but he swatted her away.
“Because of you, Heather, I have a burning rage of anger in my heart that can
only be quenched by spilling some blood” She froze as she stared at him with
wide eyes.
“Wh… what are you talking about? Whose blood do you want to spill?” She
questioned softly then it suddenly dawned on her.
“Where’s Kiara? Why isn’t she here?” She asked with a panicky tone making him
“She has business with someone else so they have her. I took you because they
have no use of you” She frowned. Why was he talking this way?
“Business? With who? What are you talking about? Where is Kiara?” He
suddenly let out a smile but the smile wasn’t the usual playful and sweet one he
showed her, this one was sinister.
“Some people want Kiara dead and they took her with them so maybe the next
time you see Kiara, it will be her corpse” He uttered then began to laugh like a
maniac while she stared at him in horror.
What the hell was going on?

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