Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 133

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 133
Daniel narrowed his eyes as he stared at Liam.
“What are you doing here?” Liam tilted his head then let out a scoff.
“What? You’re not going to let me in now? You’re really going to leave me out
here?” Daniel let out a sigh.
“Leave. I should be the only one here” Liam rolled his eyes.

“Yeah yeah, because of the big bad monster, right? Well I’m not going to take
very much of your time. I’ll be sure to make this quick” Daniel frowned but before
he could say anything, Liam pushed past him as he walked into the house.
Daniel let out a sigh before closing the door and turning around to watch Liam
walk towards the couch.
“Why are you here?” He questioned as Liam took a seat.
“Come sit down, I want to talk to you” But Daniel didn’t move an inch which made
Liam laugh.
“Oh? Are you scared of me? What do you think I want to do? Kill you?” Daniel
rolled his eyes.
“Get to the point. Why are you here?” Liam leaned on his elbow.
“Yesterday I found out that Heather is pregnant” Daniel’s eyes widened as his
heart dropped. Heather was pregnant for Liam?
“Oh… congratulations then” Liam hummed.
“Thank you, I guess but there’s a problem. She’s two weeks pregnant” Daniel
furrowed his eyebrows.
“So?” Liam scoffed.
“So? I forgot you are the stupid one” Daniel frowned.
“Watch your mouth. I’m still your Beta” Liam suddenly began to laugh like a
“Oh really? You think you have power over me because of that? Why don’t you
sit down so I can tell you a story” Daniel narrowed his eyes suspiciously at Liam.

“I’d rather be here” Liam smirked.
“Oh really? I thought you had power over me so why are you scared? Do you
really think standing by the door will stop me from attacking you?” Daniel’s eyes
widened which made Liam burst out laughing.
“It was just a joke, Daniel,” Daniel let out a sigh.
“What do you want, Liam? Heather wants you, she left me for you so why are
you still mad at me?” The look in Liam’s eyes suddenly turned dark.
“What do I want? I asked you several times to leave us alone but you refused
now she might be pregnant with your fucking child!” Liam thundered making
Daniel jump back in shock.
“Wh… what?” Liam stood up from the couch.
“Heather slept with both of us two weeks ago. That means there’s a possibility
that the baby is yours. I’m sure that makes you happy to hear, right?” As a
matter of fact, Daniel was flabbergasted. He had no idea what to say or how to
“Listen Liam, it was never my intention to…” Before Daniel could complete his
sentence, Liam appeared in front of him with the speed of light, Grabbed him by
the neck and threw him across the living room.
Daniel groaned as his body collided with the steel door behind him. He fell to the
ground, grimacing then he raised his head to stare at Liam in shock.
“What…” The door suddenly smashed open to reveal Zane and the other Alphas
and some warrior wolves.
“Sorry I’m late, Daniel. I didn’t expect him to leave so soon” Zane muttered as he
turned to Liam who had a smirk on his face.

“No worries, I’m okay” Liam chuckled.
“So this was the plan after all? You know, you and Daniel really underestimate
me alot” Zane stared at him for a while then his eyes widened.
“You knew we had already found out, didn’t you?” Liam smiled.
“We grew up together, Zane. I’ve studied you and Daniel’s expression over the
years and I can read you both like an open book so Yes, I found out you knew
that day at the hospital but I decided to play it out” Raymond furrowed his
“Wait… is Liam the…”
“The monster? Yes, yes I am” They all gasped except Zane and Daniel.
“But… but why?” Raymond questioned still in shock while Zane just squinted his
eyes at Liam.
“Why? Because I hated being looked down on. I hated feeling small and I hated
being below anyone” Zane frowned.
“No one ever looked down on you, Liam,” Liam scoffed.
“Really? Because if I recall correctly, I can remember all the times where you
and Daniel excluded me from some activities because you didn’t want me getting
hurt. Well now look at me, I am stronger than you both combined” Daniel sighed.
“We could have just sat down and talked about this, Liam. You didn’t have to do
all this” Liam turned to him with a glare.
“You better shut your trap because you’re getting on my last nerves and you
know first hand what I can do when I’m in my form” Daniel frowned.

“So what? You did all this just so you can be above Daniel and I? Didn’t you care
about the innocent people you hurt? You fucking killed your kind!” Zane uttered
as he tried so hard to keep his anger at bay.
“Well some people have to be sacrificed just so I can get to the top, Zane. I’m
not you and neither am I a saint” Zane growled and was about to pounce on him
when a phone suddenly dinged.
Liam smirked As he pulled out his phone from his pocket and read the content of
the message.
“Well it seems my work here is done and Zane, if I were you, I would never leave
the person I treasure the most alone in times like this” Zane furrowed his
eyebrows then it finally dawned on him.
“You…” Liam let out a laugh.
“Time is ticking. If you want to save her, you better hurry up” With that, Liam
disappeared without a trace while Zane stood there with his eyes wide and his
heart Racing. Kiara was in trouble!
Kiara held onto Heather’s hand as the driver drove them towards Levi’s house.
“Don’t worry, It’s going to be okay” Heather took a deep breath then nodded.
“Can you… can you call Zane and ask him what’s up? It’s been hours now and
no matter how many times I call, Liam won’t pick up” Kiara nodded with a smile
then pulled out her phone and was about to dial Zane’s number when her phone
rang with Zane’s name popping up on the screen.
She furrowed her eyebrows and was about to pick up when the car suddenly
came to a halt.

Her eyes widened and she glanced at Heather who was as startled as she was.
“What’s going on?” Kiara questioned the driver but before the driver could say
anything, a bullet shot through the windshield and hit the driver right in his head
knocking him dead instantly.
Kiara and Heather both let out screams as they watched the driver’s lifeless
body fall on the steering wheel. What the fuck was going on?
Before they could react, Kiara’s car door opened up and she gasped when she
saw it was the same man that had kidnapped her a week ago.
“Hello princess. Missed me?”…

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