Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 132

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 132
Kiara woke up the next morning with a yawn, then she opened her eyes and a
smile appeared on her face when she saw Zane smiling down at her.
“I hadn’t expected you to be here when I woke up” She murmured and he leaned
down to place a kiss on her lips.
“I couldn’t leave without seeing you wake up” She took a good look at him and
saw that he was already dressed and ready to leave which made her frown.
“Be on your phone at all times. If I can’t reach you when I call, I’ll assume
something is wrong and come running down” He chuckled.

“Yes, my love. Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen to me” She sighed then
leaned in and was about to place a kiss on his lips when they heard a frantic
knock on the front door.
“Kiara, Zane” Kiara eyes widened when she heard Heather’s voice. She hastily
stood up from the bed and they both went downstairs to know what was going
As soon as Kiara opened the front door and saw the state Heather was in, her
first instinct was to wrap her arms around her when she saw the tears in
Heather’s eyes.
“What happened? Why do you look like you have been crying all night?” Kiara
questioned as she pulled away to stare at Heather’s face.
“Because I have. Yesterday, Liam and I had the worst fight” Kiara furrowed her
eyebrows then glanced briefly at Zane before turning back to her.
“Why?” Heather let out a sigh.
“I told him about the pregnancy” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
“And he got mad? Isn’t he the one that got you pregnant?” Zane furrowed his
“Wait hold up, you’re pregnant for Liam?” Heather turned to him and nodded
slowly which made Kiara narrow her eyes at her.
“Why do you seem so unsure all of a sudden?” Heather let out a sigh.
“I didn’t even think of the possibility that this could… could also be Daniel’s. I
mean… I… I slept with both of them two weeks ago so the child… the child

“Can be for Daniel or Liam? Was it Liam that figured this out?” Zane questioned
as he crossed his arm and Heather nodded.
“Yes and he went on a rampage last night and began smashing things. I tried to
stop him but he wouldn’t listen to me so I let him vent out his anger because I
was angry at myself as well. Then he decided to sleep in another room for the
night and I let him but this morning, I went to search for him and he was gone”
Zane’s eyes widened and he hurriedly ran back into the house to grab his keys
before running back out.
“What’s wrong?” Kiara questioned as she ran after him with Heather behind her.
“You two stay inside the house, okay? Or better yet, go stay with Levi” Zane
said hurriedly as he opened his car door but before he could get in, Kiara
slammed it shut and stared at him with a stern look on her face.
“Tell me what’s going on and why are you in such a hurry?” Zane let out a sigh as
he ran his fingers through his hair.
“Liam is on his way to meet Daniel” Kiara’s and Heather’s eyes both widened.
“Yeah, yesterday he had said he wanted to keep Daniel company, right?” Kiara
questioned and Zane tilted his head.
“He just found out that the woman he loves might be carrying his friend’s child
and he stormed out in the night just to go meet this friend. What do you think is
going to happen?” Heather shook her head frantically.
“No.. no, Liam won’t hurt Daniel” Zane scoffed.
“You’d be surprised. Listen to me, Kiara and make sure you’re either indoors or
with Levi, okay? I’ll try my best to bring them both back safe and sound” Kiara
pursed her lips as she watched Zane

There was something he wasn’t telling her, she could feel it but now wasn’t the
time to press him for answers.
“We’ll go over to Levi’s. Remember what I said earlier, if you don’t answer the
phone, I’m coming to find you” Zane nodded with a smile then placed a kiss on
her lips before climbing into his car and zoomed off seconds later.
“You don’t really think Liam’s going to hurt Daniel, do you?” Kiara turned around
when she heard Heather’s sift voice behind her.
“He’s not in the right frame of mind right now and is being driven by anger so I
can’t say but hopefully, Zane’s going to get there before things get rough”
Heather let out a sigh as tears rolled down her cheeks.
“This is all my fault. If anything happened to the both of them, I’ll blame myself
forever because I drove a wedge through their friendship” Kiara sighed as she
wrapped her arms around Heather.
“Let’s not think about this now and please don’t stress yourself, it’s not good for
the baby. Let’s go back in, we’ll go over to Levi’s house and wait for them”
Heather let out a sigh then nodded and walked back into the house with Kiara.
Levi pulled out his phone as he got out of his car.
“Kiara? Is something wrong?” He questioned as he glanced around, looking for
Sebastian. Sebastian had called him earlier so they could meet up at the park
but he couldn’t find Sebastian anywhere.
“Heather and I are on our way to your house” His eyes widened.
“What? Really? Is something wrong? Where’s Zane?” Kiara sighed.

“He’s on a mission so we decided to come be with you till they’re back” He
nodded slowly to himself.
“Okay but I’m not home now but you can go over there and wait for me. I’ll be
home soon” Then they said their goodbyes and he placed his phone back into his
pocket before walking deeper into the park.
Where the fuck was Sebastian?
He was about to pull his phone out of his pocket to dial Sebastian’s number when
he heard his voice behind him.
“Levi” Levi rolled his eyes as he turned around.
“What took you so….” Levi’s eyes immediately widened when he saw the guns
being pointed at him. He glanced around him and noticed that he was surrounded
by men pointing their guns at him.
“What is this foolishness, Sebastian?” Levi thundered as he turned to Sebastian
with a glare.
“I’m sorry but you have to come with us” Sebastian uttered which made Levi
“You bastard, how dare you?!” He yelled while Sebastian just folded his arms.
“This is for your own good. Now are you going to come with us willingly or are
we going to do this the hard way?”…

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