Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 131

Chapter 131
Zane paused slightly then turned to Liam.
“You are worried about him? Why? I thought you hated him because of
Heather?” Liam scoffed.
“I can’t hate Daniel. We have been friends since we knew how to crawl so of
course I’m worried about him” Zane stared at him for a while then nodded.
“Okay. You do know where the Cabin is right?” Liam nodded.

“Yes I do. I’ll go tomorrow and I hope you’ll let Heather stay with you. I don’t
want her to be alone” Kiara nodded before Zane could say anything.
“Of course. I would love to have her with me so you don’t even have to ask” Liam
smiled then placed his hand on Zane’s shoulder before climbing out of the car.
Kiara smiled when she watched Liam wrap his arms around Heather’s shoulder
as they walked into his house then she turned to Zane with a sigh then furrowed
her eyebrows when she saw the look on his face.
“What is it?” She questioned, bringing his attention to her. He let out a smile as
he tilted his head at her.
“What is what?” He questioned as he started the car and drove over to his
“That look on your face just now is a look you get whenever you’re thinking of
something. What is it?” He chuckled.
“It’s nothing to worry your little head over, okay?” She frowned.
“If there’s something going on then you should tell me, Zane. Don’t you still trust
me?” He frowned then glanced at her briefly.
“Babe, of course I trust you”
“Then tell me what’s bothering you. Why did you have that complex look on your
face just now?” Zane sighed as he parked his car in front of the house then he
turned to her and grabbed her hand.
“Listen carefully, okay? I’m not saying anything not because I don’t trust you but
because I’m not sure yet but I will be soon, okay? Then I’ll tell you everything you
want to know, hmm?” She stared into his eyes for a while then let out a sigh.

“I don’t know why but the tone of your voice is scaring me” He chuckled then
placed his hand on her cheek before pulling her closer and placing a kiss on her
“I’m going to be okay, alright? And when this is over, when we catch this
monster, you and I will go on a very long vacation. Just the both of us alone on
an island. Doesn’t that sound fun?” She smiled then nodded.
“Sounds like heaven” He grinned then placed another kiss on her lips.
“Tomorrow, I’ll drop you and Heather off at Levi’s house, okay? I might not be
back that day or the next but I promise, I’ll be back for you” The smile instantly
wiped off her face.
“What? Where are you going again?” He sighed then pushed the strand of hair
that had fallen over her face behind her ear.
“If everything goes as planned then we’ll be able to catch the monster tomorrow”
Her eyes widened.
“You are going after the monster?” He tilted his head.
“More like we are waiting for the monster to fall into our trap but I believe
tomorrow, we are going to catch the monster and then, everything can return to
the way it was. We can finally start a family without wondering when the monster
is going to strike next and I can finally wed you and make you my Luna” Her eyes
widened and she was saw he saw the dreamy look in her eyes.
“I can’t wait, I can’t wait to become your Luna and carry your pups but I’m
scared, Zane. I don’t want you or anyone getting hurt” He smiled.
“Don’t worry, your future husband here knows how to handle pain” She frowned.

“It’s not funny, Zane. I don’t want you getting hurt” He smiled then kissed the tip
of her nose.
“I’ll make sure to be extra careful” She sighed then wrapped her arms around his
shoulder and pulled him closer.
“I love you” He smiled then wrapped his arms around her.
“I love you too, much more than you know. Let’s go in, it’s getting cold” She
nodded then let go of him before climbing out of the car at the same time as him.
They walked into the house in silence and Kiara suddenly felt like her heart was
heavy. She didn’t want to feel the way but why did she feel like something bad
was about to happen?
And each time she felt this way, something bad did happen.
Zane walked his arms around her as soon as they got into the house then placed
a kiss on her cheek.
“I want to taste you, Kiara. It’s been so long” He murmured into her ear as his
hand gave her breast a little squeeze.
She let out a little gasp before turning around in his arm and crashing her lips on
She jumped into his arms and he held onto her thighs for support as he carried
her up to the bedroom.
“Tomorrow, I’ll go meet Daniel. He shouldn’t be alone right now” Liam muttered
as he got into bed and laid beside Heather. She frowned at his words.
“Daniel is strong, he can take care of himself. I need you here with me” Liam
smiled then pulled her closer.

“I know but this will soon be over. I just want to get this over with so you and I
can move away from here. I’ll renounce my Gamma duties” Her eyes widened.
“What? Why?” He sighed.
“I don’t feel the thrill anymore. Besides, I’d rather be with you” She smiled then it
faded as she suddenly remembered that she hadn’t told him yet.
She took a deep breath then sat up on the bed.
“I want to talk to you about something, Liam” He raised an eyebrow as he sat up
as well.
“What is it?” She bit her lower lip.
“Have you… have you ever thought about having children?” A surprised look
appeared on his face.
“I didn’t expect you to ask such a question. Well I’ve never really thought about it
but having a family with you sounds like a dream” A bright smile appeared on her
face as she grabbed onto his hand.
“Then I have nothing to be scared about. Liam, I’m pregnant” His eyes widened
and he almost choked on his spit.
“You’re what?” She placed his hand on her stomach.
“I’m two weeks pregnant, Liam” He was first shocked but slowly, a bright smile
appeared on his face.
“Oh goddess, that sounds amazing. We are going to have our little family soon?”
She nodded as tears flowed down her cheek.

“Yeah” He pulled her closer and placed a kiss on her lips but then something
clicked in his brain and he froze.
Noticing this, Heather pulled back and stared at him with confusion written on his
”What’s… what’s wrong?” He stared into her eyes and she gasped when she
saw the look in his eyes. Hurt?
“Two weeks ago? Didn’t you sleep with Daniel then?”…

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