Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 139

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 139
Kiara screamed as she tried standing up from the chair and rushing towards
Heather but the silver chains were binding her back.
“Heather!” She screamed as Liam rushed towards Heather and gathered her in
his arms.
“Wait, I need to be with her! Liam!” Kiara screamed as tears streamed down her
cheeks as Liam walked away with Heather.
“Shut the hell up! This is all your fault! You better hope nothing happens to her or
else” Liam muttered as he glared at Kiara before rushing out of the dark room,
closing the door behind him.

“Liam! Don’t leave me here! I need to make sure she’s okay! Someone please!”
Kiara yelled but it seemed no one could hear her. She couldn’t even hear Liam’s
footsteps anymore and it felt like her heart was breaking into pieces.
“Moon goddess, please I’m begging you, don’t let what happened to me happen
to Heather. Please, I’m begging you” Kiara silently prayed while crying as her
head hung low.
Where was Lucien when she needed him?!
Levi stared straight ahead, refusing to glance at Lucien and Sebastian who were
standing at the side.
Lucien glanced at Sebastian then let out a sigh before walking over to stand in
front of Levi.
“We know you’re mad at us but you need to understand that we had your best
interest at heart” Levi scoffed but didn’t say anything in return.
“Listen, we don’t have time for this, Levi. Father comes in tonight and you need
to be prepared for him” Sebastian uttered and Levi turned to him.
“Oh? Haven’t you guys already prepared me for him or is there something else I
need to do?” Every word he uttered, dripped with Sarcasm which made Lucien
“Listen, I understand now that we should have spoken to you about this before
taking actions, okay? It’s not because we don’t trust you, Levi. That’s far from it
because Sebastian and I both know you’re going to be a great leader but we are
just scared for you and if there’s any way we can lift your burden, we’ll do it in a
heartbeat” Levi sighed then he turned to Levi.
“But what can be done now? It seems father already has a plan and now that
he’s working with Liam, anything is possible” Sebastian was about to speak but

Lucien stopped him.
“I know you can think of a plan, Levi. Kiara said we should listen to you and that’s
what we are going to do” Levi furrowed his eyebrows.
“Kiara? When did you speak with Kiara?” Sebastian laughed nervously.
“You see we might have kidnapped her and her friend” Levi abruptly stood up
from his chair as he glared at them.
“You what?!” Lucien sighed.
“Father and Liam want to use her as bait” Levi scoffed.
“I’d rather die than put her in trouble. Take me to her” Lucien frowned.
“Levi, she’s…” Levi grabbed onto Lucien’s collar as he pulled him close while
staring intently into his eyes.
“Take me to her, now!” Lucien sighed then nodded before leading Levi out of the
room and towards the dark basement Kiara was being kept in.
From the outside, they could hear her screaming and crying for help which made
Levi’s heart skip a beat. He barged into the room and his eyes widened when he
took in the sight in front of him.
Kiara’s shirt was stained with her blood and she was sweating and crying
profusely. He rushed up to her and squatted in front of her.
“Are you okay? Did they hurt you? Lucien, get this chain off her, now” She shook
her head frantically as she grabbed Levi’s hand.
“Forget about me, I need to know if Heather is okay. Please find out if she’s
okay” Levi nodded.

“Okay what happened to her? Where is she?” He questioned as he wiped away
her tears.
“Her stomach suddenly began to ache and she fell to her knees. Liam rushed her
out of here and I’m sure he took her to the doctor but I’m worried, Levi. I need to
know she’s okay, I need to know the child is okay” Levi nodded.
“Calm down, okay? Sebastian, go find out how Heather is doing now” Sebastian
nodded and immediately ran out of the room while Levi tried to calm Kiara down.
“She’s going to be okay, alright? The child is going to be okay” Levi murmured
then straightened up then turned to Lucien.
“Get these chains off her right now” Before Lucien could say anything, Samantha
walked into the room.
“He can’t do that. She stays like that” Levi turned to her with a raised eyebrow.
“And who are you?” She scoffed.
“I guess you won’t remember me but I’m Kiara’s sister unfortunately” He rolled
his eyes then turned to Lucien.
“The Keys, now” Samantha smiled.
“The key isn’t with him, silly. Liam wasn’t sure he could trust him so he handed
the keys over to me and no, I’m not giving them to you” Levi sighed as he
massaged his temples then he glanced around the room till his eyes caught
something glinting by the side.
He walked up to it and fortunately, it was a silver rod. He picked it up then turned
to Samantha with craziness in his eyes.

“You see, I don’t usually hurt girls, I don’t hurt anyone in general but if you don’t
hand me the key, I’m going to show you why I’m going to be the next leader of
the most powerful mafia in the world” Fear flashed through Samantha’s eyes but
she covered it up with a snort.
“I’m a wolf, a filthy human like you can’t defeat me even with silver” Levi smiled.
“Do you want to test out your theory, Samantha?” She pursed her lips then
glanced at Kiara before glancing back at him.
“You can’t release her. Liam is going to kill you if you do” He rolled his eyes then
walked over to her and outstretched his hand.
“The key, I won’t ask again”…

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