Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 127

By the time they were done having their bath, It was already noon. Zane carried
her out of the bathroom and into the room before placing her feet down on the
ground. He walked over to grab the towel and wiped off the water on her body.
“You are so beautiful, my love” He murmured then leaned down and captured one
of her taut nipples in his mouth and suckled on it.
“Zane, you possibly can’t still be horny after all we just did” He chuckled.
“I’ll always be horny when it comes to you and besides, you don’t know how sexy
and beautiful you look to me, my love. I just want to eat you up whole” She
raised an eyebrow at him then let out a giggle.
“That’s a very wolf thing to say” He chuckled then pressed his lips on hers.

“Let’s get dressed before…” Just then, the door swung open and Daniel walked
“I just….” His eyes widened when he took in the sight in front of him. Zane
immediately covered Kiara’s whole body with his as she gasped then he turned
to glare at Daniel.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t….”
“Get the fuck out” Daniel immediately ran out and closed the door behind him.
“I’m sorry, I must have forgotten to lock the door” Zane uttered as he turned
around to stare down at her with a guilty look.
“It’s okay, we are wolves, him seeing my nakedness doesn’t bother me. I’m just
embarrassed by the fact that he knows what we did” He smiled when he saw the
pink tint on her cheeks then he leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips.
“You are cute. Let’s get dressed so we can leave this place” She nodded then
grabbed the clothes he had placed on the bed earlier and wore them.
They packed up their belongings then walked out of the hospital room to find
Daniel standing in front of the door.
“Oh, you guys are finally done. I’m sorry for coming into the room without
knocking. I just didn’t expect that…” He cleared his throat when Zane glared at
“What did you want?” Daniel scratched the back of his neck.
“I just wanted to tell you that Andrew’s surgery was successful and he’s out of
danger now. He was awake but I’m sure he must have fallen asleep by now. Leo
and James are watching over him” Zane sighed then nodded.

“That’s good to hear. Kiara and I are going home today. I think it’s best if you
stay at the pack for now just in case the monster tries to come after you again”
Daniel frowned.
“I don’t want to run away from it,” Zane sighed.
“Well, do you prefer to die? If you want to die then be my guest” Daniel sighed.
“I’m your Beta,I can’t just be hiding in the pack waiting for you to catch the
monster, I want to help and since it seems to hate me, maybe we can use me as
bait” Zane scoffed.
“After what happened to Kiara, I do not want anyone else being used as bait
because it might not go the way we want” Daniel shook his head.
“Kiara’s own wasn’t planned properly. If we plan mine and…”
“You are not going to be used as bait, end of discussion” Daniel frowned.
“But what if it’s really him?” Zane’s eyes widened slightly.
“We don’t know for sure”
“But what if it is?” Zane stared at him for a while then let out a sigh.
“That makes it even worse because he can and will predict our move. Using you
as bait would be the first option on anyone’s mind so no, we’ll find another way”
Daniel sighed but didn’t say anything else on the matter.
“Wait, do you guys know who might be the monster?” Kiara suddenly said and
for a second Zane had forgotten she was there. He turned to her and let out a
nervous laugh.
“We don’t have enough proof so we don’t know yet” She frowned.

“But you are suspecting someone? Tell me” Zane sighed.
“I don’t want to involve you in this so no, even if we knew who it was, I won’t tell
you” She frowned.
“I thought we were supposed to tell each other everything?” Zane nodded then
grabbed her shoulders when he saw she was about to get sad.
“Listen, I’ll always tell you everything but I don’t want you getting involved in this.
In fact, I don’t want you getting involved in any of this, the pack, the monster or
Levi’s mafia. If I had my way, I would have Locked you in a box till everything
was over” She huffed.
“I’m not a child, Zane. I’m a wolf and I can handle things like this. What happened
to me was so sudden that I couldn’t stop it but I promise, I’m strong now” He
nodded then cupped her face.
“And I don’t doubt that. You can even be the most powerful female wolf in the
world, in fact you could even be more powerful than me and I’d still worry about
you. You getting hurt is my weak spot and I’m afraid everyone’s going to want to
attack you to get to me and that’s the last thing I want” She sighed knowing fully
well that there was nothing she could say right now that could change Zane’s
“Kiara” Kiara turned to the voice and a surprised look appeared on her face
when she saw Heather walking towards her with Liam behind her.
“I’m glad I caught up to you here” Heather uttered as she wrapped her arms
around Kiara.
“You seem happy. Are you and…”

Yes, Liam and I are back together” Liam smiled at Kiara then nodded before
turning to Daniel.
“Together for good now and we are letting nothing come in between us this time”
Daniel frowned while Zane just folded his arms. Liam tore his eyes away from
Daniel and turned to Zane with a smile on his face before bowing his head.
“I know I’ve been MIA recently and I apologize for that, Alpha but I’m back now
and I’m ready to resume my Gamma duties” Zane tilted his head.
“Hmm originally I thought of stripping you of your title and handing it to Leo”
Everyone except Daniel and Liam seemed surprised by his words.
“You would never replace me just like you can never replace Daniel. We are
family, remember? And you of all people should understand my situation. I
haven’t been myself recently and I just needed to get away from everything and
settle that but I’ve done that now and I’m ready to stand beside you both. I hope
that won’t be a problem, Daniel?” Liam uttered then turned to Daniel who had a
stoic expression on his face.
“You are the one that has a problem with me so I think I should be asking you
that question, Liam. Do you really want to stand beside me?”

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