Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 128

Kiara stared at him for a while then let out a sigh.
“I’ve told you this before, any woman would be lucky to call you theirs and would
be lucky to have you as their lover but you have to understand that I never fell out
of love with Zane. No matter how much I tried to push him out of my heart, he
always found his way back in. Despite what he did to me, I still loved him and
that’s why I couldn’t give you a chance because my heart was never going to
belong to you but Levi, I know there’s someone out there that’s willing to love you
just as much as you love her” He scoffed.
“I doubt I’ll ever be able to love anyone as much as I love you” She frowned then
turned away from him as she stared at the view. She didn’t know what else to
say and he seemed to understand her silence.

“We don’t have to be so awkward around each other, you know? I’ll always be
here just in case Zane fucks up again and you need someone to run to” She
“You shouldn’t want that, Levi”
“Well I guess that’s my price to pay for falling in love with someone else’s
woman. I better drop you off at Zane’s house now before he starts blowing up
my phone” She opened her mouth to say something but then his phone rang.
He pulled it out of his pocket and rolled his eyes when he saw the caller Id.
“Speaking of the devil” He muttered then picked up.
“Don’t worry, we are already on our way and I’ll drop her off at your house soon”
Levi spoke before Zane could get a word out.
“Actually, I want you to take Kiara to your house, I’ll pick her up from there” Kiara
and Levi both furrowed their eyebrows. Before Levi could say anything, she
grabbed the phone from his hand and pressed it against her ear.
“Why? Are you going somewhere?” Zane let out a sigh.
“We have a lead on the monster and I have a meeting with the other Alphas at
the pack so I won’t be home till late at night and I didn’t want you being home
alone so stay with Levi in the meantime. Heather is also going there to meet you
guys. I’ll come pick you up after I’m done” She frowned.
“Okay but please be okay, I don’t want to worry about you” Zane chuckled.
“I won’t make you worry about me, okay? I have to go now but I’ll call you later
so you’ll know I’m safe, okay?” Kiara sighed.
“Okay, I love you,” She murmured.“I love you too” Then she hung up and turned to Levi.
“I guess I’m staying over at yours for a while” He chuckled.
“You don’t have to sound so excited” He uttered Sarcastically and she giggled.
“I don’t mean it like that. I just can’t help but worry about Zane because that
monster is scary. Even though Zane won’t want to admit it, that monster is way
stronger than him and I’m afraid he’s going to get injured next” Levi sighed then
tilted his head at her.
“I believe Zane can take care of himself so stop worrying. We better head back
so you can have lunch” She nodded then walked back to the car with him.
As they got to Levi’s house, they spotted Heather seated on the stairs in front of
his house but as soon as she saw them, she jumped up with a smile on her face
and ran towards the car.
Levi and Kiara both got out of the car and she hugged Levi before going over to
hug Kiara.
“I have been waiting for you both. Let’s go in?” Levi nodded with a smile then
gave orders to his men then gave the car keys to one of them before walking into
the house with Kiara and Heather.
“Liam went with them too?” Kiara questioned as they sat down in the living room.
“Remember? He said he wanted to continue his gamma duties. This is his way of
catching up” Kiara nodded at her for words then turned to Levi.
“Levi, did you know that Liam and Heather are now engaged?” Levi’s eyes
widened while Heather grinned from ear to ear.
“He proposed to me last night” He tilted his head.

“I thought you guys fought the day before that day?” Heather nodded.
“Yeah but we made up. We love each other and that’s why it was easy for him to
forgive me” Kiara frowned.
“He may have forgiven you but he’s never going to forget it. See what happened
to Zane and I, even when we got together after everything that happened, it was
still placed in the back of his mind that I cheated on him and that’s why our
relationship didn’t work out at first” Heather frowned.
“Well Liam is not like Zane and our relationship isn’t like yours. He trusts me now
and he has forgiven me. I would like to move on from that chapter and start a
family with him” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows then her eyes trailed down to
Heather’s stomach and she gasped.
“Are you… are you pregnant, Heather?” Levi’s eyes widened as well while
Heather just sighed. She caressed her stomach and let out a nod.
“I found out last night. On my way to meet Liam, I felt nauseous and I’ve been
feeling that way for a while now so I decided to buy a pregnancy kit and check it
out because that had to be the only reason I felt that way. I don’t know, maybe I
was learning from your pregnancy but the symptoms were similar to yours.
Anyways, it came out positive and here I am, pregnant” There was a smile on
her face but Kiara could sense something behind it. Fear?
“You don’t have to use my experience to judge how yours will be. Zane wasn’t
there for me but at least Liam will be there for you. Have you told him?” Heather
shook her head.
“I will tell him but not now. After everything has been settled” Kiara furrowed her
eyebrows then walked over to where Heather was seated and sat next to her
before grabbing her hand.

“Tell him, he deserves to know so that you both can start planning your future,
okay?” Heather smiled slightly then nodded.
“I will” Kiara stared into her eyes for a while then gave her hand a light squeeze.
“Heather, was your pregnancy the reason why you accepted his proposal without

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