Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 126

Heather’s heart was pounding in her chest as she ran into the park. She glanced
around and was about to call out Liam’s name when she found him seated on
one of the swings with an intense look in his face.
She took a deep breath to calm her nerves then she walked over to where he
was. As soon as he sensed her presence, he turned to her and she had
expected him to smile but he just stared blankly at her.
“You are here” She frowned but immediately masked it up with a smile.
“Yes, I’m here” She murmured then walked over and sat on the other swing next
to him. They were silent for a while till she let out a sigh.

I missed you. I tried calling you but you didn’t pick up nor did you reply to my
messages” She murmured as she turned to him. He was quiet for a while then let
out a sigh before he turned to her.
“I love you Heather” Her heart thudded in her chest.
“I love you too, Liam” He scoffed then shook his head before he turned away
from her.
“You don’t love me, your heart is always going to belong to Daniel” She shook
her head then stood up and grabbed his hand.
“Listen to me, Liam. I was just stupid, I was just hung up on the fact that Daniel
and I used to be mates so we were meant to be together for a reason. I admit
that I did love him at that time even when I was with you but then you were so
nice to me and you showered me with so much love, something I never got from
Daniel to be honest. I made a mistake, a mistake that would haunt me forever
but I chose you, Liam. You are the one I would love to be with” He stared into
her eyes.
“Do you love me? Do you love me more than you love Daniel?” She frowned then
moved closer and caressed his face.
“I don’t love Daniel anymore, you’re the one I love and the one I want to be with”
He stared deep into her eyes like he was trying to catch a slip up. Like he was
trying to see if she was lying or not.
After a while, a smile appeared on his face and he stood up from the swing
before wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer then he
crashed his lips on hers.
Liam’s kisses were always so gentle and fud full of compassion but right now, it was
just rough and filled with possessiveness.

She moaned when he began to drag his palm across her thighs. She gasped
lightly when he squeezed one of her butt cheeks then he released her lips and
took a step back.
Her heart was racing wildly and she was still dizzy from his kiss but she could
see the lust in his eyes as his eyes trailed down her body.
“After that day, did you have sex with him again?” He questioned and she
immediately shook her head.
“No” He smiled then took her head.
“Promise me I’m the only one that’s going to touch you, kiss you, make love to
you and love you from now on” She smiled then placed a kiss on his lips.
“I promise” He smiled then placed the piece of hair that had fallen over her face
behind her ear.
“Let’s go over to my house” He uttered and she nodded before letting him lead
her over to his car. She felt relieved, she felt like she was on cloud nine but
something was bugging her.
Kiara groaned slightly as she opened up her eyes. She grimaced and instantly
closed it when the sun’s harsh rays landed on her face.
“Oh my love, I’m so sorry” Zane immediately said as she walked over to the
window and closed the curtains.
He then walked back to the bed and placed a kiss on her forehead.
“Good morning, my love. How do you feel tonight?” She smiled up at him.
”My body doesn’t hurt anymore so I’m doing much better. Where did you sleep?”
He pointed at a couch at the corner that looked very uncomfortable. It was even

too small for his tall frame.
“There. It wasn’t as bad as it looks” She frowned.
“You could have come lay down next to me and we could have cuddled all night”
He chuckled.
“I know but you looked so peaceful, I didn’t have the heart to wake you up” She
“But I would have liked it if you did. I can only imagine how uncomfortable you
must have been on that couch” She murmured as she caressed his face. He
smiled then placed a kiss on her lips.
“It wasn’t that bad and besides we are going home today so I don’t mind it” She
nodded with a smile.
“Good grief because I’m tired of this hospital smell” He chuckled.
“We all are. I brought you clothes to change into. Get up,I’ll help you have your
bath” She furrowed her eyebrows then sat up straight.
“You don’t need to do that, I’m better now” He shook his head.
“You might be feeling better now but what if you collapse in the bathroom?”
“Stop being so dramatic,I can take care of myself” He shook his head.
“Stop being so stubborn” She scoffed.
“It’s my body and I can be as stubborn as I want to” He scratched the back of
his neck as he let out a nervous laugh. She was scary but so hot when she got

“Please let me bathe you. I want to have my bath as well” She pouted.
“You know for a fact that we won’t just bathe and the hospital walls are so thin”
Zane but his lower lip.
“Who gives a fuck if they can hear us? They can hear but they can’t see” She
stared at him for a while then a sultry look appeared in her eyes. To be honest,
she missed his touch and kisses, she missed him as a whole and couldn’t wait to
let him touch her.

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