Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 125

Daniel took a deep breath before getting up from the ground. His wounds were
healing slowly so it was easier for him to move now. He tried to help as many
people as he could and soon enough, the Ambulance showed up.
He left the work up to them and decided to search for Leo and the rest. He found
them at the corner of the mall and his eyes widened when he noticed how beaten
up they were.
[I’m at the side of the mall] He immediately mind linked Zane then squatted in
front of Leo who was trying to stop the blood gushing out of Andrew’s abdomen.
“Move, get the car. You all need to see a doctor immediately” Daniel muttered as
he pushed Leo away and began pressing down on Andrew’s wound.

With the way things are going,he might d…”
“Don’t say that and get the fucking car!” Daniel yelled but before Leo could get
up, Zane appeared and his eyes widened when he took in the picture in front of
“We need to get you guys to the hospital, now. Daniel and James, you both
should help Andrew up from the ground. You’re coming with me, Leo” After
saying that, he grabbed Leo’s arm and wrapped it around his shoulder before
helping him to the car.
James and Daniel walked slowly towards the car as they supported Andrew who
was groaning and moaning in pain.
“Just leave me here, I don’t think I’m going to make it to the hospital” Andrew
suddenly uttered before they could get into the car.
“You should know by now that I don’t leave one of my men behind. You have to
try your best and stay alive or I’m coming down to hell to give you an even worse
death” Zane muttered as he helped Leo into the front seat then he turned to the
Andrew stared at him for a while then took a deep breath.
“I’ll try my best” Zane nodded slowly then watched as they helped Andrew into
the car before walking over to the driver’s seat and getting him.
He drove like a maniac towards the hospital but his mind was clouded. That
monster… he just hoped what he was thinking wasn’t right.
Zane walked out of the ward and his eyes widened when he saw Kiara walking
towards him with Heather behind him.
He rushed up to her and grabbed her arm.

“Why are you walking about? How did you even know I was here?” She ignored
his question and searched his body.
“Are you hurt? Did the monster hurt you?” She questioned with worry in her eyes
and he smiled.
“No, the monster didn’t hurt me and even if it did, I’m healed already. See?” He
let go of her then twirled around before flashing her a smile.
She wrapped her arms around him then let out a sigh.
“I was so worried” He chuckled then kissed her forehead.
“You don’t have to worry about me because I’ll always be okay” He murmured
then hugged her tightly before letting out a sigh of relief.
Heather pursed her lips as she watched them. A sour expression appeared on
her face and she hated the way she felt at that moment. Alone, unloved and
She shook off the feeling and that moment, Daniel walked out of the ward with a
few bandages. He raised his head and he seemed surprised to see Heather
standing there but then when he saw Kiara hugging Zane, he knew she had
probably just followed Kiara.
Sensing Daniel’s presence, Zane pulled away from the hug but kept Kiara close
to him as he turned to Daniel.
“I see your injuries have been cleaned up” Daniel nodded.
“I don’t think the bandages were necessary but hey, I’m not the doctor” Zane
“What about Andrew, Leo and James?” Daniel let out a sigh.

“Leo and James are doing okay but Andrew, he’s Unconscious now but the
doctor said they’d do everything to save him” Zane clenched his fist and gritted
his teeth. How many more people have to die or get injured before he can get rid
of that monster? He has to do something quick.
Kiara grabbed his fist and gave his palm a reassuring squeeze with a smile on
her face.
“Don’t beat yourself up. I’m sure you’ll get the monster soon” He smiled at her
then leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips. Her touch always calmed him
“Why don’t you take her back to the room, Heather? I would like to talk to Daniel
and see the verdict with Andrew” Heather nodded then grabbed onto Kiara’s who
was reluctant to go but after much persuasion, they left.
As soon as they were out of ear reach, Zane turned to Daniel.
“The monster seems to have some kind of beef with you. First it came to your
house to attack you and now this” Daniel nodded.
“I noticed that as well but how am I supposed to know who? I’ve pissed off a lot
of people” Zane folded his arm.
“According to Levi, someone on the inside was the one who told his father about
the location of the pack and the back passage way” Daniel’s eyes widened.
“But only a few of us know about the back passage way” Zane nodded.
“Exactly my point” Daniel stared at Zane for a while then his eyes widened.
“I hope you don’t mean…”
“I’m not quite sure but I hope I’m not right”

It was night time by the time Zane returned back to the room. He smiled when he
found Kiara asleep and walked over to place a kiss on her forehead before
turning to Heather.
“You can go home, I’ll watch over her” Heather glanced down at Kiara then let
out a sigh before getting up.
“If anything happens, I want to be informed immediately” He nodded.
“Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen” She sighed then grabbed her things
before walking over to the bed and placing a kiss on Kiara’s cheek.
As soon as she walked out of the room, her phone rang. She furrowed her
eyebrows as she took it out of her bag. When she saw the caller id, her eyes
widened and her heart began to race.
“Hello Liam” She said as soon as she picked up without wasting a second.
“Let’s meet up, I miss you”

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