Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 119

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 119
Levi ran towards the ward Kiara was in hurriedly with frantic eyes and his
breathing erratic. Without thinking, he pushed the door open and his breath
hitched when he found Kiara laying on the bed with a lot of bandages on her
“Ki…” Before he could complete his sentence, Zane’s fist connected with his
cheek. Levi groaned as he fell to the ground then he spat out blood before
turning to Zane who was fuming with anger as he stared down at him.
“What the fuck are you doing here?!” Zane boomed and Levi let out a sigh.

“Please let’s not do this. I just wanted to see if she was okay” Levi muttered and
tried standing up but Zane grabbed him by the collar and slammed him on the
wall so hard that they heard Levi’s bone crack.
He let out a pain filled groan then grabbed onto Zane’s hand as Zane wrapped
his fingers around Levi’s neck.
“I’m going to make you pay for what happened to Kiara” Zane thundered then
pulled back his fist and was about to punch Levi in the face again when Kiara
“Zane! That’s enough!” His fist paused mid air then he turned to her with disbelief
written all over his face.
“Have you forgotten that all this happened to you because of him?!” He
screamed back and she glared at him.
“Let him go, Zane because it’s because of him I’m still alive today” Zane
furrowed his eyebrows then they all immediately froze when Levi began to sub
Zane slowly turned to him with a frown but his eyes couldn’t help but soften when
he saw the distress on Levi’s face.
“I’m sorry, this was never my intention. I had a plan to finally get rid of my father
but I should have known he would be one step ahead of me. I’m sorry, Kiara. I
didn’t mean for any of this to happen” He muttered in between sobs and they all
Immediately felt sorry for him. Zane let out a sigh before letting go of his neck.
“Levi, come here” Kiara murmured and Levi immediately ran to her side and
grabbed her hand. She giggled when she saw his lips quiver.
“I’m okay now. My wounds will heal so stop worrying about it” But the sad look
didn’t leave his face.

“How… how do you know this wasn’t my plan all along? Why do you still trust
me? I asked you to trust me and see what happened to you” She shook her
“Don’t blame yourself for what happened. We can all just move on now and think
of another plan to take down your father before something worse happens”
“Hold up, Hold up. What the fuck is going on? What does Levi’s father have to do
with you, Kiara? I don’t want you getting involved with his mafia shit” Zane
muttered as he walked towards the bed.
“Well I have no choice in this because Levi’s father hates wolves and wants us all
dead. He already knows we are wolves and he wants you dead, Zane” Zane
furrowed his eyebrows then his eyes suddenly turned cold like something
dawned on him.
“Is your father the one sending those hunters after wolves? The reason why so
many wolves have died over the past few weeks?” Levi shook his head.
”That I’m not sure of. Although my father seems to know where your pack is
now, I don’t think he has made any move on any wolf yet. He’s still trying to
analyze just how strong you guys are” Zane raised his chin. So Levi’s father
wasn’t the only one after wolves?
“Then why involve Kiara? She shouldn’t be involved in this” Levi sighed.
“My father wants you dead, Zane and he knows the only way to make you mad
is by hurting Kiara so she’s his number one target but don’t worry, I won’t let him
hurt her again” Zane scoffed.
“You should be the one worried because by the time I’m done, the Medici mafia
family won’t fucking exist anymore” Zane muttered and Levi let out a sigh.
“Zane, we have to work together and proceed with caution,” Zane scoffed.

With caution? The longer we take to capture them, the more wolves get hurt
and I won’t let you get hurt again, Kiara” She sighed knowing fully well Zane
wasn’t going to listen to a word she had to say.
“I have to say I agree with Levi, Zane” Daniel, who hadn’t spoken ever since Levi
arrived suddenly stood up and spoke.
“Yes, it would be right to attack the Medici mafia if they were the ones causing
the major havoc in packs right now but I don’t think they are. Our major focus is
to catch that monster and defeat whoever is using wolves as an experiment. I
know you don’t want to hear this Zane, but we have to trust Levi and let him
handle his own mafia himself” Zane clenched his jaw.
“I don’t trust him”
“Well I do and I agree with Daniel. Levi has to stand up and regain control over
his pack and that has to be the only way to stop them” Kiara uttered making
Zane scoff.
“I can think of several other ways to stop them,” He muttered, making Kiara sigh.
“Can you come here, please?” Zane clenched his fist then let out a sigh before
reaching to grab the hand she had outstretched towards him. He sat on the bed
slowly and she caressed his face with a smile.
“I know you are worried about me and would love nothing more than to get
revenge for me but we have to proceed with caution Zane because I don’t want
anyone getting hurt again. Why don’t we let Levi take care of his father while we
find a way to catch the wolf hunters and that monster because that’s where the
real threat lies” Zane stared at her for a while then let out a sigh before leaning in
and placing a kiss on her lips.

“I love you and that’s the only reason I’m agreeing to this but next time you are
making plans with Levi, I want to be involved, I have to be involved” Levi nodded.
“I didn’t involve you in the first place because I knew there was no way you were
going to let Kiara be used as bait. Now that my father knows I still care about
her and with the way I threatened him,he’s never going to live that one Down so
we need to be ready for whatever he has planned” Zane smirked.
“Don’t worry,I’ll help you plan the funeral after I’m done with him”…

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