Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 118

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 118
Zane’s heart stopped beating when he heard Kiara’s voice.
“My love? Where are you? What’s going on?” He questioned as he ran his
fingers through his hair.
“I don’t know where I am and I’m scared, Zane. I’m in so much pain” His heart
“I’ll come save you, okay? Just hold on for me, okay?” Then the line for
disconnected and Zane knew that they were probably using a burner phone so
he won’t be able to track it.

“What’s going on now?” Daniel questioned and Zane let out a sigh.
“She said she’s in a lot of pain and I don’t even know what to do now. The place
was echoing a lot so I assume she’s in a dark space or a warehouse. Ask them
to check every warehouse the city immediately. I want her found before the sun
sets” Daniel nodded then immediately carried out his orders.
‘“What the fuck is going on?” Levi screamed as he glared at his father that was
seated at the table, sipping some tea.
“What are you talking about?” Levi clenched his fist.
“Where is Kiara? This wasn’t the plan. Why wasn’t I included?”
“Because son, You can fool everyone but not me. You fell out of love with her
because she’s a wolf? I find that hard to believe” Levi glared at him.
“Do you know what you have just done? You have made things worse. Zane is
going to find her and he’s going to come after us. He has allies everywhere” His
father turned to him.
“He can do his worse. I’m not afraid to die, Levi. I mean look at me, I’m already
old” Levi raised his chin.
“Really?” He pulled out a gun and pointed it towards his father’s heard. His father
men immediately pointed their gun at Levi while Levi’s men pointed their gun at
“You better rethink who you’re siding with. You heard him, right? He’ll die soon
and who’s going to rule then? Me and I know every single one of your family
members” His father’s men glanced at themselves then slowly lowered their gun
which made his father’s eyes widen.
“What do you think you’re doing?” His father yelled and Levi just cocked his gun.

“Have Kiara released or I’m killing you on the spot. You choose?” His father
“You don’t have the balls to shoot me” Levi tilted his head then pulled the trigger
and the bullet was just a mere inch away from bursting through his father skull.
“I’m not the little Levi you used to know now do as I say if you know what’s good
for you” His father glared at him but with shaky hands, he picked up his phone
and dialed a number which made Levi smirk.
The wicked killed without remorse but when it was their turn to be killed, they
turned into cowards.
Liam frowned as he listened to what Daniel had to say.
“Okay, I’ll tell Heather” Heather walked into the room that second and furrowed
her eyebrows.
“Tell me what?” Liam turned to her then sighed.
“Kiara was kidnapped” Heather gasped with her hand over her mouth.
“Are you.. are you serious?” Liam nodded.
“Daniel just called me just now and he said Zane is pratically tearing down the
country searching for her” Heather grabbed her clothes and immediately began
putting them on.
“We need to leave now. I need to be there for Kiara” Liam furrowed his
“Why? Zane is going to find her no matter what so we don’t have to be there”
Heather turned to him with wide eyes.

“I need to see with my own eyes that’s she’s okay. If you don’t want to come
with me, I’ll go by myself” Liam sighed.
“I didn’t mean it like that. Fine, let’s go” He muttered and she grabbed her bag as
they walked out of the hotel room.
Kiara didn’t even know how she was about to fall asleep with all the pain she
was in but she woke up to the man earlier screaming into his phone.
“Gosh, why do I have to release her?! What about the plan?!” It seemed the
person at the other end was someone more powerful than him before he
immediately apologized for shouting then hung up before groaning. He walked up
to her and grabbed her face an she whimpered.
“You are very lucky, princess because I wanted nothing more than to kill you” He
muttered then groaned as he ran his fingers through his hair out of frustration.
“So… I’m… I’m free?” She questioned and he groaned before ordering one of his
men to untie her and they immediately did.
“Take her down to the central park and leave before you’re caught” They nodded
then pulled her out of the room.
Zane drove like a Mad man as he drove towards the central park. When he had
gotten that call from Kiara to come pick her up, he didn’t waste anytime and
immediately hopped into his car and drove over there to pick her up. She
sounded so tired. What exactly did they do to her?
He didn’t even bother parking the case before jumping out an searching for her.
“Kiara?! Kiara?!” He screamed her name as he searched around.

“Zane?” He paused then turned around and his eyes widened when he saw the
state she was in.
“My Love?” He saw her body wobble but before she could fall to the ground, he
immediately caught her.
“Oh my love, what did they do to you? What the fuck happened to you?” He
murmured as he carressed her face and glanced down at the injuries on her
“I’m just glad to see you, Zane. I really… I really thought I was going to die” He
immediately wiped away her tears and kissed her nose.
“I wound never let that happen and I swear, the people who did this to you are
going to suffer starting from Levi”…

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