Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 117

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 117
Zane tapped Daniel’s shoulder when he saw that he was lost in thoughts.
“What is it?” He questioned and Daniel let out a sigh.
“It’s heather. She really doesn’t want me anymore. She has really forgotten
about me” Zane tilted his head.
“Where is the guy that told me not to give up on Kiara even when it seemed like
she had forgotten about me?” Daniel sighed.
“Your case is different because Kiara wasn’t in love with Levi but Heather likes
Liam and with the Vacation they’re in, she might even end up falling in love with him” Zane sighed.
“Well I cannot really advice you on this because you and Liam are both my
friends. Get your mind off her for now, we have to catch this monster but no one
is acting suspicious” Daniel sighed then glanced around.
“You’re right. I think we should come up with a trap” Zane turned to him.
“Trap?” He nodded.

“I know just what to do so leave that up to me” Zane tilted his head.
“And how do I know you’re not the monster?” Daniel rolled his eyes.
“Yes, I’m the monster and I tried to kill myself” Zane shrugged.
“It is possible you know. You tried to kill yourself to cover up your tracks” Daniel
rolled his eyes.
“I have too much going on in my life right now to think of something like that”
Zane nodded.
“Yeah and you’re not that smart too” Daniel rolled his eyes. Just then, Zane’s
phone rang and he furrowed his eyebrows when he saw it was one of the guards
in charge of watching after Kiara.
“What is it?”
“Miss Kiara has just been kidnapped and we have no idea where they went”
Zane’s eyes almost bulged out of it’s socket.
“What did you just say to me?” He thundered so loysly that everyone turned to
stare at him.

“We were shot with something that immediately drained out our strength and by
the time we woke up, she was gone” Zane clenched his fist.
“I don’t how you want to do it but find her immediately or I’ll kill you all with my
bare hands” He screamed and almost crushed the phone in his hand but Daniel
stopped him.
“We have to find her immediately. Who could have had her kidnapped?”
Something flashed through Zane’s brain. He remembered Levi telling him to never
leave Kiara’s side and his blood immediately began to boil. They were going to
wish they hadn’t touched Kiara by the time he was done with her?
He dialed Levi’s number and he didn’t pick on the first ring but on the second.
“You have one minute to return Kiara back to me or I swear to the moon
goddess, I’ll fucking ruin you” Zane muttered into the phone and Levi was silent
for a while.
“What? Kiara had been kidnapped already?” Zane furrowed his eyebrows.
“What do you mean already? What are you fucking talking about?”
“I’ll call you back later, Zane” Then he hung up leaving Zane confused. What did
he mean by already?
“What is going on?” Daniel questioned.
“I don’t know but one thing is for sure, I’m going to kill Levi. Gather all the boys.
We are going on a hunt”
Kiara groaned as she opened up her eyes. She glanced and was irritated by how
dirty and smelling the place was. She didn’t even want to know what was making
the place smell so bad.

She was about to move when she groaned and glanced down at the iron chained
wrapped around her body.
“Did you really think we would wrap a wolf with a rope? I hope the iron isn’t
burning you too much” She glared at him.
“Where am I? What am I going here? Who are you?” He clicked his tongue.
“You ask too much questions and just so you know, I doubt you’ll be getting out
here alive baby girl” She sneered at him then was about to reach out to him but
she winced when the iron burnt her skin.
“Why are you doing this? Who sent you?” He smiled.
“We don’t mean to hurt you. We just need to use you as bait and you’ll be on
your merry way but I doubt that because boss hates your kind” She furrowed her
”Do you mean Levi’s father?” The Men’s eyes widened slightly.
“Well you know way more than I was promise. Magnus!” The Man called out and
a guy came into the room and handed him a burner phone. Then he handed it to
“Call your little boyfriend” She glared at him.
“He’s not little and I do not want to call him” She gasped when the man slapped
her across the face.
“I didn’t ask what you wanted. I told you to call him” Tears rolled down her
“You have to press in the number since I’m tied up” She muttered abd the man

“Oh, I must have forgotten. Call the number” And she did but her mind keot
wondering off to Levi. He said she wasn’t going o get hurt so what was going
The Man pressed the phone against her ear and after it ran a little, Zane finally
picked up.
“Who’s this?” She coujd hear it in his voice that he had found out she was
“Zane? I’m… I’m scared”…

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