Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 116

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 116
“You’re up” She muttered trying to change the topic then she walked up to him.
“Yeah because you weren’t in bed. What are you doing here?” She pointed
towards the cookies and milk.
“I was hungry so I came down here to eat something. Sit with me?” She
murmured and he followed her towards the kitchen counter and they both sat
down. She was busy eating her cookies and milk when Zane spoke.
“Who were you talking about earlier?” He questioned and she froze before
flashing him a smile.

“Erm… I was talking about Heather. She called me earlier and I was helping her
plan works because she has a plan with Daniel” He squinted his eyes at her.
“Why do you sound like you’re lying?” She chuckled.
“Because I’m hungry. Now let me eat my food in peace” He watched as she ate
her food and thankfully, he didn’t question her again.
“Tomorrow, are you going somewhere?” She questioned and he nodded.
“Yeah. Daniel and I are going to try to look for the monster or clues on how to
find the monster. I believe it’s one of us so I’m going to the pack tomorrow. Want
to come along?” She shook her head.
“I really just want to rest tomorrow but good luck” He tilted his head at her.
“Oh okay. Let’s go back to bed, it’s too early to be awake” She ate the last
cookie in her hand then drank the milk before walking away with him.
They got to the room and immediately climbed back into bed. He wrapped his
arms around her waist and pulled her closer.
“Go to sleep my love” She nodded with a smile then placed a kiss on his lips
before pulling back.
“Be careful who you trust, Zane. You never know who really is the monster or the
traitor” She murmured then she closed her eyes to give him the illusion that she
had fallen asleep. He stayed still for a while like he was thinking about what she
said then he snuggled closer and fell asleep.
The next morning, Zane was already dressed up and combing his hair when
Kiara walked up. She furrowed her eyebrows when she saw him.
“Where are you going?” She murmured as she sat up.

“Remember? I’m going to the pack” She sighed then climbed out of the bed and
hugged him tightly.
“I’ll miss you” He caressed her hair then kissed her forehead.
“You can always come with me” She shook her head.
“I’d rather stay here although I might go to the mall later” He furrowed his
“Since when did you start going to the mall?” She chuckled.
“I’m a lady, It’s in our blood and I just went to get something” He nodded then
placed a kiss on her lips.
“I’ll have the guards follow you, okay?” She sighed.
“Why can’t I go on my own?” He Frowned.
“Because I don’t want you being in danger and you’re arguing with me on this.
Good bye” Then he pulled away from the hug, grabbed his keys and his phone
before leaving.
As soon as he was gone, she paced the room while thinking of how she was
going to ditch the guards that were following her. They were wolves so they’d
easily smell her out so she had to mask her smell with something. She placed
Levi’s coat in her bag then had her bath and got dressed before staring at herself
in the mirror.
She wore a pair of jeans just in case she needed to fight and a black top. It was
very average and it did look like she was ready to be kidnapped. Was that giving
out too much?

She shrugged and decided to wear it like that then She grabbed her bag and her
keys before going down. She paused when she saw the guard’s standing in the
living room waiting for her then she let out a groan. Zane was insufferable.
As they walked into the mall, all eyes were on her because of the four guards
walking behind her. If it weren’t for what she was wearing, some would have
mistaken her for royalty.
Any shop she walked into, they followed her and didn’t even allow her to buy
anything with her money because Zane had given them money to spend on her.
“I have to use the toilet. You wait here” She said to the guards then walked into
the toilet, closing the door behind her.
She glanced around for a window she could slip out of and smirked when she
saw the window but the side. She walked towards it and was about to climb out
when she gasped with her eyes wide. Standing just outside the window was one
of the guards with his arms folded.
“Alpha Zane said you might do this and he was right. Go back inside miss” She
sighed then closed the window before letting out a huff.
She was too ashamed to walk out of the bathroom and see the guard that had
caught her but after a while, she walked out and cleared her throat.
“I want to go back home. Can we leave?” They nodded then let her out of the
Kiara instantly noticed a van as they walked towards the car in the parking lot.
The van gave her some kind of sinister vibe and she concluded that it just had to
be the kidnappers but there was no way they could take her with these guards.

Just then, one of the guards fell to the ground with a groan while holding his neck
and just like that, he fainted. The other two tried covering her with their body but
the same thing happened to them as well.
Kiara’s eyes widened and she was about to run away when two hefty men
appeared in front of her. Before she could react, one of them Injected her with
something that instantly made her insides burn.
She fell to the ground screaming in pain and one of them just picked her up and
they both ran towards the van…

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