Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 120

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 120
Daniel’s eyes immediately widened when Heather barged into the hospital room
with Liam behind her.
“Heather” He breathed out but she didn’t even turn to him because her sole
attention was on Kiara.
Heather gasped lightly then ran over to Kiara’s side and grabbed her hand.
“What the hell happened to you? Are you okay? I heard you were kidnapped? By
who? I thought Zane had some men watching over you?” Kiara giggled at how
worried Heather sounded.

“There’s no need for you to worry anymore, I’m better now” Heather pouted.
“I feel so bad. Maybe if I hadn’t left you, you…”
“Don’t think that, there’s nothing you could have done. Let’s all just be glad that
I’m safe and sound” Heather sighed then wrapped her arms not too tightly
around Kiara’s body so as not to hurt her.
After a while, she pulled away with a sigh.
“I still feel bad for leaving though. I just wanted to clear my head” Kiara nodded.
“I understand perfectly so you don’t have to explain. Can I rest now? I’m really
tired” Zane immediately moved closer to her and helped Kiara lay back on the
bed comfortably then covered her with the blanket.
“Can you all excuse us? Kiara should probably take a nap now” He muttered.
Heather and Levi were hesitant to leave but after seeing Zane wasn’t going to let
them stay no matter what they said, they all walked out of the room.
As soon as they got out, Levi excused himself to pick up a phone call, leaving
Daniel, Heather and Liam together.
An awkward silence was exchanged between them till Daniel let out a sigh.
“So how have you both been?” He questioned turning Liam’s attention to him but
Heather refused to look at him.
“We were doing just fine till this happened. How did she get kidnapped
anyways?” Daniel sighed.
”It’s a long story” His eyes trailed towards Heather who still refused to stare at
him then he let out a sigh.

“Can I talk to you for a second, Heather? There are a lot of things I’d like to say
to you before but you took off before I could say them” Liam frowned then
wrapped his arms around her shoulder and pulled her closer.
“She doesn’t want to talk to you and if you have anything to say to her, you can
say it in front of me, can’t you?” Daniel frowned.
“No, I can’t. This is between Heather and I so I’d appreciate it if you stopped
butting into our business” At that moment, Heather turned to him with a frown.
“You and I have no business together, Daniel” He frowned and at that moment he
wanted to punch the smirk off Liam’s face.
“I know. After this, I won’t disturb you again. After this, I’ll accept the fact that
you chose Liam over me but please, just let me talk to you” She eyed him
suspiciously then after a while, she let out a sigh and turned to Liam.
“I’ll just talk to him for a while and be back before you know it” Liam frowned.
“I don’t want you talking to him,” Daniel rolled his eyes.
“That’s not for you to decide, Liam” Liam clenched his fist while Heather turned to
Daniel with a glare.
“Please don’t butt in on our conversation” Daniel frowned at her words but didn’t
butt in any further. She turned to Liam and grabbed his hand.
“I’ll be with you in a second, okay? I won’t take long” Liam stared into her eyes
for a while then glanced at Daniel before placing a kiss on her lips.
“You are mine?” She smiled at him then nodded.
“I am yours” He smiled then placed another kiss on her lips before walking away

When he was far enough, She took a deep breath before turning to Daniel who
had a sad and dejected look on his face.
“What did you want to say?” He let out a sigh that held so much pain, it made her
breath hitch.
“I guess… I guess there’s not room anymore for me in your heart then?” She
didn’t say anything and just pursed her lips.
“I never understood this phrase but it is true. You never know just how much
something means to you till it’s gone. I’m happy that you’re happy and I won’t
want to come in between you and Liam anymore but I just want you to know that
I love you. That night we spent together was…”
“Please don’t talk about that, it was a mistake” She immediately uttered with
wide eyes but Daniel ignored her.
“That night we made love is a night I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. At least I
got to hold you and think of you as mine for a while” She didn’t say anything and
just kept staring at him but her heart was beating wildly.
“Can I hug you?” He questioned and she bit her lower lip.
“I’m sorry but Liam won’t like…” She gasped when he wrapped his arms around
her and pulled her closer.
“I don’t care what Liam’s likes or doesn’t, I asked you not him” He murmured
then hugged her tightly. She wanted to hug him back but then she decided
against it. She needed to move on from her chapter with Daniel.
After a while, he pulled away and stared into her face then he let out a smile
before letting go of her and walking away.

As she watched him, her heart ached more than she had expected it to. He had
finally given up on her, isn’t that what she had wanted from the start? Then why
was she feeling this way?
She groaned as she dragged her hand along her face. She turned around and
her eyes widened when she found Liam standing behind her with a frown on his
face. She smiled then wrapped his arms around her.
“Did you miss me?” But he just kept staring into her eyes with an unfathomable
expression on his face. A frown appeared on her face as she stared at him.
“Is… is something wrong?”
“You made love to him?”…

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