Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 113

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 113
Levi’s father went silent on the other side.
“Excuse me? What did you just say?” Levi raised his chin. Kiara had told him to
stand up for himself and that was exactly what he was going to do. His father
couldn’t control him anymore.
“That mafia was left behind for me by my mother and you have no right to run it
at my expense. I’ll be coming to Italy to stake my claim in a few days and there’s
absolutely nothing you can do about it” Then he hung up and took a deep breath.
That had to be one of the hardest things he had ever done in his life but it was
totally worth it.

He smiled as a wave of confidence suddenly washed over him. This was the
start of a new era for him. He wasn’t going to be a coward again so he could
make Kiara proud.
Just then, his phone ran and he thought it was going to be his father but it was
his brother, Sebastian. He sighed then picked.
“Are you here to taunt me, Brother?” Levi said into the phone and Sebastian
“Why would I taunt you when you made us all proud just now by standing up to
Dad?” Levi’s eyes widened slightly.
“You were all there?” Sebastian chuckled.
“No but father can’t stop talking about it which means you really got under his
skin even more than usual” Levi sighed.
“It’s time I fight for my rights because I can’t continue being a coward,”
Sebastian laughed.
“It’s good to know you know you’re being a coward” Levi rolled his eyes.
“The point is I’ll be coming to Italy soon to get my title and father isn’t going to be
able to stop me”
“I believe in you brother but just know I’m breaking your arm when you get here.
Shits still hurt and it turned out we did all that for nothing because I heard you’re
not helping us get into Zane’s pack?” Levi sighed.
“My mother does deserve to be avenged but not this way. He wants to kill
innocent lives that had nothing to do with my mother’s death and I don’t think
that’s right” Sebastian chuckled.

“You can’t be a weak leader, Levi” He rolled his eyes.
“Being compassionate doesn’t make me weak, Sebastian. We are just going to
cause a war if we raid the wolves” Sebastian sighed.
“Let’s just hope it all goes exactly how you want it and take care of yourself and
that girl. She might need the protection more than you do because father knows
she is the only way to get to you and Zane” Levi nodded.
“I understand”
“And hey, Just because we follow father’s orders doesn’t mean we don’t care
about you but we are just like you, scared. He’s a dangerous man and we just
found it easier to listen to him. I’m glad you want to stand up to him though and
maybe there’s a brighter future for all of us” Levi smiled slightly.
“Yeah, goodbye brother” Then he hung up before letting out a sigh. He wouldn’t
be able to protect Kiara when he goes back to Italy and he knew the only way
they would be able to defeat his father was to fight him with his own technique
and Levi knew exactly what to do”
Heather sighed as she held onto Liam’s hand.
“Are you really mad at me? What did I do wrong this time?” He scoffed then
turned to her.
“What did you do wrong? You disrespected me. I get that he was in a vulnerable
state but did you really have to look at him with so much love? Did you really
have to hold his hand? I thought you wanted me?”
“I do, Liam!” She screamed. He shook his head with a hurt look in his eyes.
“Well your action speaks louder than words and I can see that you will never love
me as much as your love Daniel” He muttered then he walked away leaving her

standing there, speechless.
After a while, she squatted and began to cry. Why was all this happening to her?
Why couldn’t she just make up her mind? She didn’t want to be with Daniel but
her heart, her heart still longed for him.
Her feelings were all over the place and she didn’t want it to be. She stood up
and ran after Liam.
“Liam wait!” She called out while running to him and he paused before turning to
her. She caught up to him and grabbed his hand before placing a kiss on his lips.
“Take me away. Take me somewhere far away where it can only be me and you”
He stared at her for a while.
“Are…. Are you sure?” She nodded.
“I already told you I wanted to be with you and I meant it. You are the right
choice for me” He smiled then placed a kiss on her lips.
“Okay, I’ll take you far away to a place only you and I can be with each other” He
murmured then took her hand as they walked away. Heather wasn’t following her
heart this time around but her mind and she did enjoy her time with Liam and
liked him. Hopefully, with this little vacation, she would end up falling in love with
him and forgetting Daniel.
Kiara sighed as she placed her phone in her pocket.
“She’s not answering my calls so maybe she’s busy with Liam” That made Daniel
frown then he sat up.

“I need to see her, I want to see her” He muttered and was about to climb out of
the bed but Zane stopped him.
“What you need is to rest,” Daniel frowned.
“But she needs to know how sorry I am and how much I love her. I can’t bear
seeing her with Liam anymore” Zane sighed then sat down on the bed.
“I’m not good at giving advice because if it was me, I’ll be out of the room and
going to drag Kiara away from whoever’s she’s with but you know why you
shouldn’t do that? Because Heather needs to decide for herself. Unlike Kiara,
Heather likes you and Liam and she’s finding it hard to decide between the two
of you. Who does she want to be with? That’s a question she needs to answer
herself” Daniel frowned at the same time Kiara’s phone beeped.
She brought it out and her eyes widened when she saw the message Heather
had sent her and she read it out.
[Sorry,my phone was in airplane mode. I just wanted to tell you that Liam and I
are going for a vacation for a while and I don’t know when we’ll be back but you
can call me whenever and I’ll surely pick up. I love you] Daniel immediately
frowned. So she chose Liam after all…

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