Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 112

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 112
They tried asking the nurses what was going on but they refused to answer
them, claiming they didn’t know what was going on as well.
After a while, the doctor came out of the emergency ward with a sigh.
“Good news, he’s okay now. It was a hard battle because he was slashed in
places that take the longest to heal but he was fighting for his life and is finally
stable” They all heaved a sigh of relief but Heather’s own was the loudest. She
sat back down on her chair and thanked the Moon goddess for listening to her
“Can we see him now?” Zane questioned and the doctor nodded.

“Yes but he isn’t awake yet but he should be waking up soon. Please excuse me”
Then the doctor walked away.
“I would like to see him,” Heather uttered, then walked into the emergency ward
before anyone could stop her. Liam frowned then immediately went after her,
leaving Zane, Kiara and Levi alone with each other.
“I should probably leave now. I’m glad he’s okay” Levi spoke and Kiara turned to
him then she grabbed his hand which made Zane frown.
“Remember what I told you, okay?” He nodded with a smile then she let go of his
hand and he walked away.
“What did you tell him?” Zane questioned and she rolled her eyes before turning
to him.
Must I tell you everything? Let’s go check up on Daniel” Then she walked away
leaving Zane standing there with a pout. Why was she so mean to him these
He sighed then walked into the room as well. He furrowed his eyebrows when he
saw Heather holding onto Daniel’s hand while Liam was standing behind her with
a frown on his face. Heather seemed to have forgotten that Liam was even in the
room and they made Liam visibly angry especially because Heather and Daniel
had history together.
“I’m leaving” Liam muttered then walked out of the room which brought Heather’s
attention to him. She sighed then stood up from the bed before turning to Kiara.
“I’ll go meet Liam, please tell me when Daniel wakes up” Kiara nodded then they
watched as she walked out of the room before Kiara let out a sigh.
“You men are so easy to make insecure, you know?” Kiara muttered as she sat
down on the couch. Zane scoffed as he walked up to her.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He questioned.
“Liam is insecure and that’s what’s going to push Heather away” Zane furrowed
his brow.
“He has the right to be insecure, Kiara. Heather and Daniel had history together
and she was busy holding his hand? That’s the highest level of disrespect to Liam
and I get why he’s mad” Kiara raised an eyebrow. She didn’t expect Zane to be
so passionate about it.
“So you are mad at me because I held onto Levi’s hand? Is that what you’re
trying to say?” He sighed then sat down beside her.
“I know that you don’t have any feelings for Levi and that’s why I don’t lose my
shit when you’re with Levi but that doesn’t mean I like it when you hold or touch
him. Imagine there was a girl you know liked me and I held her hand, hugged her
and even cared about her as much as you care for Levi. How would you feel?”
She frowned when she thought about it.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t… I didn’t realize it. I see Levi as my child, you know? So when
I touch or hold him, I mean nothing by it” Zane nodded.
“And that’s why I don’t feel threatened but I still don’t like it” She nodded.
”I’ll minimize the way I hold him then ” She leaned in and placed a kiss on his lips
at her the same time Daniel groaned slightly. They immediately stood up and
walked over to him.
“Are you okay? Daniel?” Zane questioned as Daniel slowly opened his eyes.
“Am I dead?” Zane scoffed.
“Do you really think Kiara would go to hell with us?” Kiara rolled her eyes.

“What happened? Why did the monster come to you?” He sighed.
“I have no clue. I was just getting ready to leave the house when it bursted into
my house and began attacking me. I really thought I was going to die because
that monster was hard to fight. Everything I did, it did it ten times faster. I felt like
it could have killed me instantly but it didn’t want to. It was like it was warning me
but against what?” Daniel muttered with furrowed eyebrows.
“All I got from this is that the monster had to be someone close to us. Not
everyone knows where you live and the only people that know that are the ones
close to us. Not even everyone in the pack knows” Daniel nodded in agreement.
“I thought about that too. Something else I noticed was that the monsters way of
fighting was like the combination of three of us. You, I and Liam which I found
very weird” Zane nodded slowly.
“Then it had to be someone that knew us personally” Daniel nodded.
“I’m going to keep my eyes on everyone and see who is acting weird. I don’t
want to blame anyone yet but I have my suspicions” Zane muttered.
“Who?” Kiara questioned and he shook his head then pulled her closer.
“I don’t want you getting involved so it’s better if you stay out of this matter”
Kiara frowned. Why was he treating her like a child?
“Where… where is Heather? I can smell her scent so I know that she was
definitely in here before” Daniel muttered and Zane nodded.
“She just left with Liam to calm him down” Daniel frowned.
“Kiara, can you please tell her to come in? I really need to see her” Kiara
nodded, then called Heather.

Levi sat down in his car for what felt like an hour before finally picking up his
phone and dialing his father’s number. It ran several times before he finally
picked up.
“What do you want?” Levi clenched his fist.
“I’m not helping you gain access to Zane’s pack anymore. I don’t want to be a
part of this” His father was silent for a while but then he laughed.
“You are such a coward, Levi. I knew you were going to do this and you wonder
why I can’t let you run the mafia? You’ll ruin all my hard work” Levi scoffed.
“My mother worked hard for that mafia, not you so you have no right over it

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