Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 111

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 111
Kiara went silent as she stared at Levi with wide eyes.
“Wh…What?” Levi turned to her.
“My father hates your kind with everything in him and he hates me too because
he thinks I’m also the cause of my mother’s death” She frowned.
“What was your mother’s connection with a wolf? Why did they kill her?” Levi
“Anytime I asked, I would just get beaten up so I stopped asking” Her frown

“You have to understand something, Levi. Wolves are like humans, there are
good and bad ones. Maybe your mother got tangled up with the bad ones” He
“I don’t know but my father hates your kind and wishes to kill every single one of
you” She furrowed her eyebrows. Why did it seem like Levi was trying to tell her
something but he didn’t want to say it directly?
She placed her hand on his shoulder with a smile on her face.
“You are a good person, Levi” He scoffed.
“And how are you so sure about that?” She smiled.
“Because I believe I know you well enough to know if you’re good or not and I’ve
concluded that you’re a good person. Don’t let your father control you and act on
your own. You need to understand that wolves are like humans, they have
families and they have goals. Do you understand?” He turned to her then nodded.
“I understand” She didn’t understand why she felt like a mother anytime she
talked to Levi before but now she understood that it was because he never got
to experience a mother’s love. She saw him like a child in need of a mother’s
love and now she understood why.
He had been bullied all his life by his father and she wished she could do
something to hurt him but he had to stand up to his father by himself.
She wrapped her arms around him and he froze. He was not expecting it.
“I’m always here if you need to talk about anything at all. You’re not alone
anymore because you have me and Heather now” He smiled softly.
“If you keep talking like this, I’m going to love you even more” She ignored his
words and just hugged him tightly because she felt like he needed it.

After a while, he hugged her back and let out a sigh of contentment. It was time
for him to do what was right.
Zane was flipping through some paperwork in his office when his secretary
walked in.
“What seems to be the problem?” He questioned.
“Some of the board of directors want to speak with you on something” He sighed
and was about to reply when he heard Daniel’s voice in his head.
[It’s here, come quick!] Zane immediately stood up from his chair with his eyes
“Cancel everything for the day” He uttered to his secretary then grabbed his
things and key before walking out of the office.
Everyone made sure to give him space as he walked down the hall hurriedly. He
got into his car and drove down to Daniel’s house.
When he got there, he noticed the door had the monster’s structure on it. He
climbed down from the car and immediately ran inside. When he got in, his eyes
widened when he saw Daniel laying on his own blood on the ground,
He immediately ran towards him and checked his pulse then lifted him in his arms
and carried him into his car before driving off to a hospital that only treated
“Help him now!” He screamed as he walked into this hospital with Daniel in his
arms. Some nurses Immediately rushed forward and placed Daniel on a
stretcher before rushing him into the emergency ward.

Zane followed them from behind but they didn’t let him in so he just paced the
front of the ward. The monster went after Daniel? Why?
He brought his phone and called Kiara because he needed her here to calm him
down. She picked after the second ring.
“Come down to the creek hospital, I need you” She gasped.
“Hospital? Are you okay, my love? Why are you in the hospital?” He sighed.
“Daniel was attacked by the monster so I took him to the hospital”
“I’ll be there in ten minutes” Then she hung up.
Minutes later, Heather was the first to arrive with Liam beside her. Zane knew
Kiara would tell Heather about this so he wasn’t surprised to see her.
“What happened to Daniel? Is he okay?” Liam questioned with his eyes wide.
“I don’t know yet, the doctors haven’t come out” Liam sighed as he ran his
fingers through his hair.
“Gosh. Why did the monster go after him?” Zane would like to also know the
answer to that question. Heather just stood there quietly, staring at the door of
the emergency ward.
“Daniel, I hope you’re safe” She murmured in her heart then let out a sigh.
Some minutes later, Kiara arrived and Zane frowned when he saw Levi behind
her. Why was he here?

“Levi had to drive me here” He uttered as if reading Zane’s thoughts then he
turned to Heather and went to sit Down next to her first.
“Are you okay?” Heather nodded.
“Yeah, I just hope he’s okay” Heather nodded then hugged her.
“He is going to be okay,” Zane frowned.
“I called you here for me, not for anyone else” And she rolled her eyes before
standing up from the seat and walking over to him. He grabbed her waist and
placed her on his lap and kissed her neck then he let out a sigh.
“I hope he’s okay” She caressed his face.
“I believe he is,” Levi immediately turned away when they began to kiss. Why did
they have to do that in front of him?
As if noticing he was there, Kiara pulled away from Zane then briefly glanced at
Just then, they all stood up as the nurses rushed out with bandages filled with
blood and they seemed to be panicking. What was going on?…

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