Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 114

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 114
After that, Kiara and Zane went back home because Daniel said he wanted to be
alone so they left.
“Where are you taking me?” Kiara questioned when she noticed he wasn’t driving
towards the house Levi had given her.
“Heather is gone now so it’s only fair you move in with me now, right?” She
“You didn’t even bother asking me first,” Zane chuckled.
“What were you going to say? No?” She rolled her eyes.

“You are such a jerk sometimes, do you know that?” He nodded.
“Of course. It’s one of my specialties in life” She rolled her eyes but a smile
appeared on her face then she sighed.
“I’m worried about Heather, Zane. I know she’s finding it hard to decide between
which man she wants and there taking a toll on her” Zane sighed.
“That’s the disadvantage of liking two people at once. I mean look at me, I’ve
only liked one girl in my life and she’s sitting next to me right now” She rolled her
“Not everything has to be about us, Zane. I’m really worried about her” Zane
“Listen, both Daniel and Liam are great men and she would be happy with
whichever one she ends up with, okay? And on this Vacation, I can guarantee
you that Liam is going to treat her like a queen so don’t worry, okay?” Kiara
sighed then relaxed herself into the chair and found herself falling asleep.
When they got to Zane’s house, he didn’t bother waking her up and just carefully
carried her up straight to the room.
He placed her gently on the bed when her phone began to ring. He Immediately
pulled it out of her pocket and frowned when he saw the caller id. Why was Levi
He walked out of the room so he wouldn’t wake Kiara up before picking up the
“What do you want? Kiara is asleep so call her back tomorrow morning”
“No, wait. I wanted to speak with you, not her” Zane furrowed his eyebrows.

“Why? I don’t do men” He heard Levi let out a sigh.
“Even if I did men, I would never do you” Zane chuckled.
“What do you want? I don’t have all day”
“I need you to be extra watchful of Kiara these next few days. I’ll be going to
Italy to claim the mafia and during the days I’m gone, Kiara will be in trouble”
Zane furrowed His eyebrows.
“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. She’s in trouble? Why? And why
does it concern her if you’re leaving or not?” Levi sighed again.
“Can you just listen and try to understand? My father will try to harm Kiara now
that I’m gone to anger me. I know you’re going to be with her 24/7 but just in
case, keep a close eye on her at all times because I won’t be able to forgive
myself if something happens to her”
“I’ll tear you to shreds if something does happen to her so you better hope
nothing does” Levi sighed.
“Goodbye, Zane and when I come back, you and I need to talk” Then he hug up
leaving Zane speechless. How dare he hang up on him? He’s the one that’s
supposed to hang up on him?
Zane scoffed then walked back into the room and got into bed with Kiara. No one
was going to hurt her as long as he was alive so Levi didn’t need to worry. She
was his to protect after all.
Daniel stared at his phone and contemplated on if he should call Heather or not.
She had blocked and deleted his number before but he had gotten a new one
and had immediately saved her number. He knew that sounded wrong but he
couldn’t help it. Now he knew how Zane felt when Kiara was with Levi? It was so
fucking painful.

After a while of contemplating, Daniel dialed her number and placed the phone on
his ear. He really didn’t expect her to pick since Heather hardly picked unknown
numbers but after the third ring, she picked up.
“Hello?” He breathed in then a frown appeared on her face.
“You left me, you chose him” She was quiet for a while.
“Please don’t call me anymore, I’m with Liam and he doesn’t like us
communicating with each other” Daniel sighed.
“So he’s controlling you now?”
“Of course not. Just leave me alone, Daniel. I just want to have a stress free
Vacation with Liam so please, don’t call this number again” Then she hung up and
let out a sigh.
She turned around and saw Liam standing behind her with a smile on his face.
He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her.
“Thank you for respecting me, I really appreciate it” She giggled.
“I’m with you and I want to be loyal to you only” He smiled then placed a kiss on
her lips.
“Do you know I used to be so jealous of Daniel because he had you?” Her eyes
widened slightly.
“Really?” He nodded.
“My mate died before I even had the chance to fall in love with her so I already
accepted the fact that I was going to die alone but I fell for you Instantly because
you had all the qualities I loved in a girl. You were funny, carefree, beautiful and
very intelligent. When Daniel would tell me about all the things you came up with

and some things you said, I’ll be so impressed by how smart you sounded. Just
so you know, I fell in love with you first but I wasn’t mad when Daniel began
dating you because you guys were mates and it won’t be fair to him if I told him
not to date you but I hated seeing you both together and that’s why you never
really knew me but I’m hoping that you can get to know me now and get to love
me too” She wrapped her arms around his shoulder with a smile on her face.
“You’re a good person, Liam and you make me happy and that’s all that matters
to me. I just want to be happy and be showered with love” Be chuckled.
“Well good thing I know how to do that. Where do you want to go for this
Vacation?” She tilted her head as she thought about it.
“Hmm I don’t really know. Why don’t you surprise me?” He kissed her lips.
“Okay. Will you let me touch you now?” He murmured as his hands moved down
to her butt cheeks and gave it a light squeeze. She moaned lightly then nodded.
“Yes, touch me wherever you please” He smiled then pressed his lips on hers
while moving her slowly towards the bed.
She gasped softly as he pushed her Down the bed and immediately climbed on
top of her.
“I won’t be gentle this time” And he really wasn’t…

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