Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 103

“Don’t pick up Miss Heather” She jumped with a gasp then turned to the voice
with wide eyes and saw the butler staring at her. He bowed his head at her while
she held onto her chest.
“You almost gave me a heart attack” She uttered. He bowed his head.
“My apologies but Mr Medici doesn’t like it when anyone touches his phone” She
nodded slowly still rubbing her chest then she placed the phone back on the
table. It had stopped ringing anyway.
“Can you call the guards so they can take him into his room? He can’t sleep
here” The Butler nodded.

Of course miss Heather, I’ll do that. You can go rest” She nodded with a smile
then patted Levi’s back softly before going upstairs.
She walked into her room and closed the door behind her before walking
towards her bed and plopping down on it. For some reason, she found the
Butler’s reaction kind of strange but the feeling immediately disappeared when
she heard her phone ringing.
She glanced at it in her hand and she frowned when she saw the Caller Id. Why
was Daniel calling her?
She rolled her eyes and decided to ignore it but it kept on ringing. She groaned
then picked up.
“What do you want, Daniel?” She said into the phone with an annoyed look on
her face.
“I missed you and I wanted to hear your voice” She rolled her eyes.
“Okay you have heard it now bye”
“Wait Heather” He said hurriedly before she could hang up. She took a deep
breath then let out a sigh.
“What is it? I don’t have all night” She heard him sigh.
“Why are you pushing me away now when I want you? Isn’t this what you’ve
always wanted so why? Why are you pushing me away?” She frowned.
“Because I don’t trust you and I know you don’t love me. You just want to use me
for sex and I won’t allow that”
“That’s where you have gotten it all wrong, Heather. I love you and I realized I
made a mistake. I realized it was a mistake the minute you left but now, I love

you even more than I did before. You just have to give me a chance to prove that
to you” She went quiet because she didn’t know what to say. He might just be
saying it, how was she so sure he meant it?
As if reading her thoughts, he uttered.
“If you don’t trust me then let me prove just how much I love you. I’ll set up a
date just for the two of us and I’ll come pick you up tonight. How does that
sound?” She frowned.
“I… I can’t. I’m staying with Liam at his house today” Daniel immediately went
silent. She couldn’t even hear his breathing.
“Why?” She sighed.
“Because I’m with him, not you”
“Heather, I’m begging you. Please just give me a chance then you can make your
decision and I’ll never disturb you and Liam again, I give you my word. Please”
She sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair out of confusion.
“I’ll see how tomorrow goes then I’ll tell you if I have time or not”
“Okay, thank you and I love you,even though I know you don’t believe me but by
the end of tomorrow, we’ll both remember why we loved each other so much in
the past” She clenched her fist then let out a sigh before hanging up.
He was the one that needed to remember because she remembered why she
loved him, why she loved him with everything in her. She remembered everything
but him, it seemed he didn’t.
She sighed as she threw her phone to the side. Did she really want to take this
risk or just be on the safe side with Liam?

Kiara woke up with a stretch the next morning and began to giggle when Zane
continued peppering kisses on every inch of her face.
“What do you think you’re doing?” She questioned, still giggling and he paused to
stare at her face with a smile on her face.
“I’m just worshiping the goddess beside me. The mood goddess has nothing on
you,my love” Kiara smiled then placed a kiss on his lips.
“If I’m a goddess then does that make you a god?” He shook his head with a
“Not a god, your god just like you’re my goddess” She chuckled then pinched his
cheek slightly.
“I see you are as cheeky as always” He laughed.
“Well only for you, my love” She smiled then snuggled into his chest.
“Do you have anything to do today?” She questioned and Zane let out a sigh.
Daniel and I are going to check out a site today but I’ll be back soon” She
“You can take your time because I’m going to work today” She froze.
“Work?” She nodded.
“Yes. This house isn’t free, you know? And I miss interior designing. I have a
vision for Levi’s company and I can’t wait to get started” Zane sighed.
“But I can pay for this house, you know? In fact, you can just move in with me.
That house belongs to you and I” She pulled away from him and sat up straight
with a sigh.

“If you want me, you’ll have to take Heather as well” Zane frowned.
“Can’t she stay here alone?” She shook her head.
“Heather is my moral support so unless she wants to stay on her own, I won’t be
leaving her alone” Zane sighed.
“Then she can stay with Liam or Daniel, anyone she fucking ends up with. Their
houses are close to mine so you can still be with her. I just want you and I alone
in that house, Kiara. That was the vision we both had, remember? With mini you
and mini me running around” She frowned. That was something she couldn’t
forget but…
“I don’t want children anymore, Zane” His eyes widened. That was something he
never thought he’d hear Kiara say.

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