Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 102

Levi raised an eyebrow.
“Really? Why?” She sighed.
“What do you mean why? Haven’t you tried cooking for Kiara before?” Levi
“Well yeah but I thought you were with Daniel now” Her heart thumped in her
chest as soon as he said that. She turned to him with wide eyes.
“What…h…how?” He tilted his head at her.
“You do know this is my house and I get Informed on anything that goes on? I
was told he came to pick you up last night and left in his car so I thought maybe

you both have gotten back together” She groaned as she tugged at her hair. Levi
stared at her worriedly then grabbed her hand.
“Are you okay or did something happen that you’re not telling me about?” She
sighed as she raised her head.
“I made a very big mistake yesterday, Levi. I don’t know what came over me
yesterday. I didn’t mean to call Daniel because I’m with Liam” Levi nodded
“Did something happen between you and Daniel last night?” She nodded.
“We had sex” He sighed.
“This is a pretty simple matter. Who do you really like? Daniel or Liam because it
seems to me, you like Daniel despite him being a jerk like you always say. Your
heart must have been yearning for him and that’s why you called him last night”
She sighed.
“How do I get my heart to stop loving him? I don’t want to love him because I’ll
always end up hurt. He doesn’t care about me as much as Liam does and I
honestly like Liam too. He treats me like a queen and..”
“Facts still remain that your heart beats for another” A sad smile appeared on
Levi’s face as soon as he said that.
“No matter what Liam does, as long as your heart still beats for Daniel, he’s
never going to have a chance with you” She frowned.
“There has to be a way? I don’t want to love Daniel” Levi sighed.
“You know Liam is just like me, we are both just rebounds used to forget the
ones you ladies actually love. I know Kiara said our relationship was never going
to work but I tried my best to make her love me, I did everything yet, she still

went back to Zane. I won’t say it doesn’t hurt because it does, it’s hurts so much
but I’ve come to realize that as long as Zane is in the picture, she’s never going
to love me” Heather placed her hand on his shoulder as she stared at him with
“I’m still rooting for you and I believe you’re the right Choice but I had a feeling
she was going to go back to Zane. I don’t want to be saying this in front of you
but Kiara loves Zane to death. Even after her child died, she had asked me to go
get Zane because he had to be there for his child’s burial but I knew she wanted
him there for emotional support. I had to remind her that he was the reason why
her child died in the first place and that she should forget about him” Levi sighed.
“That means I don’t have a chance then? I should just give up?” Heather grabbed
his hand.
“You just have to keep trying. If you love her, keep showering her with love and
maybe a miracle can happen. Kiara does care about you and I’m actually
shocked at how much she does. Use that to your advantage” Levi nodded slowly.
“I’ll try my best. What about you? What are you going to do about your situation
with Daniel and Liam? They’re friends right? What if Daniel ends up telling Liam?”
Her eyes widened slightly.
“He won’t dare because he knows it was a mistake. I don’t care if my heart is in
love with Daniel, I’m going for Liam because he makes me feel loved and that’s
all that matters to me at this point” Levi nodded and was about to say something
when his phone suddenly rang.
She immediately picked up when she saw the Caller Id.
“Girl, you totally forgot about me because you and Zane are back together now,
huh?” She heard Kiara chuckle.

“Of course not. I’ve just been busy today. I uhh… I went to the pack with Zane
today” Heather glanced at Levi to see if he heard that before excusing herself
and walking towards a more secluded place.
“Why? Why did you go there?” Kiara sighed.
“The pack was attacked so Zane had to go see what’s going on” Heather
nodded slowly. That explains why Liam left her in such a haste.
“Oh? I hope everyone is okay?”
“Yeah no one was Injured but guess who I saw?” Heather tilted her head.
“My mother” Heather gasped with her hand over her mouth. She totally forgotten
what Kiara had breathing parents.
“Did she say anything to you?” Kiara scoffed.
“She said a lot. Come visit me tomorrow? I miss you and I’d like to talk to you in
person” Heather smiled.
“You are finally missing me huh?” Kiara rolled her eyes.
“I have been missing you. Come, will you?” Heather sighed.
“After I’m done with Liam, I’ll come” Kiara scoffed.
“So Liam is more important than I am?” Heather chuckled.
“No one Is more important than you but I already made a promise to him that’ll
visit his house and cook for him” Kiara squealed.
“I’m glad that you guys seem to be taking your relationship far. He does really
seem to like you” Heather smiled.

“We’ll talk tomorrow, right?”
“Yeah, goodbye” Then Kiara hung up. She sighed then walked back to dining
table and found Levi sleeping. She sighed as she walked up to him and tapped
his shoulder but he was out cold.
She couldn’t help but notice how stressed his looked. She was about to call
some guards to come carry him up to his room when his phone rang. She
glanced at the caller Id and saw that it was an Italian word so it must have been
someone from his hometown.
She grabbed the phone mad contemplated if she should pick up or not..

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