Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 101

Her mother’s eyes widened.
“A…Alpha” He glared at her.
“Do you know she’s the only reason why I haven’t killed you and your husband? If
I were you, I’d be thankful to her” Her mother pursed her lips then crawled over
to Zane and grabbed his leg.
“Samantha didn’t mean any harm by what she did. Although I don’t support her,
can’t you both find it in your hearts to forgive her? I’ve not heard from my
daughter for weeks now” Kiara frowned.
“What about me? You didn’t hear from me for two and half years but did you
even care?” Kiara couldn’t believe that this woman was her mother. There had to

be a mistake somewhere.
“Am I even your daughter? Because you or father don’t treat me like one. All my
life I’ve been like a stranger to you both” Her mother scoffed.
“That’s because you were the cause of our downfall, Kiara. The minute I had
you, everything went downhill for your father and I. We just kept looking one thing
after another mad The Alpha at that time won’t even give us a steady Job and
we had you to take care of. We suffered a lot because of you but as soon as we
gave birth to Samantha, she was like a blessing. Everything turned right and we
gained back the life we used to have” Kiara scoffed but the pain in her eyes was
so evident.
“So I was a misfortune to my own parents? That’s why you both hated me so
much? I can’t believe it. You could have just killed me as a child if I was such a
burden then!” She screamed out in anger then stormed off.
Zane stared down at her mother with disgust.
“How can you say that about your own daughter? You should be ashamed of
yourself. You better hope she’s not crying or I’m coming back here and making
sure you’ll regret your decisions for the rest of your life” Her mother gasped as
her face instantly turned white. He rolled her eyes then ran after Kiara.
“Kiara?” He called out but got no reply in return. He called out for the second
time but still no response.
He sighed and was about to yell out her name when he caught her scent. He
followed it and found her seated on a boulder.
He immediately walked up to her and grabbed her hand as he stared at her face
“Are you okay? If you want I can go teach her a lesson and…” Kiara chuckled

“That won’t be necessary. They were dead to me already. I just didn’t expect her
to say something like that but it’s all cool, I’m over it already” His kissed her
forehead then the tip of her nose.
“Okay my love. Let’s go back home?” She nodded then he helped her down from
the boulder and they both walked out of the woods.
By the time they got back to Kiara’s house, she had already fallen asleep. He
parked the car in front of the house then turned to her. A smile appeared on his
face and he found himself staring at her for what felt like hours. Gosh, he could
do this all day. She was perfect and she was his again.
After a while, he decided to take her into the house since she seemed
uncomfortable sleeping on the car seat.
He carried towards the room they had had sex last night and placed her on the
bed gently then covered her with the blanket since it was getting cold and the Air
conditioner was on.
He helped her take off her shoe then her coat before taking off his and climbing
in next to her. He pulled her closer then placed a kiss on her forehead.
He stared at her face like he was engraving every bit of detail before he finally
fell asleep.
Heather smiled as soon as she saw Levi walking into the house.
“So how was work?” He smiled at her.
“It was stressful but I…”

“Great, come to the dining room so we can have dinner” He furrowed his
eyebrows as he followed her from behind.
“Why are you acting so weird, do you need something from me, Heather?” She
laughed awkwardly.
“I’m just worried and I want you to eat so come on, sit down and eat” He looked
even more confused. He glanced at the food on the table and they all looked
good, so good.
“Did you Poison this?” She rolled her eyes.
“Why would I poison you when you have done nothing wrong?” He raised an
“Oh so you only Poison those that do you wrong?” She tilted her head.
“Sometimes” He chuckled.
“Remind me never to double cross you” He muttered then sat down on the chair
while still staring at the food. He glanced at her and when he saw the bright smile
on her face, he became even more suspicious.
“Okay what’s in this because you’re acting so weird” She sighed as the smile
wiped off her face.
“Jeez dude. I prepared this food myself and I wanted to know how you felt about
it. I normally cook for Kiara and I but I wanted to cook for you for a change” His
eyes widened slightly. He hadn’t expected her to say that. He smiled at her then
took a bite of the stake in front of him.
His eyes immediately widened and he turned to her.

“What? Doesn’t it taste good? Tell me!” He took another bite and his eyes
“This is so delicious, have you ever considered opening a restaurant because this
is restaurant quality” She grinned.
“Really? Let me have a taste” She cut a little bit of the stake and placed It in her
mouth. Her eyes widened and she nodded.
“You are right, I am a very good chef. Eat the rest” He nodded.
“Gladly but I want to know why you really cooked for Tonight and you can’t tell
me it’s because you’re bored, Heather. We have stayed with each other for such
a short time but I believe I know you” She stared at him for a while then let out a
“I have to cook for Liam tomorrow and I’m so nervous. I need your help”

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