Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 100

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 100
As they walked into the pack, A wave of familiarity washed over Kiara. She held
onto Zane’s hand tightly as some people began giving her weird stares.
“Don’t worry, I’ll rectify everything soon so they won’t have to stare at you like
that” Zane uttered with a guilty look in his eyes. She smiled up at him then
interlocked their arms together as they walked towards Daniel and the rest.
As soon as they saw her, all their eyes widened.
“Alpha” They greeted as they bowed their heads. He nodded at them then turned
to Kiara.

“Why don’t you go sit on the bench and wait for me?” She tilted her head.
“I’d rather explore the pack for a little bit” He frowned.
“I’ll soon be done here and we can do that together” She giggled.
“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself and If I need your help, I’ll just mind link
you” He sighed then kissed her forehead before watching her walk away.
“So it is true? She didn’t cheat on you?” Leo commented with genuine confusion
on his face.
“No she didn’t, I was the jerk two years ago and yes, we are back together and
I’m making her Luna soon” They gasped while Liam and Daniel smiled.
“It was bound to happen” Liam commented and Daniel nodded in agreement.
“I think you should be thanking me? I was the one who told you to go to her”
Zane rolled his eyes.
“Can we talk about the problem at hand? Was anyone hurt?” Daniel shook his
“No. I’ve been training the wolves in this pack together with the others from
Raymond’s pack and I can honestly say that they can defend themselves now.
It’s not going to be easy to defeat us” Zane nodded proudly.
“Good but like you said, these ones weren’t here to draw blood but were here to
size us up. They may come back stronger so I want everyone to be on their
toes. It seems I’ll have to move back into the pack” Daniel sighed.
“I think our major focus should be on that monster. Though it seemed to have
disappeared, there’s no telling when it’ll suddenly appear” Zane nodded.

“You, I and Liam will focus on the monster. The pack is in your hand now, Leo.
I’m leaving you in charge but if you notice anything or if the hunters or the men
that came today attack again,make sure to inform me immediately” Leo bowed
his head.
“Of Course Alpha” He turned to Daniel.
“I’ll go find Kiara now” They nodded and watched as he walked away before
Daniel turned to Liam.
“Where were you this morning? With Heather” Liam nodded slowly.
“Yeah? You’ve got a problem with that” Daniel smirked.
“No not really” He patted Liam on the shoulder then walked away leaving Liam
confused. What was that supposed to mean?
Kiara sighed as the stares and murmurs were getting worse. She tried her best
to ignore them but some of them had begun pointing at her.
She decided to ignore them and kept walking till she found herself in front of the
house she had grown up in. Why was she there? She had no idea. They didn’t
even bother reaching out to her or anything so why was she here?
She sighed and was about to turn away when she heard an all too familiar voice
call out her name.
“Kiara, is that you?” She froze then slowly turned around to see the woman she
had called her mother all her life. Her mother had aged a lot in those two and
Kiara was sure it was due to stress and tiredness.
“Hey mother” She didn’t know why but calling her mother didn’t feel right
anymore. The woman in front of her wasn’t her mother anymore because a
mother won’t abandon their child just like that.

Her mother smiled then hurriedly walked up to her and wrapped her arms around
her tightly.
“My darling, it’s been so long I’ve seen you. I heard what happened, that
Samantha planned everything. I can’t believe how cruel your sister was to you”
Kiara scoffed.
“Well she wasn’t the only one cruel to me. Have you forgotten? You and father
abandoned me as well” Her mother frowned.
“That’s because you were going to ruin our reputation. How can our daughter be
a cheat? And at that time we thought you were really pregnant for another male
wolf. Our family would have the laughing stock in the whole pack” Kiara smiled
but there was no humor behind it.
“Oh really? So abandoning your daughter was the right choice? I don’t even care
and I don’t even know why I’m here” She was about to turn away but her mother
grabbed her hand.
“Wait Kiara, are you back with the Alpha?” Kiara sighed. She wasn’t even
surprised by that question. A normal mother would have asked how she has been
all these years and what had she been doing but of course her mother only cared
about connections.
“I don’t see how that’s any concern of yours. You and father disowned me two
years ago, remember? I hope the daughter you praised so much is making you
happy. Oh wait… she’s a fugitive now” Her mother’s expression turned ugly.
“How dare you? Samantha is in that position because of you. If you hadn’t stolen
her man… ” Kiara scoffed. Stolen her man? What the hell?
“You know what? I’m not listening to this bullshit” Kiara muttered and was about
to walk away but her mother grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back.

“Ow!” Kiara grimaced as she tried to pull her hair away from her mother but
then, a strong pair of arms enveloped her and her hair was suddenly free from
her mother’s hold.
She looked up and saw Zane glaring at her mother who was on the ground
staring at Zane with wide eyes.
“If you want to lose your arm and your life then do that again, I dare you”…

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