Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 104

“Can I ask why? You used to always want children so… so what happened?”
She turned to him with a frown.
“I lost my child” Zane’s eyes widened. He had a feeling it had something to do
with their dead son. She grabbed both her head and stared into her eyes.
“We lost our child due to my negligence, Kiara and I promise, if you get pregnant
again, we’ll have the best doctors and nurses watch over you so nothing can go
wrong” She shook her head.
“I don’t want to take that risk. If…if I lose my child again, I’m not going to be able
to get over it. I won’t get over it” He stared at her for a while then began
caressing her face.

“You are scared and it’s okay, it’s understandable because I’m scared as well but
Kiara, I know you want kids. You have always wanted kids. Are you going to let
this fear stop you from achieving that?” She stared up at him and he immediately
kissed away the lone tear that slipped down her face.
“I’m scared, Zane. I don’t think I can do it” He sighed then patted her hair.
“Don’t cry, okay? I won’t force you to do anything. We can always adopt or go
through surrogacy so there are a lot of options, okay?” She stared into his eyes
and knew even though he didn’t want to say it, he wanted her to carry their child.
She sighed then wrapped her arms around him.
“Let’s drop this topic for now, okay?” He nodded then hugged her tightly.
“Go get ready so I’ll drop you off at Levi’s office. If anything happens, call me
immediately” She nodded but was reluctant to pull away from the hug. She loved
his scent so much and just felt like burying her nose in his skin.
After a while, she had to pull away and stretch a little before standing up from
the bed and walking towards the bathroom. She made sure to close the door
behind her this time then turned on the shower and had her bath with a million
thoughts running through her head.
After she was done, she wrapped a towel around her body and hair before
walking out of the bathroom.
As soon as Zane saw her, a smile appeared on his face and he stood up from
the bed before walking towards her. She giggled as he wrapped his arms around
her and kissed the tip of her nose.
“We are not doing this right now, Zane. We both have somewhere to be” He

“I’ll be quick” She rolled her eyes.
“You are never quick, Zane. Besides I’ve already had my bath and I don’t want to
be sticky so let me go” She murmured as she pulled herself out of his hold and
ran out of the room to her room since the room they had been staying in was a
guest room.
Zane sighed then walked into the bathroom to have his bath. By the time he was
done, Kiara was dressed and was seated on the bed reading a novel to pass by
time. She dropped the book as she began to salivate over his naked body. Gosh,
she really made a mistake coming here to wait for him.
Noticing her stare, Zane let out a chuckle as he walked over to her.
“You like what you see right?” Her head was just directly opposite his cock and
she knew he knew what he was going because he kept jerking his waist forward.
She groaned and fell back on the bed.
“Stop trying to seduce me and get dressed” She muttered then closed her eyes.
He couldn’t seduce her if she couldn’t see.
Zane sighed as he stared down at her then he walked over the small luggage he
had packed yesterday when they were coming back from the pack. Today, he
decided to switch up colors and wear a gold silk shirt with his professionally
pressed dress pants.
When he was done, he turned to Kiara and saw that she was still lying in the
same way as before. He chuckled then walked up to her and tapped her thighs.
“I’m done, you can open your eyes now” She opened her eyes slowly and
heaved a sigh of relief when she saw he was really dressed.
She whistled lowly as she sat up straight.

“You are looking handsome, my love” He chuckled.
“When have I not looked handsome,my love?” She rolled her eyes. She forgot
Zane was a narcissist for a second.
She stood up from the bed and helped him button his shirt all the way to the top.
“I’m the only one allowed to see your body” She murmured and he chuckled
before nodding.
“Yes my love, you and you only” She smiled then stood on her toes as she
placed a kiss on her lips.
“Shall we leave?” He questioned and she nodded then interlocked their fingers as
they walked out of the room.
Minutes later, Zane parked in front of Levi’s company. He almost scoffed at how
close Kiara’s house was to Levi’s company. He must have thought all this
“Well, I guess we say goodbye from here?” Kiara uttered as she turned to him
but he shook his head.
“I’ll walk you inside. Let’s go” He climbed out and she sighed. She really hoped
he wasn’t going to cause any trouble.
Zane opened the door for her and she climbed out before he took her hand in his
as they walked into the company. Everyone knew him in the country so as soon
as they saw him, they bowed their heads and greeted him.
Kiara knew that she was never going to get used to this. Zane didn’t even bother
meeting the receptionist and just went towards the elevator leading to Levi’s

Levi’s secretary greeted them as they approached Levi’s office door.
“I’m sorry sir but you can’t go in right now, Mr Medici is busy” Zane rolled his
“And I don’t give a fuck” He muttered then walked towards the door and turned
the knob. The scene they saw in front of them wasn’t something Zane or Kiara
had expected to see.
Levi was seated on his seat with a dead cold look in his eyes and a gun pressed
against his head.

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