Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 88

The post from the anonymous netizen was posted three days after the live stream ended. By then, Sophia did not pay any attention to the matter anymore.

She wasn’t always online. As she was busy earning money every day, there was no need for her to pay attention to the matter at all times.

However, Sophia had an efficient secretary, Yvonne, who would report everything that was related to her in time.

After learning about the update, Sophia arched a brow. “Can we find out who that anonymous netizen is?”

She had no idea someone would stand by her side by revealing the incident from three years ago.

Yvonne had dug out the identity of the anonymous netizen, for she was a professional secretary. Her expression changed slightly as she stared at Sophia. “Ms. Yarrow, I’ve found out who she is. But it’s…” Her voice trailed off.

Sophia raised her brow. “It’s unexpected?”

Yvonne nodded. “Yes.”

Sophia chuckled and got the file from her. “I’ll take a look.”

How unexpected could it be?

Sophia stiffened at the sight of the name on the file. “This is indeed unexpected.”

She knew the netizen would be someone she knew judging from Yvonne’s words, but never in her wildest dreams did she know it would be Charles’ sister, Charlize.

Pursing her lips, Yvonne looked straight at Sophia. “I also discovered that Ms. Johnson shared a few posts to support you.”


Sophia’s lips curled as her alluring eyes crinkled up. The sight caused Yvonne’s heart to skip a beat.

Yvonne looked away hastily and stared at the black desk to calm herself down.

It had been years, but she still wasn’t immune to her employer’s gorgeous looks.

Sensing her action, Sophia shot her an amused look. “Is there anything on my face?”


Grinning, Sophie stopped teasing her. “Contact Charlize for me.”

“Got it, Ms. Yarrow,” Yvonne responded. She paused before asking, “By the way, Leonard Xenos’ lawyer wants to meet you.”

“I won’t see him.” Sophia rejected it without hesitation.

Yvonne gave a curt nod. “Okay, I understand.”

“Mm,” Sophia grunted in response. She picked up her bag and said, “I’m getting off work now.”

“Okay, Ms. Yarrow.”

Not long after Sophia left Sunshine Group, Yvonne called to inform her that Charlize had agreed to meet up with her in the afternoon on the next day.

After the call ended, the traffic light turned green. Sophia stepped on the pedal and sped away.

She had just driven onto the path leading back to her mansion when she saw Kristen and Thalia standing outside the gate.

Raising her brow, Sophia drove toward them.

Barely seconds after her car rolled to a stop, Kristen’s voice rang out. “Get out!”

Sophia wound down the window and glanced at Kristen and Thalia. “I don’t think I have anything to say to you, Mrs. Xenos.”

Thalia snorted. “Where are your manners, Sophia? My mom used to be your mother-in-law. We’re at your house. Won’t you invite us in?”

“As you said, she used to be my mother-in-law,” Sophia reminded her calmly.

She glanced at Thalia, who was out to create trouble after cooping up at home for a few months.

Her lips twitching, Sophia whipped her phone out to give Alexander a call.

“I apologize to you on behalf of Leonard. Sophia, please drop the charges against him,” Kristen said.

Kristen had always been an arrogant figure when Sophia was living in the Xenos residence. She had never been this humble to Sophia. In fact, she had never bothered saying thank you to Sophia.

Thus, Kristen felt she had already given Sophia enough respect by offering an apology in person.

If Sophia refuses to cave in, I shall teach her a lesson.

“Sophia, that’s enough. Alex hasn’t interfered in the matter yet. If he finds out, be prepared to face his wrath,” Thalia warned.

Hearing that, Sophia couldn’t stop herself from snorting out loud. “Oh, really? Great! I’d like to know how unreasonable Alexander can be.”

With that, she placed her phone next to her ear. Alexander had answered her call a while ago, so she said, “I believe you’ve heard your sister loud and clear, Mr. Xenos.”

On the other end of the line, Alexander bore a grim expression. “Yes. You can ignore them.”

Sophia chuckled. “Of course. But I hate to see two strangers standing outside my house. If they are still here an hour later, I don’t mind getting the police to seek justice.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll come over now.”

“Mm,” Sophia responded coolly before hanging up.

“Mr. Xenos will be here soon. If you have something to say, it can wait until he arrives. I’m not obliged to listen to your words.”

After saying that, she locked the doors of her car and wound the window up.

Kristen went cold with fury, and Thalia ran to the front of Sophia’s car.

Sophia was about to drive away, and she promptly hit the brakes. Alas, the car still crashed into Thalia.

Thalia fell on the front of her car and wailed, “Mom! My leg hurts. It hurts badly!”

Kristen ran over to her. “What happened? Where are you injured? Where did she hit you?”

Thalia tugged at Kristen’s sleeve and whispered, “Mom, it’s an act! I don’t think Sophia will cave in. We can use this incident in exchange for her to drop the charges against Leonard!”

Realizing her daughter’s intention, Kristen immediately helped Thalia away. The former stopped beside Sophia’s door and gave the door a forceful kick.

Sitting inside the car, Sophia took one look at the ladies who were cursing her and got her phone out to call the police.

She had installed surveillance cameras outside her house, so Thalia was most welcome to blackmail her.

The snow that fell a few days ago was starting to melt, and it was freezing outside. Sophia had the heater turned on in her car, so she felt comfortable inside.

Kristen and Thalia went on for a while before looking down to realize that Sophia remained unfazed inside the car. It was as though she didn’t hear a word they uttered.

Kristen froze before releasing her grip on Thalia. “Stand right here.”

With that, she tried to pry Sophia’s door open. “Open the door! Open up right now! You can’t escape by hiding inside!”

As soon as her words fell, the police car arrived.

Sophia glanced at the rearview mirror and gave a half-smile. She couldn’t help but burst into laughter when she saw Kristen’s stunned expression.

The police car stopped behind her car, and two police officers stepped out. Sophia finally opened the door and got out of her car.

“Who called the police?”

“It was me,” Sophia answered as her gaze flitted across Kristen and Thalia.

The police officers frowned when they realized the matter involved three ladies. “What happened?”

Sophia explained, “This is the entrance of my house. A few days ago, this lady’s son drove under the influence and hit my car, but I refused to settle it out of court. Thus, they came to my house today and threatened me. I ignored them and wanted to drive back home, but this young lady bumped into my car and claimed that I hit her. If I refuse to drop the charges, she’ll sue me for causing intentional injury, too. Officers, if I’m not mistaken, trying to threaten someone else is a crime, right?”

Hearing that, Thalia promptly retorted, “You’re lying! We’re here to discuss with you in private in hopes of persuading you to drop the charges. We didn’t threaten you!”

A smile nudged Sophia’s lips. “You claimed I broke your leg, and you can no longer walk as it hurts, right?”

Thalia’s lie was exposed outright. Her cheeks flushed as she stuttered, “I-I…” She was at a loss of words.

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