Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 87

After sending the text, Sophia reentered the live stream. She placed her phone on a stand and prepared a plate of fruits for herself. Munching on the fruits, she waited patiently for Megan’s apology to begin.

At ten o’clock sharp, the viewers began posting the same comments: It’s starting now. Megan’s face soon appeared on the screen.

“Hello, everyone. My name is Megan Queen. I started a live stream tonight to apologize to Ms. Sophia Yarrow, as I’ve wrongly accused her of breaking my family’s vase. She wasn’t the one who broke it on purpose, for I wanted to push the blame on her and shoved her from her back when she wasn’t paying attention. As a result, she stumbled and fell headlong onto the vase. The vase then crashed onto the ground and broke into pieces.”

Megan kept her head low as she said those words. The viewers in the live room were asking her to lift her head. She should have the guts to face her mistake as she was bold enough to do it in the first place.

Right then, Megan lifted her head and stared at the camera as though she knew Sophia was among the viewers watching her live stream. “Besides, I admit that the vase in my house was a fake. It isn’t authentic. My family only discovered that after we sent it for appraisal. I wasn’t trying to extort her money using the vase. No matter what, I was rude to her that day. I’d like to apologize for my words and actions.”

With that, she rose to her feet and added, “Ms. Yarrow, I’m terribly sorry.”

She gave a deep bow. Her apology seemed sincere, and her eyes were red. Those who didn’t hear her earlier apology would’ve thought she got bullied by someone else.

The live stream only lasted around two minutes. Megan quickly went offline after offering her apology.

Sophia glanced at the notification that popped out notifying her that the live stream had ended. She arched her brow in surprise.

Pfft, I can’t believe Megan is still trying to gain everyone’s sympathy.

She finished the last slice of apple and headed upstairs to go to bed.

Katherine’s voice call arrived when she was brushing her teeth.

It was obvious why Katherine had called.

Sophia didn’t answer the call. Her phone began ringing again after she finished brushing her teeth.

Answering the call, she asked, “Aren’t you going to bed?”

“I’m so pissed! How could I fall asleep? Didn’t you watch Megan’s live stream?” Katherine huffed furiously.

In contrast to Katherine’s fury, Sophia was calm and collected. “Yeah, I did. What’s wrong?’

“How dare she put on an act? I can’t believe she played the victim. How shameless can she be?”

Sophia chuckled. “If she loves to play the victim, let her be.”

The netizens weren’t fools, and the internet wouldn’t forget a thing. The reason why Megan had to apologize in the live stream was all over social media. Despite being at fault, Megan was bold enough to play the victim. It would only be temporary, for the netizens would gradually discover the truth and stop siding with her.

Katherine had been in the entertainment industry for years and knew that well, but that didn’t stop her from getting mad.

“Just you wait. I shall hire someone to post a few articles!” she vowed.

Sophia raised a brow, but she didn’t stop Katherine from doing so.

Megan would probably do the same after playing the victim to gain the netizens’ sympathy.

The matter had finally come to an end. However, Sophia wouldn’t allow Megan to clear her name successfully.

Sophia glanced at the clock. “It’s ten thirty. I need to go to bed.”

“Good night!”

Sophia cut the line and set her alarm before going to bed.

She had a lot to deal with the next day.

Sophia was right, for Megan’s live stream caused an uproar on the internet. Megan played the victim at the very end of her live stream so that the writers she hired online would clear her name.

Not long after the live stream ended last night, some articles claiming that Megan was at fault and insinuating Sophia of being too petty emerged online. Sophia was accused of being too harsh, as she forced Megan to apologize in a live stream.

Besides, some media companies brought up Sophia and Alexander’s divorce. They were most probably paid to so do, for their articles mocked Sophia for being petty and calculative.

Needless to say, the articles that Katherine paid for were quite good, too. They stated that one should pay for one’s mistake. Even if the culprit were to apologize for one’s mistake, the victim didn’t have the obligation to forgive the culprit. Megan had no one but herself to blame.

Both sides were involved in a heated discussion. Megan’s apology trended more than the celebrities.

As the other person involved in the matter, Sophia ended up trending even though she didn’t even show herself.

Needless to say, it was Megan who was at fault. Some netizens who didn’t understand the situation would take her side, but slowly, the comments condemning Sophia decreased in number. Those who pitied Megan changed their stance and demanded to know why her eyes were teary and red in the two-minute-long apology and what she wanted to achieve from that.

When the netizens were busy arguing whether Megan or Sophia was more unacceptable, another voice popped up online.

An anonymous netizen claimed she knew both Megan and Sophia. She wasn’t their close friend but knew them both. A few years ago, as Alexander’s wife, Sophia was invited to Bruno Queen’s birthday.

Back then, everyone assumed Sophia was a gold digger. The Queen family despised her but allowed her entry as she was still Alexander’s wife.

That very night, something that shocked the masses happened. Alexander’s wife, who everyone thought was invincible, ended up being pushed into the swimming pool by Megan and someone else.

Those who read the news about Sophia and Alexander’s divorce naturally knew who Alexander’s wife was.

To humiliate Sophia entirely, Megan even arranged for the maid to point Sophia in the opposite direction of the changing room. As a result, Sophia barged into the room Bruno was resting in.

In the end, Sophia left without changing her wet dress. However, Alexander remained at the Queen residence. No one but Sophia alone knew how she left the Queen residence that very night.

The anonymous netizen said she chose to reveal this incident not to show everyone how evil Megan could be. She claimed she only recalled this incident recently and connected it to the apology fiasco a few days ago. Something told her that Megan was taking revenge on Megan for what happened three years ago.

The post went viral immediately.

Initially, some netizens still sided with Megan. After reading this post, almost everyone chose to side with Sophia.

The reason was simple—if the incident was real, then Megan was an evil person. It was obvious that she wouldn’t change her ways, and thus didn’t deserve their sympathy. Even if Sophia seemed vengeful and petty for taking her revenge after three whole years, the netizens found her actions strangely satisfying.

Not everyone could be generous enough to forgive someone who had offended them. Most people wanted an eye for an eye, but not everyone could be as capable as Sophia.

Most netizens preferred someone like Sophia who would not retaliate unless provoked, and when she did, she would make sure the other party pay dearly.

Of course, some insisted on confirming the matter. Soon, the incident at Bruno’s birthday celebration was proven to be true.

Thus, it was clear that Megan was evil three years ago, and she didn’t deserve the netizens’ sympathy for her apology during the live stream.

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