Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 86

Sophia was free for the day. After leaving the Queen residence, she drove to a restaurant to have a meal before returning home to watch Megan’s live stream.

She had made herself clear. If Megan remained ignorant, she wouldn’t hold back.

If she were to post the video online, Megan would be utterly humiliated.

Megan came up with the bet herself and ended up losing it. Now that she’s the loser, she wants to weasel out of our deal. Pfft, how annoying!

Megan would be a decent person if she were to keep her word. Sophia had given her the opportunity to do so, but it was none of her business if Megan decided against it.

It was January twenty-eighth, and there were less than ten days left until the holidays. Some companies were already closed, so the roads were quite congested.

On the way back home, a car hit the back of Sophia’s car.

Before she could get down from her car, an insouciant voice rang out. “Gorgeous, you hit my car. Get out of your car, and let’s discuss how you’ll compensate me!”

Finding the voice familiar, Sophia turned in the direction of the voice. Her brows arched when she realized who it was.

Oh, fancy running into Leonard here.

Leonard was Thalia’s twin and Alexander’s younger brother.

Pushing the door open, Sophia emerged from her car and gazed at the smug Leonard. “Are you sure I’m at fault?”

At once, the pungent scent of alcohol hit her nostrils.

Leonard is drunk, huh?

Spotting her, Leonard snorted. “Oh? Why, if it isn’t my ex-sister-in-law. What a coincidence.”

The man standing beside Leonard gave Sophia the once-over. He was practically leering at her. “Mr. Leonard, your ex-sister-in-law is stunning, huh?”

Leonard patted Sophia’s car. “Of course. Without her looks, she wouldn’t have gotten to marry my brother and lead a great life after her divorce. This car is quite expensive. Am I right? If I’m not mistaken, this particular model costs over one million and eight hundred thousand. Wow, which generous man gave you this?”

Sophia glanced at him briefly before giving the police a call.

Leonard and his friend were busy looking at her car and didn’t realize she had made a call.

When they returned, Sophia had already ended the call.

“Holy moly, look how gorgeous she is,” his friend commented and whistled appreciatively. “Mr. Leonard, she’s your ex-sister-in-law, so instead of asking her to compensate us, why don’t we ask her to spend a night with me? That way, I shall pay the compensation on her behalf.”

With that, he reached out to stroke Sophia’s chin. In response, she raised her arm and grabbed his wrist. “I’ve called the police. You reek of alcohol. Did you drive under the influence of alcohol?”

“Ow!” the man gasped in pain. He whipped his head around to look at Leonard.

Leonard refused to believe her words. “Stop lying. If you dare to call the police, and they end up arresting me, my brother shall make you pay!”

Sophia shot them an amused look. “Oh? You don’t believe me? Let’s wait and see, then.”

I have all the time in the world to spend today.

It had been ages since she last ran into a member of the Xenos family. Now that she happened to run into Leonard who drove under the influence of alcohol, she wouldn’t hold herself back.

Leonard shared a look with his friend. They were both driving under the influence of alcohol and would definitely get locked up for a few days if the police were to catch them in the act.

“No one will wait with you! I’m not going to waste time here. We’re too busy for that. I shall consider myself unlucky to have bumped into you here!” Leonard snapped.

Without a word, Sophia watched as they scrambled into their respective cars.

It was actually a good thing for them to leave, for she could add another crime to their list—driving under the influence and escaping the scene.

A bolt of panic hit Leonard when he heard that Sophia had called the police. However, he was pretty upset that Sophia managed to scare him away. Before leaving the scene, he floored the accelerator and banged into the back of Sophia’s car once again.

One of the tail lights on the Mercedes-Benz cracked into pieces upon impact. The bumper fell to the ground, and there was a scratch that was almost twenty centimeters long.

After Leonard hit her car, his friend did the same. Sophia stood aside and watched their antics silently.

Not long after Leonard and his friend left, the traffic police showed up. Sophia reported their license plates and showed the traffic police the recording on her phone. The traffic police got onto his motorcycle and went after the culprits immediately.

After the motorcycle disappeared from sight, Sophia pulled her phone out to call Yvonne.

Soon, Yvonne sent someone to deal with her car, and Sophia got a taxi to return to the mansion.

An hour later, the police station gave her a call to summon her to record her statement.

After the call ended, Sophia’s lips curled into a grin. She grabbed a coat and went to her garage to drive the Ferrari to the police station.

When she stepped into the police station, Leonard spotted her in the midst of his questioning. He got up and roared, “Just you wait! I’ll ask my brother to teach you a lesson!”

Sophia came to a stop and flashed a smile. “I shall look forward to that.”

After saying that, she followed another police officer into the interview room.

By the time she finished recording her statement, it was late at night. It had started to snow outside.

Sophia didn’t have her scarf or gloves with her, so she stood at the entrance of the police station, feeling reluctant to step out.

Right then, Thalia and Kristen showed up.

The three of them bumped into each other. Without hesitation, Kristen lifted her bag to hit Sophia. “You did it on purpose! You did this to take revenge on our family!”

Knitting her brows together, Sophia stepped out of her way and dodged her attack. “Old Mrs. Xenos, if you try to attack me again, I don’t mind charging you with intentional assault.”

Thalia stood in front of Kristen. “Mom, we’re at the police station!”

Kristen gritted her teeth as her face turned grim.

Sophia met Kristen’s gaze calmly. The smile on her lips never wavered.

A while later, Kristen looked away. “Just you wait.”

Oh? Is that how the Xenos family talks? Fine, I shall wait.

Sophia’s lips twitched as she turned to see Kristen and Thalia rushing into the police station. She then walked into the snowy night.

Despite the chilly weather, she was in a great mood.

Sophia had just finished dinner when Katherine’s call arrived. The latter wanted to know when Megan would live stream.

Glancing at the clock, Sophia realized it was already eight o’clock.

“I went to the Queen residence at noon. If she doesn’t take action by twelve, I shall make my move,” Sophia revealed.

A bet is a bet. If she cannot afford to lose, she shouldn’t suggest the bet in the first place. Jessica tells me not to go to such extremes so that we’ll be able to get along amicably in the future. Nevertheless, I don’t want to be friends with the Queen family. There is no need for me to hold back.

“She hasn’t done anything yet. Megan is as bold as brass, huh? Let me post a tweet now!” Katherine said.

Sophia chuckled. “You’re tweeting on Twitter without letting Jonice know? What if she gets mad at you?”

“I’m helping a friend out. This is nothing!” Katherine declared.

Sophia tutted gently. By then, Katherine had already finished typing out her tweet and posted it swiftly. “All right. It’s done. If Megan insists on ignoring it, she can’t blame us for taking action.”

“Mm. I’ll do some yoga now. Talk to you later.”


After hanging up, Sophia got changed and proceeded to practice yoga for over an hour. She then took a break for ten minutes before going to the shower.

She came out of her shower to receive a WhatsApp text from Katherine. It was the link to Megan’s live stream. Megan would be apologizing at ten o’clock, and it was nine forty-five at the moment. She had fifteen minutes to spare before the live stream would begin.

Sophia clicked on the link and realized the number of viewers was increasing swiftly. Most of the viewers were mocking how Megan jumped into the sea.

Holding her phone, Sophia put on a face mask and waited for the live stream to begin.

Before ten o’clock, there were over six million and eight hundred thousand viewers online.

Sophia left the live stream to send a text to Megan: By the way, Ms. Queen, I’d like to clarify the apology lest you’ve misunderstood things. I want you to apologize regarding the truth of the broken vase and how you spoke to me back then.

It was three minutes to ten when Megan received the text. Her face immediately turned pale.

She wants me to admit to over seven million viewers that I framed her for breaking the fake vase in my house?

Megan wanted nothing else than to exit the live stream right away. Alas, Harold was keeping an eye on her side, and she had no other choice.

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