Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 89

“Nonsense! I’ve never said those words!” Thalia cried.

“Oh, really?” Sophia chuckled. Then, she took out her phone and played back the recording.

In the recording, Thalia was screaming hysterically about how she was in pain and how Sophia broke her leg. The girl’s own words were like a tight, invisible slap on her face.

Thalia froze. Somehow, Sophia, who seldom spoke up in front of her and Kristen, was currently capable of using their own words against them.

Regardless of what Thalia said, Sophia could turn the tide of the situation and push the former into a corner.

Kristen scowled and was at a loss for words.

She never expected that Sophia would call the police and make a recording of their conversation.

Alexander had already warned them about Leonard’s case. He had said that he would follow what Sophia did and would not interfere. Moreover, Alexander had warned Kristen and Thalia not to look for Sophia. Otherwise, he would make them regret their decision.

Kristen had started to panic when she learned that Alexander would be coming over. Now that the police were involved, she felt even more anxious than Thalia.

The two police officers had already figured out what was going on when Sophia told them that Kristen wanted to settle the drunk driving case privately. In most circumstances, these types of situations had to be resolved out of court, for it was too difficult to determine who was at fault.

However, Sophia had a voice recording as evidence. Moreover, judging by her car, the police officers could tell she was a rich woman.

Sophia would have a high chance of suing Kristen successfully if she wanted to do so.

While the police were considering whether to defuse the situation, Sophia added conveniently, “Officers, I have surveillance cameras installed at the entrance to my house. It’s not their first time coming to my house to threaten me.”

“Please come with us to the police station, misses,” the police officers said.

“No! Please hear us out, officers. We didn’t threaten her. We were just… We were just here to have a discussion!” Kristen pleaded.

“How could you call it a discussion when you threw yourself onto someone else’s car? Besides, your son got drunk and hit this lady’s car first. What gives you the right to force her to settle this issue privately when she doesn’t agree to do so?”

Kristen and Thalia might be overbearing and demanding, but they behaved meekly when dealing with the police.

Thalia began to cry. “No! I-I only wanted to talk to her! Why doesn’t she want to settle this issue privately when my brother didn’t injure her? I didn’t have to resort to throwing myself onto her car if she was willing to hear us out!”

While Thalia was sobbing away, a black Aston Martin arrived and stopped nearby.

Sophia stole a glance at the car. At the same time, the door opened, and Alexander stepped out.

She eyed the man and directed her gaze at Thalia. “Alexander’s here.”

Kristen was alarmed. “You don’t have to do this, Sophia.”

“I recall saying these words to you, but you refused to listen. So, I have no choice but to do this.”

As soon as Sophia finished speaking, Alexander came over.

He glanced at Sophia and the two police officers before laying his eyes on Kristen. “Didn’t I tell you that Sophia doesn’t want to drop charges against Leonard?”

Kristen had married into the Xenos family for more than ten years, and she had nearly forgotten about the incident that had occurred many years ago. Although she feared Alexander, she was even more furious at him for embarrassing her in public. Hence, she yelled, “You! He’s your younger brother!”

Alexander’s gaze darkened. “In that case, I have to take good care of my brother.”

Meanwhile, the two police officers interrupted, “Since you know each other, we shall overlook this matter. Ma’am, please stop harassing this young lady. If you show up again, we’ll take you to the police station.”

Kristen was extremely embarrassed and fearful of being arrested. “Understood, officers!”

Sophia kept quiet. Once the police had left, she looked at Alexander. “I hope this incident won’t happen again.”

Alexander gazed at her and said earnestly, “It won’t.”

It was rare for him to react this way.

Sophia said nothing. Instead, she turned around, entered her car, and drove into her compound.

Alexander can take care of Kristen and Thalia.

Soon, the car entered the garage and disappeared from Alexander’s line of sight. He pursed his lips, looked away, and stared at Kristen coldly. “I see that you refuse to listen to my words. In that case, I’ll just have to listen to yours.”

Kristen was stunned at first. Then, she started to feel nervous when she recalled what Alexander had said earlier about taking good care of Leonard. “He’s your younger brother, Alex. What do you want to do?”

Alexander lowered his gaze to glance at his shirt, which Kristen was tugging at. He scoffed, “Nothing. Didn’t you say you’ll let me take care of him? He’s twenty-five, yet he brings us nothing but trouble. As his elder brother, I need to educate him properly.”

He paused, then continued, “When he drugged a female university student last time, did you give him money to settle the case?”

“Alexander! He’s your brother!”

Alexander stared at Kristen blankly. “I know. You don’t have to state the obvious. Thus, it’s time for me to carry out my duty as an elder brother.” After a brief pause, he turned to regard Thalia. “It’s been three years since your graduation, hasn’t it?”

His intense stare sent shivers down Thalia’s spine. “Alex, I… I…”

“As it’s been three years since your graduation, you ought to be like other girls and support yourself financially.”

Thalia went pale after listening to his remark. “Alex, I-I-I’ve learned my lesson! I promise I won’t bother Sophia again! I mean it, Alex! Please don’t throw me out! Alex, please don’t throw me out!”

Thalia was genuinely afraid. She knew Alexander always kept his words. If he decided to throw her out on this day, he would certainly do so.

Still, being a rich twenty-five-year-old girl who had never worked a day in her life, it was impossible for Thalia to support herself financially.

At present, Alexander had total control over the Xenos family. If he would not allow her to return to the Xenos residence, Kristen would not dare to speak against his decision, let alone Thalia herself.

“Alex, have you lost your mind? She’s your sister! It’s not like she can suck the Xenos family dry with her spending! Do you really want to kick your sister out of the house? Are you crazy?” Kristen exclaimed.

She stared at her son incredulously. Although she was somewhat terrified of him, Alexander was still her biological son. Besides, Leonard and Thalia were also her flesh and blood. All three children shared the same parents. No matter how ruthless Alexander got, he would not possibly neglect his siblings.

Upon hearing Kristen’s words, Alexander frowned. “Yes! You’re old, and not much money needs to be spent on you anymore. Next time, I won’t let Mr. Lane transfer money to you. If you need anything, just have a word with him.”

Kristen could not believe her ears and nearly passed out due to shock. “W-What did you say?”

He lowered his gaze to regard Kristen. “I said, if you want to buy anything next time, just tell Mr. Lane to buy it for you. Also, you’ll hardly use any money anyway, so I won’t transfer money to you.”

“Y-You ungrateful brat!”

Alexander eyed his mother coldly. “Mom, I’ll say this for the last time. Offending Sophia is a line you shouldn’t cross. Don’t push her.” After that, he threw a disdainful glance at Thalia. “Move out before noon tomorrow.”

As soon as he had finished speaking, Alexander got inside his car without looking back and drove away.

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