Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 66

By the time she arrived at the mansion, Sophia felt exhausted.

She was not entirely sure why she was that worn out but conjectured that it was probably due to the repeated encounters with Alexander. That made her feel quite distressed.

“Genie, fill the tub for me.”

Sophia was yet to sober up from the alcohol. Thus, she requested Genie to fill the tub only after sitting on the couch for a while.

Not long after, her phone on the couch lit up. She tilted her head to glance at it and discovered that it was a message sent by Stephen.

Raising her brows, Sophia tapped on the message and gave a simple reply: I just returned home.

Immediately, Stephen asked: Do you want supper?

Admittedly, Sophia only had some accompaniments that night but not many main courses.

Sophia: I’m a little tired.

That text was not a turning down but the truth. Still, Sophia could not control how Stephen would think of it.

Stephen: I’ll deliver the food to your doorstep. What do you say?

When she saw that message, Sophia froze a little. Then she responded: I won’t grieve my stomach then.

Stephen sent an emoticon in response: I’ll arrive in thirty minutes, President Yarrow.

Upon seeing those last two words, Sophia could not help but chuckle as she typed: Okay.

Once again, Stephen sent an emoji, but Sophia did not reply to that text.

Concerning the slim-fitting dress she was wearing, even though it was beautiful, it had a high requirement for people’s figures.

That was why she had little food that night. She was worried that her belly would unwittingly bulge. If that had happened, she would undoubtedly become a laughingstock.

Before Stephen arrived, Sophia went to take a shower.

A few moments later, the doorbell rang while she was drying her hair. It was eighty percent dry at that time.

Turning off the blow-dryer, she put on a coat and headed downstairs to open the door.

At the moment, the weather was exceedingly cold on that first day of the new year.

Contrary to the outside, it was warm as spring inside the house. As soon as she stepped out of the house, Sophia shivered.

Unlike her previous leisureliness, she sprinted over to open the door.

A rich smell of barbecue filled her nose before Stephen even stepped in.

Glancing down, she uttered, “It smells delicious.”

“This food is known as the king of suppers. Hope you’ll like it.”

While walking in front, the woman responded, “I’m not a picky eater.”

Once they entered the mansion, Sophia took a pair of standby slippers and placed them beside Stephen’s feet. She then went to the kitchen to get the plates and cutlery before coming out.

“Have a seat. I have prepared some pear crumble tarts.” Sophia pointed at the dining table when she spoke. Unhesitatingly, Stephen put the food in his hand on the table before taking off his thick coat and scarf. He then sat down and began to unwrap the packaging.

During winter, preserving the heat of takeouts was the hardest, not to mention barbecued food.

Hence, Stephen purposely requested someone to wrap the food with aluminum foil and change the takeaway boxes to ones with heat preservation.

Consequently, the barbecued food was still warm as when Stephen bought it, even though it took him almost twenty minutes to arrive at Sophia’s house.

A while later, Sophia brought the pear crumble tarts out. When she smelled that mouthwatering aroma, she licked her lips. “It’s been a while since I’ve had barbecued food.”

“I thought you won’t like it.” Stephen received the tarts from Sophia while smiling.

“I like everything tasty.” Following those words, Sophia moved the teapot over to herself and continued, “Here’s Earl Grey tea. Drink as much as you want.”

With that, she poured a cup for herself and took a sip. Then, she picked some barbecued chives and lifted her head to look at Stephen. “I’ll dig in then.”

“Don’t mind me. Go ahead.”

In truth, Sophia did not say those words to Stephen out of politeness. The second Stephen finished speaking, Sophia lowered her head and began to munch the food.

After having the chives, she thought of something and asked, “There’s pineapple wine in the fridge. Do you want to try some?”

Shaking his head, the man answered, “I don’t like to drink alcohol.”

In response, Sophia arched her eyebrows. “That’s rare.”

“Well, that’s my habit.”

“That’s a pretty good habit.” Sophia smiled.

Given that they both were quite hungry, they did not talk too much but focused on eating. After the fulfilling meal, Sophia wiped away the grease around her mouth and drank some Earl Grey tea. She then flashed a half-smile while looking at Stephen. “Let me guess. You didn’t merely want someone to have supper with you.”

Witnessing Sophia’s remarkable intelligence, Stephen broke out in laughter. “I need your help indeed.”

“I’m all ears.”

Sophia’s straightforwardness made Stephen feel somewhat embarrassed. Nonetheless, he said, “All right. Let me explain. Earlier, I answered a call and headed out, right?”

Sophia nodded but did not interrupt him.

“That call was from my mom’s best friend. She’s also my godmother. Even though my family has been abroad for many years, we have often kept in touch with my godmother’s family. Our relationship is pretty good as well. Calling my godmother my second mother is no exaggeration.”

Steven paused for a moment after speaking those utterances. He then proceeded, “However, as you know, the older generation prefers young ones to start a family early. My mom did not think much about that years ago, but during these two years, she has begun to feel anxious when she sees that I’m still single. Also, my godmother introduced women to me after learning about my return to the country. I don’t like elders meddling in my business. Besides, there’s someone that I’m interested in now. Therefore, I told my godmother I already have a girlfriend and rejected her intention.”

Those words were sufficient to make Sophia understand the situation. “Hmm, you thought the matter had come to a close, but unexpectedly, your godmother told you she wants to meet your girlfriend. Correct?”

Touching his nose, Stephen uttered, “It’s melodramatic, isn’t it?”

Sophia spun the cup and responded, “Not really.”

Pausing for a while, she questioned, “So, are you asking me to pretend to be your girlfriend? Is that why you came here tonight?”


Since Sophia had guessed it, Stephen decided not to conceal his purpose any longer.

“I’m not fond of lying,” Sophia uttered while staring at the cup before her.

“It’s all good. I acknowledge that I’m asking too much of you.” Stephen took Sophia’s words kindly.

“I can make an exception this time, though. That’s because I want to ask you for a favor as well.”

The sudden turn of events was something Stephen did not anticipate. “What difficulty have you encountered?” he queried.

“I won’t deem it as a difficulty. Regardless, it’s related to my divorce. I believe you already know that things did not go too well back then. Presently, my ex-husband may be a little out of his mind. I wish to bring him back to his senses.”

Hearing that, Stephen furrowed his brows. “Is he pestering you?”

“Strictly speaking, no. However, I hate dealing with bothersome stuff. Since we both need something, we should work together for mutual benefit.”

Looking at Sophia, Stephen saw that her countenance was still the same as before but discovered that her aura had thoroughly changed.

In the blink of an eye, it was as if they had turned from casual conversation mode to business partner mode.

At any rate, they were discussing a collaboration of mutual benefit.

On top of that, the current Sophia had a charisma that Steven had never seen in other women.

He felt his heart pulsating pretty fast at the moment and failed to realize the underlying meaning behind Sophia’s words.

Shortly afterward, Steven kept his mind in check and reached out his hand. “Looking forward to working with you, then.”

“Likewise.” Sophia also smiled as Steven did and shook his hand.

Currently, the mansion was not only quiet but comfortable. Stephen felt a little reluctant to leave but recognized that he would be a bother if he continued to stay.

“It’s getting late. I should head back now.”

Looking at her watch, Sophia noted it was getting late indeed. “Okay.”

While he was about to stand up and leave, Stephen suddenly remembered something. “Oh, one more thing. Tomorrow’s a holiday for the New Year, and my godmother wants me to bring my girlfriend to their house for a meal. Are you all right with that?”

Sophia was not an indecisive individual. Since they had already agreed to their partnership, she would never decline that request from Stephen. “Yes.”

“It’s settled then. We’re having dinner, so you don’t need to wake up early.”

“If you told me it’s lunch, I might reject it.”

Soon afterward, Stephen departed with a bag of trash in his hand. Sophia could not help but yawn while watching him leave. I feel so sleepy. Time to sleep, then.

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