Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 67

Sophia had not gone to bed late for a long time now. She ended up sleeping until ten-thirty in the morning. When she woke up, it was already bright outside.

The curtains were drawn automatically and revealed the not-so-pleasant weather outside.

My head hurts. Staying up late was not a good idea.

She grabbed her phone and saw that Katherine sent her some monetary gift at eight in the morning.

It made her laugh, and she replied with a sticker.

Okay, I’m in a good mood this morning.

In the afternoon, she made herself a plate of pasta. After lunch, she watched a movie.

When the clock struck four o’clock, Stephen sent her a message to inform her that he would fetch her at six.

She glanced at the cloudy weather and got up to apply a face mask followed by make-up.

Since it was a collaboration on their part, she had to be sincere in her role.

She had plenty of experiences when it came to meeting the elders, but they were all not good experiences for Sophia.

None of the elders in the Xenos family liked her, so those experiences were deemed useless.

However, she and Stephen were not an actual couple, so she did not feel stressed out.

All she needed to do was to present herself as someone elegant and gracious. Whether she gained Stephen’s godmother’s favor did not matter to her.

Worried that the meal later would not be up her alley, Sophia ate two pieces of toast before leaving the house.

At six in the evening, Stephen arrived to fetch her on time.

Sophia wore a Clovile beige gown with Arterius’ overcoat and paired it with Lucent’s ankle boots and a matching Clovile beige handbag. She completed her look with light makeup and cherry red lips.

Her final look was pure and elegant—the type that elders generally preferred.

When Stephen saw her, he was surprised. Just the night before, Sophia looked charismatic and sexy, but now, she had transformed into an elegant and sophisticated lady.

It turned out that she could pull off both styles perfectly.

“You look pretty.” He opened the car door for her and placed a hand above her head as she got into the car.

Sophia smiled. “Thank you. I hope your godmother likes it.”

“She likes good looking people.”

She only gave him a look and did not continue the conversation.

The black Mercedes-Benz drove out of the mansion and pulled up in front of a block of white mansions half an hour later.

Stephen announced, “We’ve arrived. Are you nervous?”

She took off her seatbelt and turned to look at him. “Will I sound unprofessional if I say I’m not?”

He was stunned and then chuckled. “Rather than a professional-sounding answer, I like it better when you’re honest.”

After speaking, he went around the car and opened the door for her.

Sophia followed him to the mansion’s main door. They rang the doorbell, and it did not take long for a middle-aged man to come out running to answer the door.

“Mr. Fowler, it’s me,” Stephen called out.

“Oh! It’s you, Mr. Stephen. This must be your girlfriend. She’s beautiful!”

Stephen did not deny the claim and introduced the middle-aged man to Sophia, “This is Travis Fowler, the butler at my godmother’s house. He’s been working here for over three decades.” Then, he turned to Travis and said, “Mr. Fowler, this is my girlfriend, Sophia.”

Sophia smiled politely. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Fowler.”

Travis was delighted. “Hello! Now, hurry on inside. Madam has been waiting for a long time.”

Stephen nodded and looked at Sophia. “Let’s go inside.”

The moment Sophia stepped into the mansion, she spotted an expensive vase. She swept a glance at it before following Stephen to the second floor. Someone who could be Stephen’s godmother must not be someone ordinary.

Upon seeing Samuel, Sophia instinctively frowned.

Meanwhile, Samuel also cursed in his mind when he saw her.

At the same time, Stephen’s godmother walked down from the third floor. “Is Stephen here? Is she your girlfriend? How pretty.”

Upon seeing Sophia, Jessica’s facial expression stiffened briefly. However, she was a sophisticated woman over the years, so the hint of dislike in her expression faded quickly. She walked to them in a friendly manner. “Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

It was not the first time they met, but Jessica pretended not to know Sophia.

How cunning. Sophia smiled and waited for Stephen to start.

Meanwhile, Stephen did not suspect anything and genuinely believed Jessica liked Sophia. Hence, he quickly made the introduction. “Godmother, this is Sophia Yarrow, my girlfriend. Sophia, she’s my godmother.”

Sophia nodded politely. “Hello, Mrs. Queen.”

“Hello. I thought Stephen was lying to me. Turns out he did find a girlfriend and a beautiful one at that!” Then, Jessica turned to Stephen and chided him playfully, “This kid always gives me a surprise. I must tell your mother about this. She must keep a keen eye on Sophia, or else such a pretty girl might escape.”

The way Jessica said it nearly convinced Sophia. However, Jessica had not treated her in this manner when she came with Alexander to Bruno’s birthday celebration.

Right at that moment, a female’s voice chimed in, “Mom, is Stephen here?”

The person who ran downstairs was Megan. In the past, when Sophia was with Alexander for Bruno’s birthday, Megan had arrogantly asked if she had ever seen such a grand celebration.

Looks like tonight’s dinner will be fun.

Once Megan saw Sophia, her expression changed immediately. “Mom, why is she-”

Before she could finish her sentence, Jessica stopped her and interjected, “She’s Stephen’s girlfriend, Sophia.”

“Girlfriend? What the-” Megan received a pinch and then pursed her lips.

Stephen finally realized something. “You know each other?”

Megan spoke up. “Who doesn’t? Everyone in Jadeborough knows of her. Stephen, she-”

Jessica interrupted, “Megan is so outgoing, so there’s a chance she might’ve met Ms. Yarrow before. Don’t mind her.”

Glancing at Megan, Stephen suspected Jessica’s words.

He turned to Sophia and asked, “Do you know Megan?”

Sophia stood there and retained the same smile she wore earlier. “I’ve met Ms. Queen several times.”

Seeing how she reacted, Stephen did not continue probing.

Then, Jessica immediately ushered everyone to the dining table.

Sitting on the couch, Samuel had been contemplating leaving. However, Jessica called out to him, “Samuel, come here and eat!”

Samuel covered his eyes in despair. There was no way he could escape now.

“Okay. I’ll wash my hands first.” While washing his hands, he was shocked by the door suddenly closing, and he turned to find Megan standing beside him. “Who are you trying to scare?”

“That’s not important. Samuel, do you know what is Sophia up to? Was Alexander not enough? And now she’s shifting her target to Stephen?” Megan inquired.

Samuel disliked Sophia in the past because he was prejudiced. However, he realized that Sophia was not hateful after her divorce from Alexander. In fact, he thought Sophia was not that bad.

Megan’s words upset him. He retorted, “Where did you hear these from? When Sophia divorced Alexander, she never asked for alimony.”

However, Megan did not believe him. “Only idiots like you would believe that. Whatever. I’m going to see what she has up her sleeves.”

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