Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 65

Since Sophia consumed some alcohol earlier, she could not drive anymore.

Mason offered to send her home, but she refused and hired a chauffeur instead.

The final day of the year was over, and another year had arrived. Although it was past midnight, there were still many people on the streets.

Leaning against her car window, she looked at the young couples on the streets, smiling a little.

The chauffeur was a young man who looked like a university student.

When he saw Sophia in the parking lot earlier, he was taken aback and could not speak properly.

When Sophia smiled at him, he instantly blushed.

Although the young man was not as good-looking as Mason and Howard, he knew how to carry himself. His hair was styled in a pretty cool way, and the way he dressed looked neat. He looked quite young and seemed a little shy.

Sophia did not even dare to tease him because she was afraid that he could not take it.

She was silent the entire time after she got into the car. When the car stopped at a red light, the chauffeur turned to look at her to see if she was awake. To his surprise, she was smiling at him.

In that instant, he felt as if his heart was going to jump out of his chest. Since he became a chauffeur a year ago, it was his first time meeting a beautiful woman like Sophia at the job.

Her outfit was quite sexy, but it was not too flashy. Besides, her good looks made her look like a fairy from a fairy tale that he used to hear when he was little.

It was not that he had not met any beautiful women during his job before, but it was the first time he met someone like Sophia.

In his eyes, she was cold but not high and mighty, gentle but a little distant. Her aura is definitely something!

Before long, the car reached her mansion. She unbuckled her seatbelt and rubbed her temples. “Thank you.”

With that, she smiled as she got out of the back seat and walked over to the driver’s seat with the intention of driving her car into her mansion.

However, at that moment, she noticed the lights from another car’s headlights that shone in her eyes. Stopping in her tracks, she spotted the door of the black car was pushed open, and Alexander got out of the car.

Seeing that, she furrowed her brows. To be honest, she did not want to see him more than ever that night.

It was possible that she realized how stupid she had been for the past three years after she saw Katherine and Joshua’s love.

Ironically, the more she did not want to see him, the more he would appear before her.

Sophia stretched out her hand to shield her eyes from the light as she sobered up and looked at him coldly. “This better be the last time you’re doing this. I can call the police right now.”

That was what she said right after she parted her mouth.

Alexander’s face fell a little. The hardship that he had gone through because of Sophia was more than everything he had experienced for the past thirty-one years.

He left Cassiopeia Hotel around eight o’clock in the evening and simply ate something from his cold condominium. After Samuel asked him if he wanted to go out for a drink in the group chat, he agreed to go since he was in a bad mood.

Samuel did not book a private room, and the noise at the booth was terrible. The entire bar was almost destroyed by the noise when everyone was counting down to the new year.

When he was sitting at the booth, the only thing on his mind was Sophia.

Who will she be counting down with? Stephen’s gone, but he’s not the only man around her. Ah. There’s that actor called Mason. All he has is his looks. Without that pretty face, he’s nothing. To be honest, he isn’t that good-looking, anyway. I’m even more handsome than he is.

Alexander had no idea where Sophia would be because she had completely blocked his number, WhatsApp, and every other social media accounts he had. Hence, he could only wait for her to come back in front of her house.

He had been waiting there for over thirty minutes before she got home, and he rang her doorbell several times. However, no one responded. It was obvious that she had not returned.

He had no idea why he was there, either. I’m here to ask about her relationship with Stephen and Mason, right? Wait… Now that I’ve calmed down a little… I’m only her ex-husband now. What right do I have to ask her about her relationship?

Before Sophia said anything, Alexander wanted to ask her why she was only home at that hour.

The entire night, he was easily irritated and annoyed. However, those feelings intensified after he saw her.

“Did you drink?”

As his words fell, he realized he had asked something useless.

Obviously, Sophia had no intention of answering him, so she took out her phone and pressed the number of the police station. “I’ll call the police if you don’t leave right now. There are surveillance cameras on my doorstep, and this isn’t the first time that you’re here to see me. I don’t think that you, the CEO of Odyssey, want a scandal about you stalking your ex-wife in the headlines tomorrow, right?”

Her words were like needles stabbing into his heart.

Alexander’s heart ached from that, but he tried his best to suppress it. “Can’t we talk about things nicely?”

Sophia looked at him for a while before closing the door of her car. “Fine. Tell me, what else do we have to talk about between us?”

Looking at him indifferently, she stopped being hostile like she was a while ago. Yet, he could not get used to the calmness in her eyes.

Gulping, he started, “I’m sorry for my arrogance, my prejudice toward you, and for misunderstanding you in the past.”

“Mm,” Sophia replied indifferently and said nothing else.

He took another step toward her until the distance between them was only at an arm’s length.

Lowering his head, he could clearly see her face.

Not once had he looked so closely at her before despite knowing she was a beauty. However, because of his prejudice toward her as a “gold-digger,” he was repulsed by her beauty instead of being drawn by it.

It was because he was convinced that Sophia had used her beauty to get what she wanted before he came along.

He only realized how wrong he had been after the divorce.

Unfortunately, it was too late now that it had already happened.

When he recalled that, his face fell.

“Anything else?” Sophia asked after some time.

He stared at her. In his eyes, she looked like the same Sophia he knew, but also a different person at the same time.

He knew if he was not the one for her, there would always be someone else.

She’s a good and outstanding woman. One day, she will meet a man who truly loves her for who she is.

He had no idea if the feeling he had for her then was love or regret. No matter what, it was merely an act of self-humiliation.

What’s the point, right?

Since he had spent his entire life being arrogant, humbling himself to apologize to her was the most he could compromise.

“No, that’s all. Good night.”

Glancing at him, she stated, “I hope I won’t see you in front of my house anymore.”

With that, she got into her car and drove slowly into the mansion after her gate opened.

She knew Alexander wanted to say something else, given how he looked. However, since he did not say anything, she did not see the need to ask.

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