Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 62

Alexander was confident that he had met Sophia when he was twenty years old.

However, Sophia refused to admit it, and she did not seem to be lying, judging from her expression.

Also, they had already divorced. If Sophia had admitted it, it could have been advantageous for her.

However, she refused to acknowledge it.

The gates to the mansion were already closed. Even the entrance to the garage was locked already.

Alexander stood at the gates for a few more seconds before returning to his car. The winter wind was strong and harsh, but he did not seem to feel it. He bent his head to smoke a cigarette after lowering the car window.

Before they divorced, he did not even know that Sophia had her own private mansion here.

In actual fact, he was already doubtful prior to his arrival. Ever since he had that dream, he felt as if he had been stuck in a whirlpool these past few days.

After struggling for these few days, he finally could not help but come over here to get an answer.

However, Sophia said that it was not the case.

He should have heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that. However, he only felt the weight on his chest increase.

If they had really met ten years ago, that would mean that all the words she previously said were the truth.

Then again, it was not a big deal since they were already divorced.

However, every time he thought about the fact that they might have really met ten years ago, he felt an inexplicable sense of anxiousness.

If it was true, Sophia had married him without any ulterior motives the entire time.

He should have found this ironic, yet he was utterly unamused by it.

It was only after their divorce that he realized he had feelings for her.

At that moment, a black Lexus came to a halt outside the gates of Sophia’s mansion.

Then, a man stepped out of the car.

Alexander recognized the man. He was the man talking to Sophia that day when she left the stage after singing. They know each other.

Alexander could not help but furrow his brows as he watched the man pressing on the doorbell. His facial expression turned cold.

Sophia’s mood had plummeted upon encountering Alexander on her way back.

When the doorbell rang, she was sitting on the couch. She had no intention of opening the door.

Soon, the doorbell rang again.

Sophia furrowed her brows before walking to the balcony to take a look. When she saw that it was Stephen, she was momentarily stunned. Then, she turned around and headed downstairs to open the door for him.

The wind was strong even though it was a warm afternoon.

Sophia had a shawl draped over her shoulders as she walked toward the gates of her mansion. She arched her eyebrows. “Has your wireless connection broken down again?”

Stephen smiled. “What happened last time was abrupt, but the wireless connection has been fixed. My friend brought me a few boxes of cherries from abroad. Here’s a box for you.”

Sophia wanted to reject it initially, but Stephen had already gone back to his trunk to take out a box of cherries.

Hence, Sophia could only nod her head. “Thank you.”

“It’s normal for neighbors to be kind to each other.”

Stephen glanced at her before he stepped past the gates and headed toward her house, the box of cherries in his arms.

Sophia pressed a button to close her gates and quickly moved in front of him so that she could lead the way.

She walked into the kitchen and pointed to the large table in the middle. “You can just place it here.”

Stephen obediently placed the cherries down as instructed. “I heard you’re very busy, so I shall take my leave now.”

He knew exactly when not to cross any lines, but Sophia hated owing favors. “Today is fine. If you’re free, do you want to eat some oranges before you go?”

Stephen arched his eyebrow in surprise. “Won’t I be disturbing you?”

“No, you won’t.” Sophia smiled at him. “You can sit down first. I’ll go and cut oranges for you.”

The oranges had been sent by Yvonne’s family, and Yvonne had passed her a box two days ago.

Sophia did not feel like eating them in the winter, so she had not eaten a single one even though it had almost been three days.

She could finally use the oranges Yvonne gave her by giving them to Stephen.

Sophia cut three oranges before bringing them out for Stephen. Then, she went to make a pot of coffee.

Stephen found it intriguing when he overheard her calling Genie. “Your smart home butler seems quite competent.”

Stephen was Joshua’s classmate, so she responded honestly, “This is the new product developed by Joshua’s company. They submitted their applications the previous month, so you’ll probably see it in the market in a few months.”

Stephen was slightly surprised. “I know Joshua was developing AI robots, but I didn’t expect the smart home butlers to be so well-developed. Do you know that smart home butler is a trendy topic for future smart home systems? Many people have been trying to develop such products these past few years. However, to be honest, I haven’t even seen any mature products abroad or locally.”

As one of the shareholders of Technology Innovations, she naturally knew about it. “I’ve been using Genie for almost one year. There haven’t been any big problems so far.”

“Then Joshua will be able to monopolize this market.”

Sophia smiled. “Eat some oranges. They’re a gift from a friend.”

Stephen left after he ate the oranges. This time, Sophia did not stop him.

He gifted her cherries, and she invited him to eat oranges. To her, they were even now.

Although, she seemed to be the one who was on the beneficial end.

Alexander was frustrated for the entire hour Stephen was inside Sophia’s mansion.

There were many times when he wanted to storm into her mansion to see what they were up to.

It took much effort for Alexander to hold himself back. In the end, he could only light a cigarette to quell his frustration.

Just when he reached his limit, the gates to the mansion finally opened, and Stephen walked out.

Alexander’s tense expression eased. He stared at the man getting in his car and prepared to leave too.

In the next second, however, his expression darkened.

The man’s car only moved back slightly before entering the mansion beside Sophia’s.

So, there’s a man harboring wicked intentions living next to my ex-wife?

Alexander’s indifferent expression became grim. He took out his phone and dialed Felix’s number.

There was a meeting at three o’clock, and it was already a quarter past two. However, Alexander was still not in the company, so Felix was already planning to give him a call. He did not expect Alexander to call him before he could take out his phone to do so.

Felix heaved a sigh of relief and quickly connected the call. “Mr. Xenos, you have a meeting at thre—”

“Help me investigate a person. His name is Stephen Goodstone.”

Felix was puzzled. “Mr. Xenos, who is he?”

“He’s the man living in the mansion next to Sophia!”

Felix was even more surprised. “Mr. Xenos, are you at Ms. Yarrow’s place?”

Alexander had hung up the phone.

As expected, the cold-hearted CEO won’t even give his subordinates a chance to gossip.

Although he did not receive Alexander’s answer, Felix had been by the latter’s side for a long time and had noticed his strange behavior recently.

To be honest, he really wanted to confront Alexander to tell him to stop feeling conflicted as he had indeed fallen for his ex-wife.

Of course, Felix did not have the guts to do so.

However, it seemed that his cold-blooded boss had also realized it.

Felix suddenly remembered Sophia had asked him to relay a sentence to Alexander the day the couple had divorced.

In an instant, he did not know whether to feel delighted or sorry for Alexander.

Mr. Xenos will have a long way to go to get her back.

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