Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 63

Planning to propose on New Year’s Eve, Joshua booked a hotel and told Katherine he was going on a business trip. As he could not return, Sophia would be bringing her around.

Having been friends with the couple from young till now—a span of more than twenty years—Sophia had to shoulder the responsibility of making Joshua’s proposal a success.

Katherine believed Joshua and was still complaining to Sophia upon reaching the latter’s mansion. “I’m quite angry as I specifically rushed back to celebrate New Year’s Eve with him. Yet, he’s going on a business trip!”

Placing the washed cherries on the table, Sophia commented, “So you’re disappointed I’m celebrating New Year’s Eve with you?”

“No, no, no!”

Being a fence-sitter, Katherine immediately switched sides. “Don’t worry, Soph! In my heart, you’re the best! No one can replace you!”

Sophia did not believe her flattery and gave a half-smile. “Eat some cherries.”

“Where are we going to eat later?” she huffed.

“Maybe Cassiopeia Hotel?”

Katherine pondered for a moment before agreeing. “Okay.”

Hugging the bowl of cherries, she asked, “These cherries are pretty good. Where did you buy them?”

“My neighbor gave it to me.”

The instant Sophia finished speaking, Katherine leaned in and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at the former. “Something is going on, Soph.”

Sophia raised her hand to block Katherine’s face. “What are you talking about? It’s just out of courtesy,” she replied impassively. “Sit here for a while. I’m going upstairs to change my clothes.”

“Oh yes! Remember to do your makeup and wear a pretty dress. It’s New Year’s Eve tonight, so we may meet some familiar faces at Cassiopeia Hotel.”

Sophia stopped in her tracks and glanced back at her. “All right.”

Well, Joshua is proposing to Katherine today. Being their witness, I should dress up.

Just when Sophia finished doing her makeup, Joshua sent her a message saying that the venue had been decorated already.

She had just finished texting Joshua back when Katherine walked in and declared, “Let me see if you dressed up.”

Sophia turned around to look at Katherine and arched her eyebrows. “How’s this? Are you satisfied?”

“Yes! Very!” Katherine exclaimed, clicking her tongue before entering Sophia’s walk-in closet. “Let me pick a dress for you!”

“Go ahead,” Sophia replied casually.

Then, she lowered her head to send another text to Joshua before locking her phone screen and walking into her closet.

There were lots of clothing in her closet, but she rarely wore most of them. In total, she had only four or five formal gowns.

When buying clothes, she did not bother about the brand as long as it felt comfortable on her skin.

Besides, she looked good wearing anything, even rags, due to her gorgeous face.

After being a celebrity for so many years, Katherine had acquired the bad habit of not wearing the same clothes twice, so she ignored all the dresses she had seen Sophia in.

Finally, her gaze landed on a long, black, slinky dress with a crossover neckline.

She immediately stretched her hands to take out the dress. “Wear this inside.”

Upon seeing the dress, Sophia froze for a minute. I bought this dress to attend Odyssey’s annual dinner the year I married Alexander. However, even though I got the dress, he never asked me to go.

The dress was evidence of her three years of unreciprocated love. She had wanted to throw the dress away, but in the end, she kept it to remind herself not to be so foolish again in the future.

However, she did not expect Katherine to find it.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem with the dress?”

Sophia gathered her thoughts and glanced at her friend calmly. “There’s nothing wrong with the dress.”

“Oh, then there’s something wrong with the dress’ owner?”

Having been friends for so long, Katherine immediately understood.

“That was in the past,” Sophia replied, taking the dress from Katherine.

Sophia was at peace with herself now.

Startled, Katherine could only watch as Sophia entered the dressing room to change into the dress.

When she regained her senses, Sophia had already pulled apart the curtains and was walking toward her wearing the gown. “Is this okay?”

Gazing at Sophia before her, Katherine gulped. “It’s great.”

The dress had a simple design with a small hollow hole near the chest area that revealed some cleavage. Though she looked alluring, she did not look flashy.

The bottom of the dress was straight and clung to Sophia’s curves, showing off her figure.

The black of the dress made one seem dignified and graceful, while the design of the crossover neckline was alluring but not provocative. A woman’s sexiness and elegance—two contradictory characteristics—were thus equally exemplified.

Combined with Sophia’s beautiful face, Katherine knew she would be attracted to the former if not for Joshua.

Naturally, Sophia saw the look of awe on Katherine’s face. Raising her brows, Sophia remarked, “Close your jaw.”

Katherine hurriedly wiped her chin. “Phew. I’m not drooling.”

Laughing, Sophia replied, “Come on!”

As Katherine was an A-list actress, she was also dressed extravagantly to go out at this special time of the year.

Walking toward her dressing table, Sophia picked out a lipstick and handed it to Katherine. “Reapply your lipstick, and let’s go.”

“Okay, Ms. Beautiful,” Katherine replied, giving Sophia a flirtatious wink, reenacting the behavior of a hooligan perfectly.

She even stroked Sophia’s hand when taking the lipstick.

However, Sophia only stared at her nonchalantly while she acted, and a sense of embarrassment soon washed over Katherine. Katherine stopped acting and properly reapplied her lipstick. “I’m done, Soph. Let’s go!”

Glancing back at her, Sophia made sure Katherine’s makeup was flawless before nodding.

As Katherine did not bring her car, Sophia sat in the driver’s seat with sneakers after placing her high heels in the backseat.

The last rays of sunlight disappeared beyond the horizon, and the sky was pitch-black though it was not even seven o’clock yet.

Half an hour later, Sophia stopped her car.

The two got into the elevator and went to the top floor of Cassiopeia Hotel. When the elevator doors slid open, they realized the entire floor was unbelievably silent.

It was not Katherine’s first time in Cassiopeia Hotel, and it was New Year’s Eve, so it was abnormal for the space to be dead quiet.

Glancing at Sophia, Katherine asked, “Did someone book this place tonight? If not, why isn’t there anyone here at this hour?”

Sophia lowered her gaze. “Let’s take a look first.”


The two walked toward the door in their heels and saw that though the doors were open, it was dark inside as if they were closed.

Sophia took a step back to give Katherine more space to make her appearance as the star of the event, but suddenly, someone grabbed Sophia’s wrist.

Furrowing her brows, she turned around and saw Alexander, who was there for some reason unknown to her.

Immediately, Sophia’s face darkened. “Why are you here?”

“You can’t—” he began before being interrupted by Katherine’s excited scream.

He frowned and tilted his head to see Katherine running straight toward Joshua inside the venue before hugging him, thrilled. “Why are you here? Aren’t you on a business trip?”

Kneeling on one knee, Joshua declared, “I did go on a business trip, but the destination is your heart. I want it to be a long trip so I can stay there forever, but I don’t know whether I will have the chance.”

Meanwhile, Alexander was frozen stiff. Samuel had called him, saying Joshua had booked Cassiopeia Hotel and was likely going to propose.

Indeed, Joshua was proposing, though not to Sophia but to Katherine.

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