Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 61

Noticing the call was from Miguel, Elise immediately gave Mary a wink as she moved off to the side before answering the phone. “Hello, Mr. Johnson. What good timing. I just wanted to call you!”

However, Miguel did not seem to buy into her trick like usual. “Who did you offend recently? Things had been going well between Richard’s brand, Femirise, and Girl’s Heart. Yet, the latter suddenly decided to pull out of their collaboration. They said you have offended the friend of Girl’s Heart’s boss.”

Initially, it was a mutually profitable deal between Femirise and Girl’s Heart. Even though Girl’s Heart could not be compared to shopping sites like Amazon, its fame in recent years was not to be underestimated.

Femirise, a brand that focused on ladies’ fashion, was founded by Richard three years ago. The Johnson family had invested a lot of money to hire countless spokespersons and published plenty of advertisements. Even though Femirise had gained fame, it was still a third- or fourth-tier brand, unlike those big brands that everyone begged to join their website or app.

At first, they thought that with the launching of the brand on Girl’s Heart, Femirise would be able to hold for a few more years, and they would be able to turn the tides.

Nowadays, the sales of ladies’ fashion brands in retail stores was nothing like before. Of the more than a thousand stores that Femirise had, over three hundred of them had been closed this year. If Femirise did not do well with its online sales, surely Charles would eliminate them.

As his brother, Miguel was deeply concerned about this.

It was the first time Elise had encountered such a cold interrogation from Miguel after being by the latter’s side for so many years.

For a moment, she panicked. “Mr. Johnson, I-I didn’t!”

She was certain she had not offended anyone recently.

Strictly speaking, that was not true. If she had to choose, then she would say it would be Katherine and Sophia.

However, the two of them did not come from powerful backgrounds. Like Elise, Katherine used to be someone from the entertainment industry, while Sophia was merely the director of Specter Entertainment. What connection could they possibly have with Girl’s Heart?

Regardless, Miguel was having none of it. “I don’t care if you did or didn’t. I’ll give you three days to apologize to whoever it is. Or else, you’re on your own from now on!”

“Mr. Johnson, please listen to me—”

Beep! She was cut off abruptly by Miguel, who ended the call.

Hanging up the phone, Elise lost her calm completely.

Mary, who was standing beside her, immediately asked her, “What’s going on? What did Mr. Johnson say?”

“He said he would give me three days to apologize to the other party, but I don’t even know who I have offended!”

Mary pondered for a while but failed to think of anyone either.

“Forget it. Stop thinking about it for now. You still have a flight to catch!”

Coincidentally, the moment Elise arrived at the airport, she ran into Katherine, who was flying back to Jadeborough as well.

Katherine had no idea what Sophia had done. She was just in a good mood because Elise was not. “Well, well. You don’t look too happy. Why? Are you not feeling well?”

After posting on Twitter, Katherine noticed most of the commenters had the same stance as her. As such, she was in a terrific mood.

I just knew the netizens were observant and smart enough!

Unwilling to back off, Elise pursed her lips. “No. Maybe I’ve been walking too fast.”

What a hypocrite! Katherine cursed internally.

As she was about to say something, Jonice tugged on her arm slightly.

She tilted her head and glanced at Jonice. Then, she hummed in response reluctantly. “Okay.”

Upon saying that, she put on her sunglasses and refused to talk to Elise anymore.

Meanwhile, Elise sat there and stared at Katherine. She tried to speak many times but kept hesitating.

Her rivalry with Katherine had lasted so many years, and she had never admitted defeat to the latter’s face before. How could I give in to her this time?

Sophia was unaware that her move had paid off as she drove her car toward the mansion.

The sun at noon was slightly warm, but the wind was still freezingly cold.

Turning down a side road, Sophia thought she was seeing things when she spotted the car at the gates.

It was only after she got closer that she realized she was not mistaken.

Alexander was at her house’s gates.

As she recalled the kiss yesterday, her expression gradually turned stony.

Upon reaching the gates, she took out the remote control and pressed it to open the gates. She had no intention of stopping to meet Alexander.

Yet, Alexander walked right to the front of her car and stood in the way.

If Sophia insisted on going in, she would have to knock him down and drive over his body.

It’s against the law to kill someone, and it’s not worth it to ruin my life over this.

Stopping the car, Sophia rolled down the car window and stared at the approaching Alexander. She raised her brows slightly. “Do you know that your behavior is considered harassment to me?”

“I want to confirm something with you.” Lowering his head, he stared at her with a calm look, as though nothing had happened the previous day.

He is really something.

Sophia bit her lip slightly. “What is it?”

“Have we met before?”

Sophia was stunned momentarily as she did not expect him to ask that. After regaining her senses, she let out a chuckle. “If you think we’ve met before, then I’m sorry, it wasn’t me. As far as I remember, we met for the first time that year.”

She knew what he was asking, but there was no way she would let him find out that she had been into him since that long ago.

It’s so embarrassing, and it’s not worth it at all.

Alexander furrowed his brows slightly. “I mean when you were in your high school or junior high. More than ten years ago.”

“No.” Her response was firm.

“Then why did you say that you loved me?”

He cut to the chase right away.

Sophia rarely failed to answer a question. Still, she was not one to willingly surrender. “Does loving someone have to do with how long I’ve known him?”

“You met me ten years ago, Sophia.” He gazed at her, his tone confident.

For a fleeting moment, Sophia wanted to retort, “So what if I did?”

She had divorced him now. Not to mention, she had endured enough pain in the past three years. There was no way she would give him the chance to hurt her again.

A gust of wind blew over, ruffling her hair. Raising her hand to sweep back some errant locks, she looked at him with a smile so wide her eyes curved into crescents. “Alexander, you probably haven’t woken up from your dream, have you?”

Upon saying that, she stomped on the accelerator and drove off.

Through the rearview mirror, she saw that Alexander was still standing there, staring at her car as it disappeared.

Sophia was in a foul mood. As soon as she entered the garage, her face darkened completely.

Katherine was right. He’s such a jerk!

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