Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 60

Sophia went on Twitter and, as expected, saw Bethany’s trending news.

Sophia clicked in and burst into laughter when she saw it. “Then let’s make her cry badly.”

Bethany mentioned the picture of Alexander and her on a show. She said that she was drunk that night and coincidentally bumped into Alexander. He was worried that it was dangerous for a girl to be alone and ordered his secretary to send her back. Bethany had too much to drink and wanted to thank him after she showered. Unexpectedly, it caused so many issues.

The picture was just a selfie she took then. She did not expect Alexander had also just come out of the shower. Bethany forgot to delete the picture she took, and her friends even posted it on Instagram to tease her when they saw it. She then came out to clarify things and apologized to Sophia. Bethany did not think the picture would again be posted on the web and cause a public uproar after so long.

After saying that, she started crying pitifully.

Truth be told, people actually pitied her when they saw that.

Katherine was angry and said, “No way. This pretentious woman is too disgusting! Someone is taking the lead and saying that you’re the one who posted the picture on purpose to get people to cyberbully Bethany!”

Sophia’s interest piqued, and she asked, “There’re still marketing teams that dare to involve me?”

She had thought that after that commotion with Thalia, they would not easily offend her.

It seemed that money made the world go round and that Sophia was still too naive.

“It’s just a few alternate accounts! Bethany probably started them! This pretentious woman! No way. I have to post on Twitter! You may be able to tolerate this, but I cannot!”

“What’s there to fuss about child’s play like this?”

Sophia did not care much about petty arguments like that. At the very most, she was going to be scolded by netizens, and that was nothing compared to physical pain. Bethany’s methods were trivial in her eyes.

“I just can’t stand other people scolding you!”

Sophia laughed and said, “Post then. I’ll defend you when Jonice scolds you.”

“It’s enough that I have your words, Soph!”

After that, Katherine hung up the phone.

She had always acted quickly and decisively. Katherine posted on Twitter about Bethany the moment she hung up the phone. A real eye-opener. First time I am hearing that a person would apologize by sending suggestive photos of themselves with other people’s husbands! What is the meaning of this? That’s right, do you all know what types of b*tches there are? I don’t! Please enlighten me!

The moment Katherine posted the tweet, it became trending. Many others who felt the same as Katherine that Bethany was disgusting also commented.

The comments in her tweet appeared to have nothing to do with Bethany, but everyone who had seen the latter’s video could understand the comment section.

Sophia only went on Twitter after she arrived at Sunshine Group, and Katherine’s tweet was trending in second place.

She clicked inside to see, and her mood was instantly lifted.

Wow. The netizens are so hilarious. Bethany would probably be furious when she sees this.

Sophia guessed correctly. Bethany had thought that her name would be cleared after the show was broadcasted, but she did not expect Katherine would personally post an insinuating tweet about her.

She had become known as a pretentious bitch online.

Bethany’s manager did not care much and even consoled her, “Your reputation may not be good, but at this time and age, publicity is everything! With your current popularity, the advertisements that want you will be better than before after a period!”

Bethany pursed her lips, but she could not force out a smile.

Not only did she want profits, but she also wanted a good reputation.

Katherine, Sophia! One day, I will make sure that both of you are mocked by everyone!

Sophia did not take the whole saga to heart because she had evidence of Bethany’s scandals. Bethany could continue playing around if she wished, and Sophia would deal with her when she was free.

Sophia wanted Bethany to fall harder and suffer more than she already did.

The day before, Sophia had asked Yvonne to move the meeting up or postpone it to free up an entire day. That was why Sophia had to return to Sunshine Group for a meeting today.

After nearly two hours of meeting, it was already lunchtime when Sophia came out of the conference room.

“Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia tilted her head when she heard Yvonne call her name and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Mr. Johnson of Prosperity Enterprise wants to meet you.”


He was one of Alexander’s childhood friends.


Before replying, Sophia did not even think, “I won’t see him.”

Yvonne was not surprised by that answer. She nodded and told her about something else. “Mr. Richard Johnson of Femirise wants to meet you too.”

Sophia thought about it and asked, “On the issue about Girl’s Heart?”

“Yes. Richard wants to know the reason.”

Sophia scoffed when she heard Yvonne’s words and said, “Tell him that Elise offended my friend.”

Yvonne immediately understood and replied, “Okay.”

Sophia nodded and asked, “Let’s eat lunch?”

“My pleasure.”

Sophia and Yvonne both drove their cars and dined at a Thymion restaurant in a nearby square.

There were many people there during lunchtime.

Sophia searched for that shop online, and it had just opened last month. The reviews were pretty good too.

After they were seated, Sophia casually asked, “How’s Magic Sense’s application going recently?”

“The downloads are good, and they plan to push for further development.”

Sophia nodded and ordered a bowl of pasta and some soup.

Something like fondue would be suitable for a day as cold as that, but there were many people, and Yvonne was busy. Sophia naturally would not delay Yvonne’s time by ordering it.

The two of them had known each other for many years. They were both friends and colleagues. It was rare for them to eat together, so they discussed work and private matters, which made time appear to fly past.

After the meal, Sophia instantly parted ways with Yvonne.

As Sophia left the elevator, she bumped into Thalia and her friend, who were going down the escalator.

Thalia did not dare to mess with Sophia after the previous issue.

If it were before, Thalia would have pulled her friend along and mocked Sophia.

However, Thalia only hoped that Sophia would not see her.

Thalia had never realized that Sophia was a ruthless woman.

Sophia watched as Thalia pulled her friend and hurried away without daring to face her. She raised her brows and left the mall.

Recently, Elise was beaming as she had won two significant awards in the gala and was on cloud nine.

Of course, that was all thanks to Miguel.

The Johnson family was extraordinary, and Elise was determined to hold on tightly to Miguel.

She had joined the gala last night, and her back was stick-straight when she met Katherine.

Why does Sophia matter? She’s just the boss of a company that started later. Her capital and background could not compare to the Johnson family.

She believed that one day she would be able to crush Katherine.

Elise was consumed by her thoughts when her manager ran toward her with an upset expression.

She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Mary, you look unwell. Are you sick?”

Mary Ziegler, Elise’s manager, frowned and said, “It’s still a small issue if my body is unwell. You, on the other hand, are in trouble. I heard that the matter on the Girl’s Heart application by Femirise has been called off. Richard was indignant and asked Girl’s Heart for an explanation. Do you know how Girl’s Heart responded?”

Elise scowled and asked, “What can they say?”

“They said that you have offended someone!”

“Nonsense!” Elise scoffed, and her phone rang at that moment.

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