Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 50

“Alexander, I don’t know what’s going on with you recently, but now that we are divorced, we should behave as such. You are a man, so sort yourself out. I had enough regrets marrying you, so stop adding more to it.”

Alexander remained in the same spot as the black MPV drove off. Sophia’s words played themselves over and over in his mind like a broken record. Dejection ran throughout his body.

A few acquaintances that saw him tried saying hello, but when their eyes fell upon his expression, they all decided against it.

Samuel felt some wicked glee after he saw Alexander standing three with a cold expression. “She already left. What are you looking at?”

Alexander shot him an icy glare. Samuel scratched his nose sheepishly before looking away. “Well, want to go get a drink?”


Samuel was silent. How cold-blooded! Although it’s rare to see him stumped, it still scares me when he puts on that frown.

Not wanting to bother himself any longer, Samuel turned and walked to his car. Halfway over, he stopped in his tracks. Under the moonlight, Alexander looked even more lonely. Oh, poor guy.

Samuel went back. “Be honest with me, Alex. Do you regret it?”

Alexander snorted at his question. “Regret what?”

“Regret divorcing Sophia!”

Samuel scoffed at the glare Alexander gave him. “I thought you were only going to punish her for a few years. If you think of the fact that she loves you, there’s no need to be so ruthless.”

“She loves me?” The corners of Alexander’s lips curled as if he had heard a joke. “Have you met any woman who treats a man she loved before like this?”

“You said it yourself. She loved you in the past.”

Alexander was at a loss for words. Samuel must be here to provoke me. He walked to his car. “Go off on your own; don’t follow me.”

Samuel paused. He was here to give Alexander some precious dating advice, but his decision had changed. Now I understand why Sophia insists on leaving him. A blunt, stupid man like Alexander would only infuriate whoever he dated!

“Fine, I’ll leave!” Samuel waved exasperatedly and made his way to his car.

“Sophia?” Mason’s voice snapped Sophia out of her trance.

She withdrew her gaze and blinked. “Yes?”

“Want any supper?” Mason went closer to her, his chiseled face inching nearer to hers.

Sophia grinned. “It’s just supper; do you have to charm me with your looks?”

Mason smiled as well. “I thought charming people was your specialty, Sophia.”

“I’m not Katherine. You think your charms would work on me?” Sophia said with a smirk.

“Well, Sophia, does it?”

Sophia had to admit that she was a sucker for good looks.

That night, she arrived home at a little past eleven o’clock after going out for supper with Mason.

Since she rarely stayed up that late, Sophia overslept the next day, completely ignoring her alarm clock.

Around eight in the morning, the phone on her nightstand rang.

Sophia’s bleary eyes shot open when she heard Genie announce Benjamin’s name as the incoming caller.

She accepted the call after feeling around for her phone. “Mr. Morris?”

“Good morning, Ms. Yarrow. I hope you’re not occupied at the moment.”

His tone seemed to promise good news.

Sophia’s groggy mood went away quickly. “I’m free.”

Benjamin chuckled on the other end of the line. “That’s great to hear. I didn’t disappoint you, Ms. Yarrow; I’ve found all the information that you asked for. I can pass it to you immediately if you want.”

Sophia’s mood soared. “Sure, I’ll meet you in the same café at ten o’clock.”


Sophia went to get ready after she hung up the call.

She scrolled through Twitter’s trending topics as she ate her breakfast.

As expected, last night’s awards ceremony took up most of the trends. The top trend was about Katherine not getting the award for best lead actress despite being nominated three years in a row.

Although Katherine did not get any awards, her popularity on the trending topics trumped Elise Gardner’s. Elise was the second trending topic, but it was obvious that her article had substantially fewer clicks than Katherine’s.

The video of Sophia’s interview from last night was also rather popular. Except for a few naysayers, most comments praised her speech and personality.

Sophia closed the app after a few scrolls and got changed to collect information from Benjamin. After everything Bethany has done, it’s time for me to retaliate.

Benjamin was already there when Sophia arrived.

Sophia paid well and was clear about her intentions so she would be every private investigator’s favorite client. Thus, Benjamin was willing to wait.

Before she sat down, Sophia checked her phone. Ten o’clock sharp.

Looking at Benjamin, she lightly arched her brows. “You seem to have a lot to tell me, Mr. Morris.”

Benjamin knew from their two former meetings that Sophia was not one to mess around. Deciding to be straightforward, he said, “Bethany was an easy case. At first, I used the plan you gave me, but there were some unexpected bonuses after I followed some clues.”

He handed Sophia a file of documents as he spoke.

“I’ll look it over.” Sophia flipped through the documents.

A satisfied smile spread across her face after she was done. “You know your work, Mr. Morris.”

“Just something I do to make a living,” Benjamin answered humbly.

He slid over another file. “This is the information I have about Jay.”

Sophia nodded and flipped through the file. This “Jay” is exactly what I expected.

She took two hundred thousand from her purse and gave it to Benjamin. “It has been a pleasure working with you, Mr. Morris.”

“The pleasure’s mine.”

Sophia went to Specter Entertainment right after that. After attending last night’s after-party, Katherine recorded a show earlier that day and was currently at the company.

After her identity was exposed, no one dared to get in Sophia’s way since Specter Entertainment’s staff knew she was their boss.

Sophia went straight to Katherine’s office. Katherine could be heard speaking to Jonice with the door half-ajar.

Not wanting to eavesdrop, Sophia raised her hand to knock, but she halted as she heard their conversation. “Don’t tell this to Sophia yet.”

“When have I ever told Ms. Yarrow?”

Katherine’s lips pulled into a small pout. “Don’t crack jokes at my expense, Jonice. It’s pathetic enough that I’m going through this!”

Jonice sighed as she looked at the artist that had been under her wing for nearly a decade. “To be frank, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to tell Ms. Yarrow.”

“What are you trying to keep from me?” Sophia stalked into the room with her brows arched high.

Her gaze flitted over Katherine and landed on Jonice’s face. “You tell me, Jonice.”

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